Why the Cool Beauty, Who Repeatedly Keeps on Read and Ignores, Only Replies to Me – The Beautiful and Aloof Girl Wants to Know the Lonely Me


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“Why does a beautiful girl who leaves other boys on read, only reply to me?”

Yukine Saeki is a beautiful girl whom everyone recognizes, but she is always quiet and has a cool personality that is cold and dismissive of those around her; on the chatting app called Lime, she was known as the “Repeated Leave-On-Read Offender”— who keeps the person on read and ignores them. The boys in the class who want to impress Saeki, a cool and beautiful girl, start a daily competition on the chat app to see who can get a reply from Saeki first. In the midst of that, the protagonist, Kotoku Ōkami, is asked by his childhood friend and mischievous troublemaker, Tamari Michifuji, to send a message on lime to Saeki as a trial. Kotoku, who had no interest in Saeki, caved in to Tamari’s persistence and sent a lime to Saeki, but …… he never expected to actually receive a reply…….?

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Kidoku Surū o Kurikaesu Kūru Bijo ga Ore ni Dake Henshin o Kureru Riyū. Kokō no Bijo wa Kodoku no Ore o Shiritagaru
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