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Group Name Veratales
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Releases 5300

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
07/07/20 Great Demon King c886
07/07/20 Grasping Evil c385 part1
07/07/20 The King’s Moment v1c49
07/07/20 After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy v2c121 part2
07/07/20 Chronicles of Primordial Wars c476
07/07/20 My Wife is a Beautiful CEO c1073
07/07/20 The Silly Alchemist c603
07/07/20 Heimarian Odyssey c5
07/07/20 Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor c865
07/07/20 Heavenly Genius c115
07/07/20 Magic Industry Empire v2c179
07/07/20 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home c255
07/06/20 Grasping Evil c384 part3
07/06/20 The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and... c506
07/06/20 Chronicles of Primordial Wars c475
07/06/20 The Amber Sword v3c339 part1
07/06/20 My Wife is a Beautiful CEO c1072
07/06/20 The Silly Alchemist c602
07/06/20 Heimarian Odyssey c4
07/06/20 Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor c864
07/06/20 Heavenly Genius c114
07/06/20 Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke c537
07/06/20 Magic Industry Empire v2c178
07/06/20 Magic Industry Empire v2c177
07/06/20 Magic Industry Empire v2c176
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