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Date Title Release
08/22/17 The Legendary Engie v1c7 part1
08/22/17 God’s Song c255
08/22/17 Life Mission c162
08/21/17 Absolute on the Mound prologue & c1
08/20/17 Sovereign of Judgment c125
08/20/17 God’s Song c254
08/20/17 Life Mission c161
08/20/17 Sovereign of Judgment c124
08/20/17 Taming Master c116
08/19/17 Sovereign of Judgment c123
08/19/17 Top Management c73
08/17/17 Taming Master c115
08/17/17 The King of the Battlefield c114
08/16/17 The King of the Battlefield c113
08/15/17 Life Mission c160
08/15/17 God’s Song c253
08/15/17 The Legendary Engie v1c6 part2
08/15/17 The King of the Battlefield c112
08/14/17 Sovereign of Judgment c122
08/13/17 Life Mission c159
08/13/17 God’s Song c252
08/12/17 Sovereign of Judgment c121
08/11/17 Taming Master c114
08/10/17 Top Management c72
08/10/17 Life Mission c158
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