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Group Name Veratales
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Series (22)
Releases 7420

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
03/08/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c131
03/08/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c130
03/08/21 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home c537
03/07/21 Breaking the Day c196
03/07/21 Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke c642
03/07/21 My Wife is a Beautiful CEO c1247
03/07/21 Chronicles of Primordial Wars c684
03/07/21 Heimarian Odyssey c150
03/07/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c129
03/07/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c128
03/07/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c127
03/07/21 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home c536
03/06/21 Great Demon King c986
03/06/21 Breaking the Day c195
03/06/21 Chronicles of Primordial Wars c683
03/06/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c126
03/06/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c125
03/06/21 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home c535
03/05/21 The Amber Sword v4c78
03/05/21 Chronicles of Primordial Wars c682
03/05/21 Heimarian Odyssey c149
03/05/21 Conquest c117
03/05/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c124
03/05/21 Magic Industry Empire v4c123
03/05/21 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home c534
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