You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone


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I, Hinata Amamiya, have a childhood friend.

Her name is Suzuka Ichinose, and even though I’ve known her for over a decade, I can surely say she’s cute and bright, and she’s always surrounded by friends, guys and girls alike.

She and I have been together since we were little children, and our relationship hasn’t changed even after we became high schoolers. I took her for granted, thinking she’d always stand by my side. That’s what I believed in.

But I was the only one who did…

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Daijina Mono wa Shitsu Kushite Wakaru
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jugglusjuggler rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c13
Since there are only 13 chapters, I decided to just read it myself. It was a fun short read and the pacing is pretty quick and I wish there are more chapters.

... more>>

there are 2 girls in this story, the mc's childhood friend and the delinquent girl. The MC has feelings for the childhood friend but she left him and got a boyfriend. MC was pretty depressed and that's when the other girl makes her move. She comforts the MC and decided to fill his lonely heart. And the childhood friend realized that the MC was getting close with other girl. She got jealous and then she realized that she actually likes him all this time but it was too late. MC is already comfortable with the other girl and he basically left her.


I wish there's at least 3 more chapters to give us more information about what happened after that but it is what it is.


turns out the other girl got some yandere traits. She liked the MC since kindergarten because he was basically the only one who understand her at the time. She waited until high school to get her chance and by that time, she already gathers so much info about him like his favorite food, hobbies and etc.

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September 12, 2022
Status: c13
3 main characters in total and each character pov is divided among 13 chapters

The male lead pov is the first part, 2nd is the childhood girl and last part is from the gyaru


Male lead personally is somewhat undeveloped, stereotype heartbroken MC who lost his first love

Childhood friend is mental gymnastic and narcissistic

The gyaru seem like a patient predator waiting for a long time to ambush her prey (mc)


A quite short novel and I feel like the conclusion at the end is lacking.
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Jake1230929 rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: c13
Okay so I Used mtl here and from what I could judge it goes like this.... more>>

Childhood friend dates popular baseball guy MC is sad. MC than talks to his other friend this friend has been in love with MC since childhood though the MC probably doesn't remember her. So she takes advantage of the situation. She helps and gives a shoulder to cry on the MC Becomes vulnerable. Then MC stops hanging out with childhood friend for the baseball dude and the childhood friend feels that something is wrong. In the end she realizes her feelings (probably I'm assuming since I suck when it comes to mtl) she keeps calling MC and when it finally answers the FML kisses MC sensually and tells childhood friend she loses it's implied they had s*x as MC lied to his mother that he'd be staying over with some boys. Then after that MC and FML start going out and the childhood friend is left behind and in the class she stares at them with empty eyes she also gives no responses to anyone who tries to talk to her. That's basically the gist of I think, the childhood friend might've not been going out with baseball dude but idk. Never mind looked more into and yeah she goes out with baseball dude. It's hard to judge her personality though. Every-time I read it's something like this "it's hard being a popular woman!" That's what the childhood friend says. I'm also guessing Childhood friend has a princess complex as she's very popular so she got caught up in it. Anyways it's the typical childhood friend realize's to late situation. FML sounds like a badass though I like her.

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rrobz rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: c13
This is actually a neat little story, although short overall (only 13 chapters). Definitely fits in with the overall themes of soafp's translation works. Hopefully its not too much of a spoiler to say this needs a yandere tag.
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Anastrisha rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: Completed
As the translator said, this is a love story starring teenagers so of course they are going to be immature and make wrong decision but there's a limit to how one can be that naive (?)

The MC is fine as he do behaves like a teenager struggling to confess his love but his childhood friend tho. She behave like she's the dense protagonist in a shojo manga, which is fine but to the point of unaware of her feelings? She's bound to have been confronted by her friends, it's... more>> very impossible for her in today's society, where people speculate anyone and everyone, to never actualize that feeling unless she really sees him as a genuine friend. And to add some spices, author even made her narscistic. Compare that to our awesome and very mature to the point of being a stalker FL. Lol.

Another point I want to complain is the author not having that much grasp of what "close childhood friend" means when it's opposite s*x. I feel like the author butchered this feeling in favor of romance. Or maybe it's a cultural difference but I just feel like it's way more dramatic than it should be. Even for high school students.


Then the nail to this coffin is MC ignoring his CLOSE FRIEND SINCE BIRTH even when she just broke up and wants to hang out. Now it looks fine when reading as we are on that childhood friend's pov and thus know she's not really hurt but if we don't tho? If we are in MC shoes and discovered our dear friend just broke up with their lover? Do you still have the balls to date someone knowing your friend might be in pain and need of support? Damn, it's as if MC just want that childhood friend for romantic interest and upon realizing there's someone else, disposed her.


Despite one of the main focus, this part is written poorly. If you're going to make a story about childhood friends, I suggest thinking as if they are your closest dearest friend and amplify to mimic a "friend since birth" relationship.

However, overall the romance ignoring the 2D nature is great. Would recommend if you want a safe netorare version. <<less
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dralex rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: c13
Wow, short, intense, well composed from different POVs. Satisfying.

I can't say one bad word [too short maybe].

// edited after few weeks

I read it again, this time with a slightly different approach. And guess what?

I'm glad that depending on what you pay attention to, the overall perception is different.

The second attempt was not satisfactory, it was unpleasant. Why? Because

... more>>

everyone is attacking fMC and in fact it was the idiot MC who caused this situation. HOW MANY opportunities did he have to change the nature of their childhood friendship? He was the only one who was aware of his feelings up to a certain point and was able to name them - the girl was fixated on their platonic relationship and he never let her know that he might want to change it. Even in action it was shown that he was either mumbling something under his breath, and when asked, he pretended that it was nothing important. This is embarrassing to read. It's not serious, if you can't articulate your feelings, you haven't grown up with them. When she had a partner, he used some nonsense as an excuse, instead of taking advantage of the fact that the case was over and not saying directly "sorry, I won't meet with you because it hurts me too much"

it is beautifully shown that fMC was fixated on the term childhood friendship and literally one sentence could change it. But no MC didn't have the balls to take it on. Only FMC's temporary partner, who wanted to clarify matters, allowed her to look at her feelings again.

I don't blame the other fMC for taking advantage of the opportunity, but I'm surprised that she chose such a hopeless partner.


Ergo, I feel sorry for both girls.

I really liked the translator's comments - nicely balanced and complementing the whole novel.

// second time - comments annoys me :D - it was form only one pov, without consideration for wider perspective ;)

I'm not changing my rating because I still think it's a very good read.

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