Woke Up And Had A Baby With My Mortal Enemy


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When he woke up, Hang Sizhou found that he had lost his memory.

Not just that, he also found out that he had married and had a baby with his most hated love rival, Xiao Hang.

Hang Sizhou: The opportunity has come.

Relying on the “husband’s love”, Hang Sizhou is confident.

When drinking water, he’s afraid it will be too hot. To sleep, he needs to be coaxed. When he’s in a bad mood, he wants to watch the snow on a sunny day. He always asked Xiao Hang if he didn’t love him anymore…

Hang Sizhou just didn’t know what had gone wrong.

Drinking water turned into feeding water, sleeping with two quilts turned into sleeping in each other’s arms, admiring the snow turned into sharing a hot spring bath…

Xiao Hang’s attitude became better and better, his eyes became gentler, and he even took the initiative to say “I love you” to him when he woke up one morning.

Hang Sizhou reflected with red ears: Is he not doing enough?

Everything was fine until one day, his memory which had disappeared suddenly returned.

It turned out that the marriage was a product of an agreement and there were no feelings at all!

Even the baby was an accident!

Hang Sizhou: [Social death.jpg]

After leaving a signed divorce agreement, Hang Sizhou ran away with his son.

Hang Sizhou, who had been hiding, opened the door of the hotel room early in the morning.

The man who had been standing outside all night pinched out the cigarette bu*t in his hand and stared at him with scarlet eyes.

Hang Sizhou trembled and raised his neck stubbornly: “If you want to fight, just say it, I won’t be afraid of you!”

Sure enough, the man raised his hand.

The next second, his body fell into a hot embrace.

Xiao Hang hugged him hard: “Zhouzhou, I don’t want a divorce, please come back with me, okay?”

Xiao Hang regretted not pursuing Hang Sizhou when he was seventeen or eighteen years old.

Then one day, he found that Hang Sizhou’s memory had returned to the time when he was seventeen or eighteen years old.

Xiao Hang: The opportunity has come.

[The amnesiac Shou who is hard-spoken and soft-hearted but actually thinks about everything] VS [The evil-faced Gong who is cold on the outside and coquettish on the inside, looks like a dog but is actually gentle and tolerant on the inside]

1. Marry first, love later/Sweet pet Su/Run away with the cub/Daily emotional flow/Kill with memories/Add whatever comes to mind

2. There are parent-child variety shows, but the essence and focus has always been on falling in love.

3. For specific demining, see Chapter 1. The author is BLX. I refuse to dispose of demining without reading the text. What you are talking about is not my article. Thank you!

Content tags: Giving birth to a wealthy family, sweet and relaxing articles in the entertainment industry

One sentence summary: When you wake up, all the major events in your life are completed!

Mission: True love can eliminate all prejudices and

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