30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue


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I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before.

I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it.

I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely.

But it turns out, it was an academy story?

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프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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10 Reviews

New HentMas
Feb 28, 2024
Status: --
This story is right up my alley.

It's great.

Forget "Absurdist" humor or "Tsukkomi" humor or even "toilet" humor.

This is straight up dark humor.

As a Mexican, I'm very painfully familiar with this kind of humor, and the author is GREAT at it.

I'll put this in spoilers just because it relates to what dark humor is about.

... more>>

Irony, tragedy, something so terrible you can't possibly believe is real or possible, all brought because of your own inability to make things better, your helplessness in a situation, the absolute horror of knowing that no matter what you do you are f*d or already f*d up big time and there is no way for you to fix it or make it better in any way shape or form.

The kind of situation that if you don't laugh at it, it will break you and you'll cry in despair, terror and sadness, you learn to find it funny, because if you don't you couldn't continue living.

You're not laughing at the pain of someone else, but at the situation in itself.

A situation that doesn't just end at "that's f*d up" because you need to keep on living with that experience in your life.


Hachikosine said it best in a previous review, just wanted to add that all that is made with the intent of setting a dark humor story.

This novel is an absolute gem. <<less
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Nov 07, 2023
Status: c50
Very fun novel, it is not very stereotypical but a mishmash of other genres that you will definitely know. The MC is a possessor who berated multiple genres of novels and games, he gets transferred to another world. While our MC survived as a grunt, in the Royal King's Guard, and then a secret operative in the war against Demons, he finally retired from the military to be an Orphanage director with no ending signs in sight. The powers that be pull him back as an undercover operative because the... more>> children of the Hero party in the RPG are attending the "Academy." He then believes it's an academy story that he's stuck in. He is not a "professor" at the academy but a "gardener" because he should not be found on the "books" nor get paid a salary that could be looked into, and he needs access to areas of the Academy to look for potential dangers. He thinks he's possessed into one RPG, then a war sim, and then an Academy story but it's actually multiple genres with multiple possessors. Some titles of the other genres are "The Duke's Son is a Genius Swordsman, The Genius Mage the Villainess is obsessed with, and Trapped in an 18+ humiliation Academy."

The MC Ivan is a veteran of wars, battles, and undercover missions trying to survive. He has no powers other than his training, his equipment, and knowledge while others have superior physical powers, magical powers, and even systems. He has kept his knowledge about game/novel tropes keen while honing his skills in trying to get back home. He's smart and knowledgeable of tropes with war instincts, and his fatal flaw is socialization skills as they say he's a crazy secret agent with no common sense. People consider him a secondary/underground legend in the military and hero party, he is supposedly "dead" officially from the government's point of view. His point of view is on the war, national politics, and shady undercover covert stuff of the kingdom while other characters pov's are of other genres. You can think of him as a sort of spy/John Wick-style character stuck in an RPG/Academy novel.

The only potential romance characters who've shown interest in the MC are the Hero's daughter and the Princess who was his superior in the covert ops unit. His interaction with the Hero's daughter is played to comedic effect sort of like the relationship between Souske and Kaname from Full Metal Panic! While his relationship with the Princess who is like Tanya from Youji Senki is more military and melancholy.

If you like the aftereffects of war, subterfuge, Academy things, and covert missions with underlying political intrigue while pointing out tropes and genres of other games/novels. It'll be a fun read for you. <<less
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Nov 14, 2023
Status: c26
MC is reborn in a different world based in a work from his original world. the problem is he's not sure which work it is...

After spending 30 years in this other world, getting recruited into the military's, helping the hero party with defeating the demon lord and retiring (pretending to be dead) to open an orphanage he is now returning according to his old superiors request to help protect the children of the hero party who ended up all in the same year in the kingdom new prestigious academy.

Recommended to... more>> those who love multiple transported individuals and cold, calculative protagonist. <<less
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Nov 07, 2023
Status: c17
Not a lot to say. The tipical unnamed hero that is a professor at a school and all the children of his ex-coworkers wants to sleep with him.

A solid 3. Not good, not bad. Good reading when you are bored.
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Jan 08, 2024
Status: c23
For those who don't enjoy the premise, I can understand why people who enjoy good stories may have a hard time reading this. For those who are interested in reading this, there's not much for me to say.

However, for those looking to give this a shot, chapter 23 is a major turning point. If at that point, the story doesn't appeal to you... well there's not much more if you aren't enjoying it.

The story is about a retired hero... yes that trope, there's a bunch of cliche and cliche subversions,... more>> similar to simulacrum.
Whereas simulacrum leans heavily into the various tropes, this one diverts into something of a unique open ended (open world) story, the critical point is ch. 23. <<less
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Jan 23, 2024
Status: c22
TL:DR Does a good job portraying a genre savvy MC that makes fun of common reincarnation/possession tropes. But it gets dark real quick. Don't expect too much comic relief. At least as far as I read.


MC is a diehard war vet that seems to have his sh*t together only to start to have a bit of a mental breakdown / identity crisis? I don't know if they expand on it later but there are hints at maybe having multiple personalities or at risk of forming them? Could be wrong. I just got that vibe from his internal monologue. There's also some irony that we're shown that he accepts the people in this world as real (not npcs) but can't even remember his mother's face. Granted she was killed off screen in the prologue and was never even named so the author didn't put much importance on her character. One could say this illustrates how he came to accept this world over the past 30 years, but I think it would have been nice if the author didn't speed through this part of his life so fast and showed the progression.

Perhaps this will be addressed with later flashbacks and such. Likely since the MC's mentor hasn't put humpty back together again (only got as far as the MC finally sleeping after being a student stalker for a week).

I have a bad habit of assuming Harem=Romance, especially in other world stories like this, but it would be pretty out of place unless the MC's growth has him definitively decide to stay in this world (assuming he can). At least I hope he'll be more responsible than the Hero was. Hero was pining for home, including his lover, but then gets married, and has a kid in this world. He's probably either returned to Earth or lost his mind worse than the MC. But either way he left without a word. Or at least his kid is oblivious to what happened. Maybe his wife in this world knew? Would be pretty shitty if she didn't but members of the hero party did.


Personally put it down for now as I was looking for something lighter to read.
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Dec 07, 2023
Status: c45
This is great. It's not exactly light hearted, the themes are dark and the characters take the world seriously but the MC is kinda of a divine schitzo that understands what is suppose to happens and then acts as if it will, and it does. He isnt alterning reality around him like a misunderstanding protagonist but rather he understands the rules of the world itself. There is no romance, so far. Plenty of women pine for MC, but MC is a chad battle autist and always has an excuse for... more>> why he wont have relationships with the women around him. Shes too young, shes too old, shes of a different class, ect ect. <<less
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Nov 09, 2023
Status: c18
Somewhat interesting premise: basically a dude is reincarnated and spends the first couple decades of his life in the army to defeat the demon king. Afterwards, he's sent to the academy to ensure that the hero's kids can safely attend school. Basically if you like op protagonists who move behind the scenes you'll enjoy this story, but I knocked off a star because the story itself can be a bit confusing at times (not sure if it's the author or translator's fault).
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Nov 27, 2023
Status: --
An apt distillation of the modern-day hero's journey. The story is self-aware of its own clichés and uses this knowledge as the main character's (non) logic. Subverted by the main character himself, who maintains two personas- "Ivan", the battle-hardened survivalist who's seen the worst of it all and lived, and "Kim Sunwoo" who lives and breathes in webnovel lingo. The first few chapters should be enough to inform you of what's to come. At times comedic (when it comes to being on what's essentially a mobile assassination team, insanity is... more>> a must) and grim (for what remains of a world pulled back from war and into an unknown future with innumerable orphans), the minutiae of the story doesn't feel bogged down with details- there's a sense of pacing. One moment you'll have Korean Solid Snake going through TvTropes mental gymnastics, the next you're pulled into the action and its aftermath. And it's short- the narration knows it, even. Ivan narrates his encounters with stark detail, punctuated here and there with Sunwoo's manic rambling.

There's a message waiting to be told, here. Whether it's the singular truth that war creates grief and destroys families, or that writing countless reviews on Novelupdates will inevitably grant you a one-way ticket to Isekailandia, or how much can one man take before ending it all.

10/10 I'm starting a fan club and calling it "Ivan Suffering Enjoyers" <<less
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Nov 17, 2023
Status: c29
Absolutely so fun. The narrative starts a little somber, but eventually the hook is revealed in full, and you really enjoy the show. I love it so far.
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