You Are Not In Exile, You Are Clearly Traveling!


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【Exile + Farming + Spatial + System + Opening Up + No CP】

Just as she crossed over, she was tragically exiled, but fortunately, she had a spatial dimension at her disposal.

Rob the house?

Rob the air instead. Chen Xue immediately emptied out the Chen Family Estate, from the floor to the bed curtains, even the garden and lake were not spared. She even moved away the several thousand kilograms of food that her enemies had planted to frame her.

When the enemies came to ransack the house.

The enemy was dumbfounded, “Where are the things? The several thousand kilograms of supplies I secretly placed?”

One of the household servants said, “Sir, apart from rat droppings, there’s nothing in the Chen Family residence.”

A colleague remarked, “Sir Chen is so honest, there’s not a grain of food in the house, and even the family sleeps on the floor.”

Chen Xue said, “My family is really poor, there’s not even a single grain of rice in the jar, we’re so poor we can’t even afford to cook.”

So, everyone knew that there was a Mr. Chen in the capital who was struggling and penniless.

Chen Xue’s Father: “Whoever says my family is struggling and penniless, I’ll take issue with them!”

Chen Xue’s Mother: “It was our daughter who said it.”

Chen Xue’s Father: “Ahem, well then, that’s okay.”

Chen Xue said that exile was very difficult, not only enduring the wind, sun, rain, but also lacking sufficient food…

The convicts and constables sneered, “Go on, we are the ones exiled, you’re practically on vacation.”

Among the exiled group, the Chen family lay in the carriage, drinking tea, eating dried fruits, playing Go, leisurely cultivating vegetables in the spatial dimension, and when craving, exchanging snacks like spicy strips from the system, living quite contentedly.

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