A Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious (WN)


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God: “I’ll lie to this guy and tell him that I reincarnated him as the protagonist, when actually I just reincarnated him as cannon fodder (LOL).”

A high school boy who longed for the protagonists that appeared in fiction got hit by a truck and died. He was then called before God, who told him that he will be reincarnated inside a game based on a novel. Our boy was happy to be told that he was going to be reincarnated as Protagonist… However, he was actually reincarnated as mere cannon fodder inside utsuge!! (T/N: Utsuge translates as “melancholy/depressing game” and that’s basically it.)

And so, the guy was played by god’s scheme … Well, such a thing didn’t happen though. He firmly held onto his belief and the vision of his ideal which then changed the world.

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Even Though I was the Cannon Fodder Character, The People Buzzing when I did Role Play as Protagonist.
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ErikHarrison rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: c30
It's a very generic oblivious MC novel. He is oblivious to women, his environment and the story plot. The novel is focused on the gag and I'd imagine you could guess story lines before they happen.

So instead of a full review let's talk about what I really like. The MC is barely competent but believes he is the hero. His 'plot armor' consists of people being scared by the raw confidence and fearlessness. The author really didn't give him any other abilities, he is average at best. Believing he is... more>> important is the sole reason he pushes himself and the times when he questions it you can see him lean into the void. I wish they focused on this instead of the gag as it's narratively very interesting. <<less
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Sendura rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: c26 part6
The protagonist has a strange charm of being the protagonist in a story where he would be a side character that believes he is the protagonist. That promise is the biggest strength of the novel since it feels new (at least in the beginning, if he continues to always nearly die in every single fight it might become boring)

The biggest weakness are the novels side characters they feel more like just being character tropes than real characters. Also stay away from the story if have problems with dense characters.... more>> I have never read about/seen a character that is denser than Fray. <<less
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PurgeHeretics rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: 015b
A boring, chuuni, selfish, self-centered, attention seeking, wannabe cool brat with no redeeming qualities other than his ability to work hard (That too because of his non-existent belief that he is centre of the world).

Nothing else at all. That is the MC.

Other characters are scared because of confidence which I would argue is more of... foolishness.

The concept is okay, writing quality is okay as well but MC doesn't hold any essence to himself.

Just pointless humiliation for naught and a ton of misunderstanding.

Not a good read.
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Snowman256 rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: c22
I enjoyed the premise of this novel, and the author has a knack for storytelling that keeps the plot moving at a fairly good pace. The characters are also well developed and have their own backstories.

My only detriment would be the MC's personality itself. For some reason, he thinks "being cool" means rejecting people who are trying to be your friend, turning down the advances of the girl he's interested in (because that'll make her like him more? IDK what his logic was there?), not listening when someone scolds him... more>> for something he did bad, and generally just acting like a jerk to everyone. He also uses his Protagonist excuse to never learn from his mistakes and never reflect on why he loses a battle unless someone forcibly sits him down, like with his first sword mentor. He also has no interest in the world around him, and he actively shuns learning history and geography, then tries to make excuses for why he dislikes learning.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing how the MC's personality found interesting solutions to problems that were originally the protagonist's. But they established in c22 that it's not that the MC actually took over the events on his own power, it was that the goddess forced the MC into them because otherwise he wouldn't have achieved anything given all the stubbornness I mentioned above. That kinda ruined the whole premise of the story for me, IMO. <<less
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kavinh rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: c15
a pretty decent misunderstanding comedy, MC is by the cast standards a sub-par weak person with his saving grace being his delusional and optimistic mindset. It's a bit cringe but not in a bad way because we're aware of the whole overview, the MC is just a talent less genuinely hardworking person whose overly optimistic in a world of talent filled heroes.

It's similar to "my death flags show no signs of ending", except the MC in this is much weaker compared to his peers and isn't out to outright sabotage... more>> his reputation. Check it out if u like a comedy based around plot armor and seeing the reactions of other characters to a weakling who thinks he's superman. <<less
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kuro032003 rated it
May 24, 2023
Status: c44 part5
Without exaggeration the most repetitive story I have ever read, the MC believes he's the protagonist despite having no talent, the only thing he has is an unbreakable will (he's basically immune to pain or sadness or hints or reality checks). He barges into the story and amazes or intimidates characters with his unbreakable will then either turn them to his side if they're a woman or kills them if their ability is centered around mental attacks which he is immune to, whichever female character was present at the time... more>> falls in love with him instantly, he goes back to monotonous training. This is pretty much every chapter of this story, but the repetitiveness doesn't end there since you'll actually have to read it up to 4 times due to the structure of the story
1: We hear about the original story, some tragic stuff happens, a villain appears and makes characters die or fall into darkness.
2: The current story (with the mc) resumes from the perspective of side characters, he saves everyone by being oblivious to everything and training a lot, every female character falls in love with him and every male character admires him.
3: The current story again, this time from the mc's perspective. He's oblivious to everything as always and misunderstand everything as an event for him, the "protagonist". He saves the day again in the exact same way we just read about without offering any meaningful insight since anyone who's had the displeasure of reading a single chapter about this guy already knows everything he would ever think about at any time since he is one of the most 1 dimensional characters ever made.
4: The gods have forum discussions about everything you just read about 3 times in a row and marvel at how awesome the MC is and how unpredictable this all was despite the same thing happening every single chapter.
Imagine the most repetitive book you've ever read, now imagine reading that book four times in a row; that is this story, would not recommend. <<less
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dicaro2338 rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: c39
The MC has a dream beyond simple domination or survival and achieves it through using his brain instead of relying on cheats. Such inspiring stories are increasingly rare nowadays for some reason, almost nonexistent within the isekai genre. I want more.
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ngurah rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: c62
Hahaha, man what a fun read!

So I actually have found this novel for a while but was hesitant to read it, because the synopsis doesn't seem too interesting to me. Mainly, I'm worried the MC will be this narcissistic swine. He is a bit like that, but not in a bad way!

Okay so MC got transmigrated into an utsu game world (i didn't know what 'utsu game' means but it turns out it mean depressing game) where he is stuck into this cannon folder character. Now the MC believe he... more>> is in the body of the main protagonist because the god lie about it an-you know what, you can read this in the synopsis, so let's get to the good part.

Now the MC, Fay, fully without a shadow of a doubt believe that he and he only is the main protagonist, he believed it so much that it even emit pressure to his surrounding, his mental power is so unbreakable that even the true protagonist of the game got scared of him hahaha!

Now originally, there was a lot of death in the original game, very sad and gruesome death. But, because of Fay crazy willpower he destroyed all this bad end believing those were 'trials' for him, not realizing it was actually trial or a sad plot for other character.

Let's talk about Fay for a bit, see he sees the world pretty meta as in very game based, he sees danger as 'event' characters as important NPC or mob, and he only cares about getting stronger. However, he has this passive where everything he said got filter or change into what the original body would say, kinda like Harold from My death flag shows no sign of ending. Oh, and Fay original stats are pretty bad, he has the worst art (basically this world magic) aptitude, and he only has his swordsmanship, but through abnormal willpower and little regard of his own body (im talking having all his rib cage and left hand twisted but still fighting without hesitation kinda abnormality) he prevails.

Now lets talk about other character, there's alot of them but lets cover the original MC. So there are two protagonist of this game Arthur and Tlue, both of them have insane stats and power, but this an utsu game so we can't have op protag steamroll through everything, so what did the game do? Made their mental state unstable and weak and the key villain having a sort of mental attack to defeat their abnormal high stats. One of the protagonist, Arthur, has a very insane stats like high art and talent but her mental fortitude is so weak.

But, what do our protagonist (Fay) has? Thats right, and insane mental fortitude to the point it emit pressure to his surrounding! So with that said you should get the theme of this novel!

Now, my one complaint is after around chapter 45 and so on, the pace of the novel became really fast. Someone said its because the novel is being published into a light novel and the writer is going to add more details in the light novel, idk if that is the case but the speed the plot suddenly move is noticeable.

Anyway, if you want some spoilers regarding Fay harem, here it is :


Ill only mention a few:

  1. Maria: The nun of the orphanage where Fay is from, at first she is just worried for the MC but then love him after the MC saved her, she a sub heroine of the og story whos routes all end up pretty sad. But Fay pretty much gave her the best ending really after saving her. One of the few character Fay recognized as heroine
  2. Arthur: One the main protagonist and the one who has the most broken stats, she has communication problem and weak mental fortitude. Anyway, at first I don't really like her because she always seem to gaslighting Fay (though not her intention) she just want to be involve with Fay and dependent on him
  3. Yururu: Fay mentor, she has a sad backstory and her stats are similar to Fay. Her fate is pretty tragic in the original game, she is the first antagonist of the first arc I guess you could say, though she was mind controled and all. After Fay save her, she dedicated her whole being to train Fay (oh and so far shes the only one that confessed to him)
  4. Mordred: Oh boy, shes... well she was originally a mysterious character that work in the shadow and only appear when certain story bit happen. Ridiculously strong, probably the strongest character so far. But she become obsess with Fay, like almost yandere obsessive because Fay the only one that she think is the same as her
  5. Aliceia: A protagonist from like a side story, the little sister of Tlue. In her original story, she met some gruesome and disturbing fate. Like getting her eyes shot, arm slice off, love without 'consent' tragedy, and almost pretty much killed in many of her bad end route. But she was save by Fay and now she's dependent on him, like her whole being is for Fay. She so in love for Fay that she pretty much ignore her original character main goals and she even attack Fay in bed (with Mordred).
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robinx211 rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c33
I put a nail on this one, I don't care what anyone gonna said about this one, for me... THIS NOVEL IS SO F*CKING GOOD TO READDDDDD!!!! Man, is been a while since I enjoy a Novel with the first chapter only. This Novel have a different POV to let reader understand more about the character, and the way they saw MC, the writing style look just like Zero Shinja, both have other character in the story view MC different than the MC view themselve, The MC is sometime hilarious... more>> misundertanding lead better result to the story in the end, the heroine is loveable and interesting, and the God Anonymos is quite unique and funny, and you know what they said, all gods are as*hole (LOL). For me this Novel is solid 5 (IMHO), give this Novel a chance, don't drop to soon <<less
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PoDH rated it
May 1, 2023
Status: --
The quality fluctuates a lot so it's really hard to judge. Sometimes it's ok, then it's bad, then it's really good and touching, then it's cringe af please bleach my eye harem. But the very very few times it's good, it's really good.

It's like telling someone to walk forward normally and then they do a crabwalk, an impressive moonwalk, run like Usain Bolt, spin like a drunken man, crawl like a soldier pinned by machine gun, but never once walk normally.

Everything always take a weird turn, everything is so fragmented... more>> it's hard to make sense what's the actual story. You occasionally would read some sort of tragedy, or some secret unique power some character have, or name of some secret organization being mention. But there is never any explanation or prologue to connect anything. <<less
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LittleFox21 rated it
March 7, 2023
Status: c40 part4
MC is crazy. Literally. It's beyond narcissism and delusional, his belief that he's the protagonist drives not only himself crazy but the people around him and even gods. Yes, even gods are driven. Plot armors are from his absurdly strong belief to the point that he undergoes surgeries without anasthesia and not even flinched his eyebrows.

I give this one 5/5 because of how it's written. Good pace, good story telling, OP MC in a very unorthodox way, good world building. The only one complaint I have is about character names,... more>> for some reason I find it difficult to remember them but that's ok, MC presence is way too thicc to remember them anyways lol <<less
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Daniel de Camargo e silva
Daniel de Camargo e silva rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: c44 part3
I really liked it, it's amazing, the protagonist's personality is insane, but I loved it too much. I have no complaints.I really liked these heroines and their stories are very good and the development is epic, I really recommend it, it's amazing
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SeventhTale rated it
March 18, 2023
Status: c57
Other reviews already said well how good this story is. The start might make you hate some characters including MC at first, but that's because you didn't know them well.

Think this story as if Cid from Eminence in Shadow is the MC of "My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending". Basically a story of a crazy delusional person with narcissistic, selfish, and arrogant body, was thrown in a world where death keeps following him and those around him.

The MC here is OP, and I didn't mean his powers, but... more>> because of his indestructible mental strength. The thing is the setting of the game or the world they are in, is depressing game. Meaning, it's not really the strong enemies are the game characters to look for but the massive tragedy they will experience. This is why the MC who is immune to emotional damage despite having a low base power is able to became one of the strong in the story.

The development and things to expect here is just exciting to read. Especially on how various things about the setting of the game are each revealed. Because the MC don't actually have a clue on what happened to the game. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c40
First thing to know, the moment an arc finishes there will be two to three POV switches of the other characters retelling the events. Meaning, you'll step into the shoes of these individuals and reread a shortened summary.

However, the fic is told from third person and the MC will also be included in this afterword. And yet the novel doesn't suffer from it too much. This can be considered to be one of the good cases when it comes to POV switches. Where the author holds off on the flip,... more>> until the very end and doesn't retell events word by word. Allowing us to actually get a better understanding of the characters, which pushes their personalities beyond what simple first person is able to.

Though I am not a fan of multi-povs. So this fic can't be considered amazing by any degree. The amount of time spent on all these characters have slowed the story. In turn forcing events to be sped run through to make up for it. Where the plot starts to be deprived of critical story structure as the characterizations are overcoming the pacing.

Other than that, there isn't much else to tell.

The synopsis is practically dead on. The MC is delusional to absurd levels, the plot isn't suppose to be serious and harem elements are sprouting like dandelions. If you can stand a dense MC for 40 chapters and a more comedic approach to this genre, you'll enjoy it enough.

As of now, it looks like the author will actually have the MC hook up with one of these heroines unlike other JP harem fics where they tip toe around the s*x. So that is a small bonus.

-Because this is a good example of Multi-POV it gets a

Rate 4/5 <<less
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RedCobra75 rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: c39
MC have huge determination, motivations, way too positive and never give up because he always think he is the MC and want all females, not realise he got prank by gods. Not only got prank by god to become mob, how he talk is also auto translated to Rought Talk by gods no matter what he try to talk nice always output bad like punk / haughty words.

equally the same as "MC actually cannot talk because cursed by god".

i feel pity & sorry for him, meet one of the worst... more>> god you ever imagine.

there is pro and con of this kind of story, hes weak, really weak but I like he Brute Force all the way no matter what, fear no death, like subaru in re zero.

if you have no problem MC is weak, a literall punching sand bag, cannot talk as he want to, have plot armor, and you like miss understanding story ?

this is for you. It's just not everybody taste im understand that but lets see how the story progress to 100 chapter later, it can be gold mine or just another generic isekai or author run out ideas in the middle because its not easy making this kind of story.

is MC get stronger ? Yes very very slowly but not cheat MC.

i put 3 star for now, because still dont have many translated chapter to read.

please make this good author kun, you have huge posibility become great series here. <<less
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zimbaycoleoTGBCH rated it
December 29, 2022
Status: c20 (part1)
This is a very interesting novel.

I especially enjoy the MC's personality and his interactions with the other characters.

To describe how the MC acts, he has a goblin-slayer-like exterior; coming off as stoic and inexpressive. However, when you look at his internal monologues, he comes off as a goofy, chuuni who may be borderline psychotic. To expand on this

... more>>

The MC from the point I'm reading has no qualms in essentially killing himself to win, as because he's under the false pretense that because he's the protagonist, he believes he will never die.

Let's take the time when Fay was saving Maria - he brushed off his own sliced-open stomach as a normal occurrence. not to mention, his shoulders were pierced and the other gashes he had endured on his body. But it was described that he remained inexpressive, and his pain was something that he expected and didn't take too seriously. There are also numerous other events like having the bones in his arm completely destroyed; not just broken, like seriously destroyed. And despite this, he still faced his enemy because he was once more under the illusion that because he's the protagonist (for the novel he transmigrated in, he's not) he would survive. So he once more brushed off his completely ruptured arm as just another common occurrence.


The other characters are also interesting in their own right. When you're first introduced to them, on the surface they look like common archetypes characters that you could find just about anywhere, but as you delve deeper into the story, you begin to unravel their own backstories, and motives. I mean, to a certain extent this is also seen in other generic isekai-type novels, however, their backstories are different from what I expected. If I were to explain, I'd say generally in other generic isekai novels, there is hardly any substance to any other character's backstory, or rather there isn't necessarily an unpredictable motive behind why the side characters act the way they do. So whenever I read such novels, it's quite easy to pinpoint the problems/issues the side/supporting/main characters are facing which makes the novel kinda boring; however, unlike those, this one was different. I might think this because I haven't read a fair share of dark-esque type fantasy novels, but this one was pretty refreshing to see.

Also, with the character interactions, it's pretty much the same old awe/fear-stricken attitude other characters have toward the MC. Now, this is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I enjoy it despite how much it's been repeated hehe. Also, how the MC generally interacts with others is the usual goblin-slayer-like responses (etc, "ah", "I see", "..." things of that nature) which is pretty funny to see. However, despite how the MC is portrayed to be this stoic guy, there are times in the novel when it becomes quite serious that you can see the MC spit out some encouraging words that you wouldn't expect from him. Heck, it's like the author is trying to give a philosophy lesson within these moments sometimes. Anyways, I think because of the unique dynamic between the way the MC interacts with others depending on the situation was what really made the character interactions pretty good as well.

However, world-building is pretty decent.

The writing is pretty good and clear. None of that MTL nonsense.

Yeh, I'd say the biggest plus about this novel is the characters. <<less
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AMissingLinguist rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c8
I wanted to like this story, because I enjoy reading some tr*sh. The kind of tr*sh that makes me smile and laugh at how absurd a story is.

This novel is not enjoyable tr*sh. The author keeps writing two chapters that both cover the same story beats. I feel my mental capacity diminishing whenever I have to reread the same thing twice. The same thing again. And again. Repeating again and again. Am I making myself clear on how much the author repeats the story?

The main character reincarnates as a foul-mouthed... more>> orphan. Unfortunately, the main character is nothing like Harold Stokes from My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending. The dialogue fails to come across as cool or detached. Rather, the original character feels like a cardboard cutout with no personality filling in for the cardboard.

The side characters only exist to misunderstand the main character. No matter how s*upid the main character acts, all side characters look upon him with fear or awe.

I am reluctant to recommend reading this tr*sh for tr*shy enjoyment. With some polish, I could see this becoming the next tr*sh isekai anime, but this novel has some ways to go. <<less
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Rasselon rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: c29 part2
Moderately good misunderstanding comedy.

I love this genre, and I had fun here, but I'm afraid I had a huge positive bias.

Characters are shallow harem dummies, protagonist brings them even further down by refusing to interact with them. It sure is funny, but doesn't help with moving their relationships in any direction. The overall situation is still lively, but disappointing nonetheless.

Story is absent, so it is hard to get excited about possible future developments. When everything is a joke I can still look forward for more jokes, but they aren't that... more>> great to really care. <<less
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Smallblackcat rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: volume 4
I give it a four star because its a really good story, the chuuni part was kinda convenient to have, the MC believe that he was the center of the world which is the point of the story, this just shows that his mindset made him who he is, what I don't like is the gods talking about him it just pissed me off the flow of the story was great until it got cut off because of the gods talking sh*t about him or praising him out of nowhere.

He... more>> does work hard on the first parts of the story but in later parts he become cooler since he can endure damage of any kind just because of the reason that proganist of any kind can't die which made his will strong, he was even stabbed in the heart and still live, he's weak though so he was always half dead in any victory, if any of you want to read this I suggest you read the japanese version. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mosseboy rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: c45 part2
I love this story, but what really hooks me in the most is of course the protagonist, his mentality is the best aspect he overcomes trials with his mentality rock solid in the belief of him being the protagonist. And so thinking he will overome this hurdle.

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