Yukine-chan’s Other World Reincarnation


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I, Ookami Yukine. A girl who has been hospitalized for a long time since a child due to severe pain from unknown cause. When I realized, I was already dead. I learned this after I died, but the cause of the severe pain was enormous magical power generated in my body! No one in the hospital would know this. With that, even if I was reborn on earth, the same thing will repeat itself, so the God of earth asked the other world’s God to take my soul. Then, when I asked the other world’s God, the other world is full of monsters!? She’s cruel, right!? Because a weakling like me is going to live there, I made a wish to the God! So, what I wished was granted but, my race was changed to demon… Well, I’m grateful for this body, right? Thanks to God that I will not die in another world! Eh? The tone is different with the beginning of the story? I think that I lose my temper midway, but this kind of tone is right, don’t you think? Sometimes, I go back using the tone. For the time being, my goal is not to die in another world! My dream is to travel everywhere richly and enjoying beautiful scenery of the other world!

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Yukine-chan no Isekai Tensei ~Watakushi, Tensei Shitara Kyūketsuki ni Nacchatta!? Aite no Chi wo Nondara Aite no Nōryoku ga Kopī Dekiru!? Watakushi ga Onegaishita no wa Sōzō wo Genjitsukasuru Mahō Nandakedo!?~(Kari)
雪音ちゃんの異世界転生 〜私、転生したら吸血鬼になっちゃった!?相手の血を飲んだら相手の能力がコピーできる!?私がお願いしたのは想像を現実化する魔法なんだけど!?〜(仮)
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Date Group Release
01/02/20 yurikatrans c4 part13
01/01/20 yurikatrans c4 part11-12
12/31/19 yurikatrans c4 part10
09/25/19 yurikatrans c4 part9
09/24/19 yurikatrans c4 part8
09/23/19 yurikatrans c4 part7
09/22/19 yurikatrans c4 part6
06/18/19 yurikatrans c4 part5
06/17/19 yurikatrans c4 part4
06/14/19 yurikatrans c4 part3
06/10/19 yurikatrans c4 part2
05/27/19 yurikatrans c4 part1
05/09/19 yurikatrans c3 interlude
05/05/19 yurikatrans c3 part7
05/03/19 yurikatrans c3 part6
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Iskandria rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c5 part5
Reminds me of succubus Lyly, only vampire edition.

Not much out yet. Seems to be a teensy bit serious. Most parts are funny though. Conversations are a bit clunky, like this review.

They said there would be Yuri. There wasn't any yuri yet. There are still 346 chapters left to change that.

Great hope for this one. 5/5
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November 1, 2021
Status: c5 part14
I was thinking why this series doesn't have any new translator group picking it up. After perusing the TOC on the original source, I now know why.

The novel has recieved R18 warning from syosetsu, leading to entire chunks in chapters missing that, as far as I've seen, haven't been re-uploaded.

Chapters 1- 5 part 17 are untouched, anything beyond that is dodgy at best. The author claims that chapter 10 is the start of "a new adventure" but hasn't posted since December of 2019. So any hopes of this series continuing... more>> even in the orginal language is, unlikely.

I did enjoy the light-hearted tone of the novel, for what it's worth, but, frankly speaking, the MC is dense and the God being an as*hole doesn't help the story either.

I still wouldn't recommend reading this as you would be left hanging mid-air what with the series being in complete stasis and all. <<less
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Mr.Tiemos rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c4 part7
Great story thus far, just waiting on the Yuri to come into play. If I have anything to complain about, it would be the Goddess as she’s really quite something to force events like that.

Here’s to hoping that the Yuri doesn’t involve the Goddess
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