I Was Reincarnated as a Man Who Cuckolds Erotic Heroines, but I Will Never Cuckold Them (LN)


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When I came to my senses, I was reborn in the world of eroge.

Shu Sasaki, the main character of the cuckold eroge of [I was robbed of everything]… not.

In the game, the heroine Ayana Otonashi, a childhood friend who is devoted to Shu, is cuckolded by his best friend Towa Yukishiro.

Fortunately, there is still a year to go before the game story begins.

I don’t have a passion for cuckolding and if I don’t take her away from him, they should be happily married …….and yet.

“It’s just the two of us ……isn’t it?”

As soon as Shu is gone, Ayana’s body is in close proximity and she’s on her knees — could it be that these two are already in a relationship before the game even starts?

Is this a story about stealing loved ones or childhood friends?
Actually neither, this is a pure rich love story!

Associated Names
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Eroge no Heroine wo Netoru Otoko ni Tensei Shitaga, Ore wa Zettai ni Netoranai
I Was Reincarnated as a Man Who Cuckolds Eroge Heroines, but I Will Never Cuckold Them
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4 Reviews

Rampage Debut
Rampage Debu
Feb 05, 2023
Status: Completed
Oh boy, where should I even begin? Usually I avoid NTR theme and seeing NTR in title almost made me drop this novel but I still forced myself to read it. And I am glad I read it.

Contary to the title, it's a pure romance story with FL and no harem (the latter is very important for people who are tired of harem novels). This has a very refreshing approach as to how childhood friendship truly is and not a mere conventional trope to depict popularity of some loser Beta... more>> MC.

In fact you can say it is a deconstruction of the very same trope and how FL struggles to establish the fact that she isn't an ornament to attach to some protagonist as a childhood friend. She asserts she has her own right and will and doesn't merely exist as a war trophy. So why I am telling this? This is to give you an insight of FL's behaviour behind the guise of NTR theme game heroine and to explain the reason behind her dark motive.

Now if you would have observed that I have been writing about FL and haven't mentioned the MC, i.e the guy who gets transported as a game character. Why? Because you need to realize that more than the MC this is actually FL's story even though PoV is usually from MC's side. This is important as novels where FL isn't some steorotypical damsel in distress are rare to find. And let me spoil you, it's the FL that makes our MC change his perception and thinking (and not the other way round).


There was one scene which hinted that FL too might have been someone who got transported into game but this was introduced almost at the end of the main story. It seems that author had plans to further expand this but he had to finish the story. I would have loved to see that. Sad


I think I should stop writing anything more story related content. For people who want to read pure romance story and are craving for some new development rather the old fashioned dead beat tropes, this novel is for you. Objectively speaking, it may not be one of the best but it's fairly good. I will give it 4 stars, simply because it was better than what I had hoped.

Btw, the novel is finished but extra stories still get updated from time to time.

Edit: Now since someone decided to split LN and WN of this novel on NU, for clarification, my review was for WN (although there are only minor differences in LN so it can serve as review for LN too). <<less
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Mar 06, 2023
Status: v1c7 part2
This is a nice "genre deconstruction" story. It takes the Japanese harem rom com Protagonist story and shows it from a different perspective that makes you see its flaws.

The twist presented in Chapter 7 explains things that have been hinted at earlier and change the atmosphere of the story. It's nicely done.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 23, 2023
Status: --
This is pretty okay. A very interesting read about very specific circumstances.

all I’ll say is that there was a lot of grooming for two characters in a manner that do not justify whatever hate they get. Yes, the boy was kinda shitty, but it’s the fault of his family that he has strong insecurities, and he doesn’t go out of his way to rub what he has in others faces. He’s not a great friend, but that seems to be the fault of the author, as he clearly shows the... more>> ability to reflect. <<less
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Nov 16, 2023
Status: v2 ss 1
Like what the other reviewers said it isn't a ntr story. The story has quite a bit of plot twists and honestly, they're pretty entertaining. But some parts just don't make sense, but what can you expect? The characters are okay, they're not bland per se (except for every character that isn't the main one), they're just pretty forgettable but I digress since it's pretty hard to create an actual good character that the people can remember easily.

Overall, it's decent, but I'd wait for volume three to come out since... more>> everything should be pretty much wrapped up.



The ending of volume was super good soooo. 3.8 <<less
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