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Group Name Myoniyoni Translations
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(08-29-17) Hiatus

Group Releases
Date Title Release
10/23/17 Suspicious Manager Moon c28
10/23/17 Sovereign of Judgment c142
10/23/17 Top Management c82
10/23/17 Sovereign of Judgment c141
10/22/17 Life Mission c179
10/22/17 God’s Song c272
10/21/17 Taming Master c134
10/20/17 The King of the Battlefield c129
10/18/17 Taming Master c133
10/18/17 The Legendary Engie v1c11 part1
10/17/17 Life Mission c178
10/17/17 God’s Song c271
10/16/17 Suspicious Manager Moon c27
10/16/17 The King of the Battlefield c128
10/16/17 Sovereign of Judgment c140
10/16/17 Sovereign of Judgment c139
10/15/17 Taming Master c132
10/14/17 God’s Song c270
10/14/17 Life Mission c177
10/14/17 Suspicious Manager Moon c26
10/12/17 Taming Master c131
10/11/17 Grand Slam c6
10/11/17 Top Management c81
10/10/17 God’s Song c269
10/10/17 Life Mission c176
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