Why The Big Villain Hasn’t Run Away


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Yan Luqing was reading the heart-abuse novel of the year when she was on the plane.

Among them, the most popular is not the male lead and female lead, but the villain who has been persecuted by countless lunatics, Gu Ci.

When Gu Ci was young, his beauty was infinite, but his family’s financial situation fell behind and his parents were retaliated by their enemies. His beautiful obsidian-like eyes were blinded by poison. And in the end, he was secretly ‘hidden’ by a mentally ill woman who had a crush on him.

After experiencing all this, the young man who was originally like a breeze and misty moon was completely blackened.

Who does not feel heartache for a beauty who was strong but miserable? Yan Luqing also felt her heart ache and scolded that mentally ill woman very angrily.

Who knows that when the plane crashed, she became the female partner, who tried to monopolize Gu Ci, that everyone shouts to beat.

The time happened to be the first day of the ‘Hiding Gu Ci In The Golden House’.

Recalling the female partner’s end that was more inferior than the pigs and dogs in the original book, Yan Luqing: …Oh?


The female partner in the original book deserves that kind of ending, but Yan Luqing can not commit the same mistakes.

From the first day onwards, she will serve delicious food and drink to raise the big villain well. It was called ‘Hiding Gu Ci’ but in reality it was actually enshrining and worshipping him.

She treats Gu Ci’s eyes and buys whatever he wants to eat, even if he wants the stars she will pick them for him. If he wants flowers, she will pull them out and make a wreath for him. Even the flowers at home are all pulled bald.

So two months later, according to the original plot, it was the day for Gu Ci to escape.

Yan Luqing breathed a sigh of relief. The big villain doesn’t have to do it himself because she opened the door wide in a very proactive and catering manner, and said to him: “Congratulations, you are free now.”

Gu Ci looked at her for a long while, his beautiful black eyes darkened, and he suddenly smiled: “What if I said, I don’t want freedom?”

Yan Luqing: “???”

What about your business empire?

What about your ambition for revenge?

D*mn, that’s not how the script was played!

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11 Reviews

May 08, 2021
Status: Completed
I actually don't know what the previous reviewer read because it was not bad at all??? Like the story came all together because of that.

It was a good story, I got a lot of dog food that made me blush and have them as bookmark. And the ml's love and story is just so painful and like my heart omg

According to Macabaka (system) rebirths only happen when the person has 1 big obsession and nobody knew what it was.

The answer:

... more>>

1st timeline (the novel) - FL and ml's world were connected by a door in high school and since it was winter in FL and summer in ml, ML invited her to sleep in his room with a bed partition. And they slowly fell in love. ML picks her up in school etc.

After a month tho, probably because it is a bug, the door disappeared along with her and their memories.

ML remembers bits and pieces thats why he has a tattoo of her world's address, he died in his room beside a white wall where the door was.

And that's why during the 2nd timeline, there is a sense of deja vu for both of them.

40 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 03, 2021
Status: Completed
Y'all have to ignore the 1-star review, if you click on his/her profile, he/she only rates 1-star.

I have no complaints about this one. MC is a little airhead, but she's charming in her own way. She's not academically dumb, she excels in subject areas that she likes (physics and the like are her difficulties). They are so sweet and there's a lot of fluff. It's especially fun that a big chunk of the chapters was spent on exploring their budding romance. I was smiling a lot while reading this and... more>> maybe cried a little when she remembered some stuff about her childhood and ML comforted her.

The twist about their entanglements are well-done. The author did a great job at executing the plot twists. If your goal is to read a System Administrator-controlled plot, there's not much of that here. There are restrictions because of the system, but it's not the focus. The accumulation of points for system upgrade is just a breeze. I removed the tag "psychopath" from the initial tags because there's no psychopath here lol.

It's also refreshing to read a male lead that does not get jealous left and right. MC has interactions with the male population because she's close with her bodyguards and has a male dog pet. MC also praises beautiful men on social media. In other romance novels, the ML would have already been very jealous. There's none of that here, ML is just the best boyfriend there is. He's unconditionally supportive and trusts MC, and he gets along with people MC likes. <<less
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 06, 2021
Status: c80
Novel is barely readable up to chapter 72. After then it’s nonsense garbage.

... more>>

Story is just like summary; MC is an airheaded girl who mysteriously crosses into Yan girl cannon fodder who drugs ML Gu guy and ties him up. Unknown to MC, Gu guy is reborn and MC tries to pamper her. Her golden finger cheat is using WeChat and the ability to see the true thoughts of people who add her. ML Shields her ability and story continues.


The Bad:


Typical “In love? Nonsense” BS going on for quite a while after both MC and ML fall in love with each other. Nonsense gaming events where nothing makes sense. Useless system and time wasted on the heroine and hero of the novel world and other supporting cast wasted. People with 2nd most screen time is Mc’s close friend who is a silly girl and the Mc’s two dumb bodyguards. When MC and ML finally get together at chapter 61, we barely get time to feel the sweetness and author takes it all away at chapter 76 when MC is erased. Now there’s nonsense time travel, all sorts of idiotic BS, and s*upid doors to other worlds and tons of dumb plot. Not worth reading, so dropped it right there.


-30/10 don’t recommend. Not nearly enough sweetness.

Positive points: no r*pe, ML cares for Mc

Bonus Negative Points: Braindead MC keeps wanting to be a drunk. Chinese novel protagonists simply should stay away from alcohol. It’s the bane of their entire country and existence.

Barely 7 good chapters out of 80.

Rare to drop before completion, but honestly nothing interest me to read more. Disappointment. <<less
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Dec 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Giving this a five but this is a 4. Not the absolute worst like the one-star reviewer told you to. Yeah like @Nelle said, if you click all their reviews they only give one star. Absolute abomination. There must be something wrong with you if you can only find stories with one star rating lmao

This was an easy read although there was a sprinkle of tragedy. Fairly short, easy to MTL therefore easy to bulldoze through.

It's not a breath of fresh air but it's not boring as far as I'm... more>> concerned. The couple is absolutely adorable so I have no further complaints. This was a good find! Bet on this novel, people <3 <<less
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I usually don't write reviews, but I just had to for this one.

The plot really came together very nicely and there are no loose ends. It was very satisfying and really sweet especially after the MC and ML got together.

Honestly, I thought this novel would be all fluffy when I began to read this, but there was indeed tragedy in it and honestly it made me cry a little. The tragedy part did not feel abrupt at all since we get little hints that something big will happen so I... more>> really applaud the author for doing that.

One last thing, the author did a really good job with the chemistry between the MC and ML. Their relationship did not seem forced or lustful at all which is what we usually see in most Chinese novels. The MC is bright and charming in her own way, not at all a Mary Sue character. Maybe she can be a little dense, but it's mostly because of her putting barriers in her heart due to her experiences in her original world. The ML is not overbearing like most MLs in Chinese Novels and is very supportive. He was also distant from the MC due to his past experiences, but after spending more time with her and truly got to know her, he realizes that he enjoys being with the MC and being a part of her impromptu 'family'. Together, they are very considerate and affectionate which made me root for them harder. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
The MTL was a little much to wrestle through but tbh all MTL is kinda like that so this was pretty reasonable by those standards. Should also mention that for some reason (maybe to protect against aggregate sites from the Raws) but some of the MTL chapters are missing. Like for chapter 56 I think it just says like [being hit by hand] or something but I checked the raws and the chapter is there as usual.

ANYWAY THE REVIEW: Very good. To be honest, quite fluffy. Definitely a pretty lighthearted... more>> comedic read. I found that the author wrote the 'oblivious does he like me I like him...' stage very well. The dog-food that the ML and the MC were spreading unintentionally WAS VERY cute topnotch.

This wasn't that Mary Sue either because most of this book felt more like them getting together slowly... very heartwarming. The end was quite sad, I cried a bit.

A very romantic book with an overused premise done RIGHT ! The transmigration trope was executed SO well. From assimilating into the world and the MC's concerns to the ML's reassurance and accompaniment.

It was so good that I was willing to wrestle through the MTL just to finish this because there was NO WAY I could sleep without finishing it. And I'm glad!

The ending is quite sad though heads up but it's a


4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 22, 2022
Status: c37.3
The story is interesting and I feel like it had a lot of prospects with the OG MC being mentally ill and everyone treating the MC as a split personality but the author completely forgot that part of the plot. It's very sweet and fluffy, there are no real plotholes that are so obvious that they disturb my reading so I would normally give a story of this standard a 4 at least. I'm just very disappointed with how it could have been so good- and then didn't live up... more>> to expectations. This is just my personal preference though so I hope my review doesn't discourage anyone from reading it! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 26, 2021
Status: --
It's a very funny story. I love the MC and her bodyguards but the ML is a bit too boring for my taste.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Woahhh since A miss reading transmigration stories Ml&Fl, this was a good find. There's many twist in tthe story and FL is so funny hahaha It mostly surrounds d story on how FL transmigrated, some lil bosses/villains along the way but the important part is the story of the couple. Got teary eyed on some part, both of them deserves each other, HE! Happy with the ending although there are some loose ends but it's up to us readers to conclude it. The important part is both of them met... more>> each other☺ <<less
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Oct 13, 2021
Status: Completed
It was very satisfying as how the novel end and the og novel end came together~

Let me just say I loooove the Male Lead. He was first doubtful and cautious towards FL ... more>>

since he is reborn


FL is well, kinda dumb. The cute kind of dumb FL tho which I find adorable lol. She was quite clueless about ML's feelings for a looooong time and when she started to like ML, she was all like 'what if he still leaves me because of the plot' lol. Anyway, because she is quite dumb, she's very brave and straightforward, and also very... weird sometimes.

This novel was such a nice short fluffy romance with a hint of angst that I really liked. It's the first novel I've read in quite a long time and I'm glad that it satisfied my CN novel itch haha. Recommended definitely 9/10! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 17, 2021
Status: c46
It's a nice read if you don't mind MC to be a bit brainless salted fish. I am not judging! (You or MC)

I just thought at first that it's going to be

... more>>

MC really is another one of female partner's personalities, that the system wasn't real. It could have been good! I thought all the hints that author peppered in - like the show they're watching, "what robot", thoughts in WeChat - it's how MC copes/experiences world.


But in the middle it started to be a bit boring, I read spoilers - it's not that. So it's not worth to me to continue.

Can't say anything bad though! <<less
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