Heimarian Odyssey


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Locke is a middling officer in the Kingdom of Faustian’s army. He happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time, depending on your perspective, and happens to save the kingdom’s princess. As fortune would have it, love prospers, but in a world of peasantry and nobility, a middling, peasant-born soldier has no right to love a princess. Locke is nothing if not determined, however, and sets out to become someone worthy of loving the princess, someone her family can accept. But that path is neither short, nor safe, as our hero will soon discover.

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Hikicarl rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: c1347
It's a scam. What do you mean no young master? This MC is as arrogant and selfish as any young master out there. His blatant disregard for weaker species and blind confidence for his plane is as worse as any chinese nationalism out there. This is chinese nationalism in disguise. I get it that he is an as*hole but I don't want to read it again and again and again.

This author's milking skills emphasizes obvious things and repeatedly mention it again everytime he fights or do something. I really want... more>> to kick his ass.

The author's math skills is worse than a kinder. I don't get how his disciple and daughter is still less than a hundred years old when he is 200+ years old and he got them at 60-70 years old. Such s*upidity should be condemn!! Are chinese readers that idiot not to point it out too?

Such a waste of good novel and my time... <<less
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Aezir rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: c779
I really liked this one when I first read it and I can't wait so I read the mtl. But as I got deeper in the story I got dissapointed.

... more>>

The first time I got dissapointed in this story was when the MC got transported to modern day earth in china, it was so cringey but I forced myself to read using the reason of multiple planes so it shouldn't be too unreasonable that earth exist in the novel. Okay but its still cringey.

The second time was DBZ got copied in this novel. I would have understood if the author just used the word saiyan, the scouter, power level or the gorilla tranformation. BUT NO! Theres a character in this arc and his a prince, guess who? VEGETA! I'm sure you've already known whose next right? F***ing KAKAROT OR GOKU! And the worst part? Apparently the saiyan are so cruel to s*aves that the MC's world is better, talk about chinese nationalism, and here I thought this was different. Well lets go back to the topic, the MC's world is invading the saiyan world and inslaving them. END


This is it I'm dropping it here, my time wasted on this shit. But I must admit I had good times, until I felt that this novel should be taken down for copyrights violation! <<less
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Shtirliz rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: c575
Liked this novel and readed MTL. Dropped. By my view there a clear distinction between good writing and bad one. And one of points of such distinction is that novel clearly stay in it intended world and genre from the beginning. Clear example of such point violation is introduction of "dream world" in Release This Witch. Many people didn't like it and dropped novel after that because novel losed its pace and clearness. And here same story occur: ... more>>

MC with his fantasy powers literally got teleported to China in our current Earth. Everyone already should understand what would happen next - there goes university, military, guns, nukes and invading monsters.

What a waste of time. : ( <<less
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Eullian rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c1989
Looking for a unique, original and refreshing kind of novel? Then say no more and press that search button and look somewhere else.

There are 4 things I hate about this novel:

1. The novel isn't original, the author doesn't have originality and only knows how to copy from others work.

... more>> Examples are: DBZ and Starcraft

I won't mention the DBZ since Aezir got most of it right. In Starcraft in this novel you'll meet The Zerg and the queen of blades Kerrigan, theres also The Protoss.

2. The author likes to change POV to mobs with no influence in the novel whatsoever.


There's this chinese man in the post aphocalyptic Earth that tells how this man survived in this world when the MC visited Earth. This goes on for like 10 chapters and what happened to him? The MC killed him and the author justified this by portraying the man as a man that got drunk in power and treats his women badly, then his body became an experimental rat in the lab of a magician. The second one was an alien and the story tells how this man just got a break from the war and goes back in his village and marries a woman then worries about his brother that wants to join the war, then the POV changes to his brother and his survival in the and his encounters. What happened to them? They're planet got sacrificed for the mc's world to evolve.


3. Shitty Growth rate


The growth of the normal talent MC is very abnormal even if the author tries to explain repeatedly that this is hardwork its still abnormal. When others take 50 years to advance in next level the MC does it in 3 years "Hardwork". When others need 500 to 1000 years the MC only needs 200 "Hardwork". Finally the author got tired of explaining the abnormality and pulls out the golden apple card that conveniently raises the mc's potential to genius.


4. Inconsistent personality of the mc


The author portrayed the MC as the prudent and calm guy he repeats that to his readers every chance he gets. Then destroys that to accommodate his grand scenario, like when the MC is on a recon mission in the middle of enemy territory, he wipes out an entire unit just so he could get information from them like where is your world, what are you searching about that leads to him finding about the fire source that gives him an armor that pulls him to god peak strength and a convenient Ai, of which compramised their mission when the enemy got alerted that they were infiltrated putting not only himself but also the others thats taking the mission in danger. The author also likes to repeat how the MC is so good at treating his women (im not talking about in bed but yes apparently he is) but it all got destroyed when MC got angry at kerrigan and theresa when kerrigan fed their daughter (yes they had a child) a fruit that enhances the potential of the eater, but too much can kill so the MC was enraged, understandable, if only he got that angry when the angels almost killed their daughter in the war.


Bunos 5. The author justifies mc's world supremacy too much


Whenever there's a new world that are on odds with the mc's world there's always an evil thing about them. Like the angels, they brainwash their believers then turn them to soldiers then the saiyans kill their s*aves just for the heck of it. Then the mc's world is like"Oh don't mind me I'm just driving this s*aves to their deaths in order to win wars while having their souls burned if they don't obey


I thought that this would change in the latter chapters, now look where that expectation took me. Don't make the same mistake. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: c1230
Don't bother. It might look like a very good novel and interesting in the beginning, but once you notice the chapters numbers which is above 3k and ongoing, then you should understand this novel is a waste of your precious time. Author is dragging the story out into countless ridiculous plots and it get worse the more chapters pass by. Do not waste you energy on it, because clearly the author no longer has a goal in his mind and just trying to extend a already dead story by adding... more>> more s*upid things into it just to keep going.

The summary is a scam. Because after a while the story was no longer about a MC just wanting to obtain the princess and gain the kingdom approval. Story should have left it there instead of introducing more s*upid idea's in just to keep the story going. <<less
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Heartless rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c12
Wow, is this really cn? Instead of the typical arrogant 2d young master being slapped by the MC, we now actually have a real story. This could've been written by any great western author, really. The style is western and surrounds a small peasant, now (as of chapter 12) a second-rate military officer (this simply being him entitled to a unit of 10 men).

The pleasant surprise was that he thinks from a peasant point of view. Yes, you heard me, thinks. He actually uses his brain and it's show and... more>> not tell (unlike 95% of the other cn novels). He may not be the smartest MC, considering his background, but we can actually picture him as a real person (again, much unlike the usual cn mc). All he wanted in the beginning was to feed his starved family. No weird "system" or cheat (as of chapter 12). Every step he takes, is by his own effort.

I must say this was a pleasant read. I hope to read more!

5/5 <<less
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EnuoFH rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: c12
So far, pretty good, not much to talk about, but seeing how the novel has 2710c and ongoing and how the author writes his chapters, I'd tell people that dislike when the author try to do a more detailed description of the situations which make the pacing slower to avoid. Still, it has yet to get to fights and such, so I can't tell how it will be later on.
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WasteofLife rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c157
A great read so far, the translators have done a wonderful job.

I have read until 157 chapters and it is a high quality novel, their is good amount of description, an interesting plot with schemes, nobles, fights, wars, a smart MC, detailed world building and many more things. The characters are described well and the story progresses very well, keeping you engaged. Their is harem and it is done well. You get wizards, knights, and a decent plot. So far it deserves the 5 stars, you get what the tags... more>> and genre are offering to a relatively high degree and complexity. Not to mention the translation is top quality.

The theme of war and cruelty has been dominant so that is something you need to keep in mind. It seems that he will have a harem on the large side, which is a positive for me, but some might not like it. Plus it has many chapters which usually is a representation of how popular a novel is and how most people like it.

Anyway gave it a try and you will like it. Some of the reviews had kept be away, but I am glad I read it. <<less
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jerry204 rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c223
Read the translations and mtl based for 200+ chapters.

There are not ye, ma, lu type of families which I believe is a fundamental difference between this and any other chinese novel as every novel whether its urban setting, ancient or martialarts world etc. You will come across these type of families always whereas in this there are no such families.

Not even one face slapping event till the current chapter which means you won't get filler lines which downgrades and exaggerates the ML every couple of chapters.

ML starts as ignorant and... more>> gradually learns but still lot of shortcomings which he is aware. Which is as refreshing as it can be after I read more than 300+ novels.

Even though its not central topic for the novel, the romance and female characters have some story line till now.

Will try to add rest of review when get a chance. <<less
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