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A (not-so) hopeless romantic writer. A weird (not-so-much of a) stranger. A lot of (denying) feelings in between. A (continuation of the online) connection that ends on 11 / 23.

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23:11 (Prequel)
AFGITMOLFM Part I: Euphoria (1)

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Date Group Release
09/18/18 Infinitely Yours extra 7
09/18/18 Infinitely Yours extra 6
09/18/18 Infinitely Yours extra 5
09/18/18 Infinitely Yours extra 4
02/08/18 Infinitely Yours extra 3
02/08/18 Infinitely Yours extra 2
02/08/18 Infinitely Yours extra 1
02/08/18 Infinitely Yours c23
02/07/18 Infinitely Yours c22
02/07/18 Infinitely Yours c21
02/06/18 Infinitely Yours c20
02/04/18 Infinitely Yours c19
02/03/18 Infinitely Yours c18
02/02/18 Infinitely Yours c17
01/31/18 Infinitely Yours c16
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promizadhel rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: extra 3
For me the story is very nice, I like both the Main Character especially the ML, he is funny and interesting with a lot of narcissist joke and interesting emoticon. The whole story is reeking of REALITY. There's not much fancy circumstances but I love how real there story is.

It is a story if two people with very different personalities one is optimistic and the other is hating the world. Two people with "same circumstances but with different reaction, same feelings but with different actions".
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