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Date Title Release
09/17/17 Warlock of the Magus World c1022
09/17/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c869
09/17/17 Lord of All Realms c108-109
09/17/17 Martial God Asura c2085-2086
09/17/17 A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality c419
09/17/17 The Great Ruler c359-360
09/17/17 Martial World c1157-1158
09/17/17 The Charm of Soul Pets v2c150
09/17/17 Emperor’s Domination c933-934
09/17/17 Warlock of the Magus World c1021
09/17/17 Skyfire Avenue c625-629
09/17/17 Upgrade Specialist in Another World v3c323-324
09/17/17 Invincible c269
09/16/17 Imperial God Emperor c278
09/16/17 Martial God Asura c2083-2084
09/16/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c868
09/16/17 Ancient Strengthening Technique c1067-1068
09/16/17 Invincible c268
09/16/17 Warlock of the Magus World c1020
09/16/17 The Desolate Era v32c8-9
09/16/17 A Will Eternal c128
09/16/17 Praise the Orc! c183-184
09/16/17 Talisman Emperor c49
09/16/17 Warlock of the Magus World c1019
09/16/17 Lord of All Realms c107
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