Diary of an Ugly Girl


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It’s hard to be beautiful

Every move you make; people will look at you.

When you make a mistake; all eyes are on you.

And the hardest part, if you want to pick your nose…

You just CAN’T …


Dear Diary,

Today, I tripped in the hallway. Nobody seemed to notice, good thing I’m ugly.


PS. Just kidding, I was seen and laughed at by Cross, my Bench model schoolmate.


Eya is a kind-hearted girl who has faced several difficulties in life. Orphaned at the age of 14, her aunt adopts her but kicks her out as soon as she turns 18. Unable to make ends meet, she gets a new job as a nanny only to realize she has to look after Cross, an egoistic young man whom she calls the “monster”. Cross, having lost his mother at a young age, has grown resentful towards everybody around him. But regardless of their differences, they start to get along well.

Eya does not realize that she is caught up in a twisted, complicated love square (?). She starts developing a crush on her best friend Chad, who likes her friend Lory. However, Lory has had a crush on Cross since they were in kindergarten… How will this all pan out for Eya?

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One entry per line
Diary ng Panget
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05/02/19 La Vie En Red entry 1
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55432 rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: --
I've read the Tagalog version of this and it was hilarious~ I'm excited to see the translated version~

Give this novel a chance guys. This was turned into a movie... and you all know that only good books are butchered into movies
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Raneday rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: --
lol never expected to see this one here on NU

I've read the novel and also watched its movie adaptation and I swear I really do enjoy reading/watching this novel

Just give it a try guys
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cklaighe rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: v1
For a top student scholar but bad at all subjects with attitude problem.

i dunno. Go try and just it for yourself.

I read this on its original language. It's been translated in english, and I havent tried the translated version. But here in PH, English is almost like our second language. The biggest let down that let me drop this series is for the FL to be a top scholar, she can't understand basic English when she is ridiculed.

Again, go read and judge for your self.

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cherubyc rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: entry 1
I'm glad someone picked this up. This was a best seller last 2013 and the movie was a box office hit in 2014. I know it's hard to convert Tagalog to English, I'm happy to see that the translator decided to retain some of the original phrasing and words of the author even when sometimes its grammar is wrong, it helps keep the personality of the author in the translation.

Thanks! Keep working hard translator!
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