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Group Name Wuxiaworld
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
05/19/17 Breakers c186
05/18/17 Breakers c186
05/18/17 Absolute Choice c410
05/18/17 God of Crime c59
05/18/17 True Martial World c998
05/18/17 Martial God Asura c1669-1671
05/18/17 Skyfire Avenue c481
05/18/17 The Desolate Era v27c11-12
05/18/17 Martial World c893
05/18/17 Warlock of the Magus World c631
05/18/17 Ancient Strengthening Technique c748-749
05/18/17 Ancient Godly Monarch c502
05/18/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c745-746
05/18/17 I’m Really a Superstar c635
05/18/17 I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World! c13
05/18/17 Absolute Choice c409
05/18/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1476
05/18/17 Warlock of the Magus World c630
05/18/17 Invincible c125
05/18/17 A Will Eternal c67
05/18/17 Seoul Station’s Necromancer c149
05/18/17 The Desolate Era v27c9-10
05/18/17 Martial World c892
05/18/17 Emperor’s Domination c623-624
05/18/17 The Charm of Soul Pets v2c59
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