I Suddenly Became a Mother


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One day, wandering the streets, complaining of hunger, a cute boy runs to her and shouts, “Mama!”

The handsome Duke, the father of the child, offers a contract to provide food and lodging when she becomes a nanny.

Lina, the poor beggar, who suddenly had a son, finds out that the dead Duchess looks just like her…

She tries to recall the lost memories of her past and surprisingly, it was connected to the Duke and the late Duchess.

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졸지에 엄마가 되었다
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dona rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c10
The writing ruined the plot which could´ve been good. It was excruciating to read through each sentence and it felt like it could´ve been written by a 12 year old. Secondly the MC. Ugh all these white flower characters with no flaws. They have long outlived their popularity okay? Since MC is a beggar, at least let her act and talk like one.
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errantknight rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: c11
I was really intrigued for the first few chapters, but the writing and characterization is so simplistic as to make the opening premise a completely wasted opportunity. No human beings would behave this way in this situation. No father would bring a stranger into their house and let them play the part of mother, making promises to their child. No woman would go into a situation like this with so little awareness of potential danger and giving so little thought to the seeming impossibility of the situation. Even the child... more>> is too guileless and unthinking. The overarching plot is also painfully obvious. Really not good. <<less
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Treetea rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c6
I love this novel- so much anticipation! The plot line is pretty good; I wanted to read it as soon as I read the synopsis. The MC’s thoughts are pretty funny and I love seeing her interactions with other people especially the ML. There are pictures in the novel which is really neat- the MC is so gorgeous! The translation is good, no errors.
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Sammybunny40 rated it
June 27, 2019
Status: v01c6
It's not fluff so far but the child is a attached so I'm waiting for cuteness to ensue
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