You Won’t Understand the Pain of Being Rich


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Ning Chao is a seemingly ordinary person.

But any vests he wears can easily ignite a storm in the industry.

He’s not just a writer, but also an anchor and an artist, embodying a three-dimensional idol. His life is anything but ordinary.

Starting from scratch, Ning Chao adeptly shifts between various roles, amassing wealth along the way.

Yet, the challenges of managing his newfound fortune are overwhelming.

The day his vest is revealed, a trending search frenzy was sparked.

From then on, he’s either losing his vest or on the path to doing so.

Ning Chao’s team leader, Ming Ran, has never experienced a moment of peace since Ning Chao joined the team.

“Move, you money magnet!”

“He’s here again, our star team member, causing a ruckus!”

“Today is bound to be a rollercoaster!”

“His grace is a painting prodigy! A national talent!”

“That anchor talks too much nonsense. So annoying. Can we please cancel his show?”


“It’s you?” “It’s still you?!” “Why is it always you?” “Seriously, you again?”

This whimsical tale narrates the adventures of a fool constantly losing his vest – or, in this case, an idol enduring perpetual turmoil! As long as Ning Chao perseveres in his hard work, he’s destined for success.

[A short explanation of losing his vest: Any persona/ Artist name that Ning Chao chooses to go by, as an author/artist/idol, will eventually be revealed to be him behind it]
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Dec 04, 2023
Status: Completed
As the Author said:

[This article uses the protagonist's positive daily life to promote the correct values ​​of equality and universality, emphasizing that maintaining a hard-working and upward mentality will lead to success.]

The story is like a sweet little dessert, with a sprinkling humor to make you smile. Its so good!

The MC, Ning Chao is a little sunshine that warms your heart. He always has positive attitude no matter what he encounters. If he is feeling down, a cup of milk tea (less ice, more sugar) can get him to tiptop... more>> condition in no time. He always lives in the moment. Happy and carefree.

As mentioned in the description, Ning Chao has many vest (hidden identities). It was so many and of prominent origin (i.e influental) that netizens have a blast stripping him of his vest lol. But why does he has so many vest?

[It was related to his condition. Ning Chao is a bearer of a rare illness. It makes him have acute insomnia. But different from ordinary people, he is not sleepy, far from it, "he was so lively and energetic that he can go to mountain XX to hunt tigers" lol. Probably because Ning Chao happy go lucky disposition, only a little melancholy is felt. Aside from that, we got happy Ning Chao as usual. Who has so much time on his hands that he can build dozens of vest in the internet, an author, a painter, a ytber, with millions of followers, he enggaged with affiliated marketing too (so real lol). As he said, he was obsessed with money, but not the kind of obsession that feels greasy. He works so hard to make money for the people he left behind were he to succumb to his illness.]

A little sad, but plenty of happiness! Its HE dont worry.

The ML, Ming Ran:

[Is the captain of the boygroup Ning Chao joined. He has a dependable personality, a kind disposition, generally an all around leader that you can count on. But Ming Ran is not as perfect it looks on the outside, he also has a sad story, he was also pitiful. There is a reason why he is such a good child. Not making a fuss, not bothering others. Because he is short of love. His mother abandon him at such a young age that it leaves a shadow to him. This forces him to mature too soon. So he becomes this perfect dependable persona, because at least then he can get a little love from being a good child, right?]

Both the MC and ML get together and be a better person for each other, the ML becames the MC's tether to the world, so he is not lonely anymore, the MC becames a source of love, happiness, and strength for the ML.

Being together made them a better person.

Goodness. Their story makes me want to roll around and squeal. &Gt;<

This story is a good fit when you feel down. It was full of warmth and happiness. Five stars! <<less
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