The Girl Who Cured the Crazy BOSS is Majestic and Mighty


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Shu Yu transmigrated and became the original novel’s violent and brutal female Demon that caused the supporting male character, AKA hidden Boss, to become batsh*t crazy. However, right now, the Boss is just a lowly s*ave that was just given to her. What should she do?

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Dragon_Reader rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: Completed
One of the most amazing novels I have ever read. This is the book that set me onto the path of ... more>>

Yandere MLs


The MC is superb. She is smart, hard-working and does not mind following instructions coz she is not OP and does not have all the skills. The process of her becoming OP through sheer hard work and assistance from our ML is really nice.

The ML. He is extremely weak at the start of the book - weak in physical terms. His transition to the ultimate devil boss is frightening so to speak. He is a Yandere. No doubt about it. He is in love with the MC, crazy for her. Possessive and obsessed with her. He will do anything, anything at all for her.

Their relation progresses realistically. There is no love-at-first-sight but the way they fall for each other is sweet and cute. <<less
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Vanessanellyn rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: Completed
At first, I thought that this story would have a very controlling ML who manipulates the MC's every move, (one review said this) and I was hesitant on reading, but when I read the story, I realized that it wasn't true.

... more>>

It's true that the ML noticed that the MC was too out of character with her transmigrated body and sought to manipulate her when he found out that the MC was a transmigrator. He needed to manipulate others in order to survive because he was still very weak at first, but in spite of that, he always listens to what the MC has to say, and after a while, (when he fell in love) he wanted to treasure the MC.

So I wouldn't say that she was manipulated, the ML just taught her how to live in their world, and the ML also doesn't force the MC when she thinks she can't do what he says (like mass mu*der, that's the MC's bottom line, or when it disturbs her three world views).

Also, in later chapters the author gives the MC some real character development. She won't become a Mary Sue, instead she will become very powerful because of the ML's guidance and careful teaching. She is able to fight and stand on her own without the ML to protect her.

Major Spoiler Ahead.

You can close the spoiler tag if you don't want to be spoiled too much.




But the MC only becomes OP for a "short" period of time before she gets KILLED. (Don't worry, this is a HE)


The ML is the type of person who doesn't fall in love easily, but when he falls, he falls HARD. (Trust me, the ML didn't fall in love at first sight, it was a gradual, realistic process.)

That's why there's a yandere tag, he's so possessive of the MC but he makes everything up with his thoughtfulness. Also, don't forget that normally, he kills to get what he wants. (Or when he sees someone ogling his MC haha) The only person that can make him compromise is the MC.



The story is not based on a single world, since later in the story, the MC and ML will travel to different worlds together. (Because the MC becomes homesick and wants to go back to her original world, the ML decides to take her with him to many different realms, so that he can coax the MC. The ML just loves her THAT much.... But that's not really the only reason *wink*. Thumbs up to the author for having such an imaginative mind.

When they move to another world, though the ML might have the same body sometimes (I'll just say that its because he becomes someone who's VERY powerful that he can easily overcome the limits of the other world/s), the MC will become drastically different (Because in the end, she doesn't have any kind of internal power at all), there was even a time when she became a fish and couldn't remember the ML. 😂

Though be warned, their initial world is messed up, morally speaking. The MC & ML's romance is fine, but with supporting characters there will be brief mentions of in*est and beastiality.


Short note: This is a novel that focuses on romance, not action. (Although action IS present in the novel) The world will only revolve around the POV of the two main characters. <<less
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Raobihr rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c5
The MC is beyond s*upid. She transmigrates into the strongest or one of the strongest demon, but what does she do. She cowers in front of a lowly s*ave that she inadvertently hurts by not keeping her powers in check. She spends the rest of the chapters trying to make sure the s*ave is fine or to heal him it is ridiculous, she doesn't even try to learn about her power or anything. She consistently worrying about others finding out her identity, she still has all the powers so no... more>> one would care. It is also dumb because the character she took over is known for being random and basically killing/torturing everyone so there is no one really close to her and any weird behavior would be explain by her being weird to begin with.

Literally the only thing that could give her away would be cowering towards people especially a s*ave, and this would probably only make people think she either lost her powers or she a stand-in because her family doesn't want to lose the influence she brought. She literally in no danger unless she decides to cower towards people.

I would only recommend this to people that are okay with ret*rded MC, if you want a MC that thinks than this isn't for you. <<less
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AngryattheAuthor rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c29
Can you all please read at least up to chapter 30 before giving a review because if you haven't read up till here your reviews are completely misleading and useless.

Yes at the beginning the MC is a usless modern college student who is a law abiding citizen who couldn't adapt to supernatural elements and is afraid of getting killed...

Some would probably find her annoying because yes she's gained a powerful body and is still acting like aa wimp...

But realistically she just gained a body and not the abilities to use... more>> the powers in her body.

It's like to get a university maths text book...

Yes you see the equations and methods but without the basic understanding and foundation there's no way you'll be able to solve it.

As a college student I'd probably be performing much worse than her.

Having a mental breakdown regularly because I might die if someone realised I'm not the original Host...

Constantly be in depression not knowing how my family is doing irl...

Honestly I think she did pretty well.

So please read to chapter 29 and you'll understand that she's putting a lot of effort to get use to the new body and powers!

Also by chapter 29 she's completely had an entire character remodel...

Character development and you can see aspects of her that you'll actually appreciate...

One being her perseverance and stubbornness to stick to her own beliefs...

For example her

clearly liking ML but is forced to harden her heart because she wants to return to her own world and not wanting to hurt ML in the process... Although she didn't tell him straight out no.. But who would say no to the person they like? Yes she's selfish but with the way ML has been treating her so far and her original and current liking of the ML I would've acted the same. But I like this! She has a backbone!


She's very human and very relatable that's the reason why I really appreciate her character development.

I also love the chemistry and interactions between the two lead and how the plot is developed so far.

The characters have a clear setting and the world setting is pretty solid.

I just want people to give this story a chance and want to say that not every FL is going to be the same.

People aren't born apathetic and is able to adapt easy to situations and MC has never experienced the hardship that some of those transmigrated betrayed MC has experienced...

Our MC's life has been very normal.

I feel like the pace of MC adapting to her current situation is probably the most realistic I've read in this genre.

I'm not going to MTL this because I want to appreciate this novel when it's properly translated.

Hands down the best novel I read this week.

I'll be back again once I've finished reading :). <<less
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iiWonderWomanii rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: c88
I love this story!

I love how realistic it is and how the romance develops. I have to say that this novel has the BEST romantic development out of all of the other quick transmigration novels because it has this feeling of continuity, and it has a freaking PLOT. What quick transmigration novels do a lot is rush development and make things out to be so monotonous, having read one quick transmigration arc is like reading them all- the schemes are the same and things get choppy. The romance, of course,... more>> isn't only good for its continuity and being better than other quick transmigration novels at romance (which isn't hard), it is also good at showcasing emotions. It never tells the reader straight out that the leads are in love, it shows it and it builds it which is so rare for a Chinese Novel, and it makes me appreciate it so much more.

Another great thing about this novel besides the romance are the lead characters. I especially love the male lead who is portrayed unlike most male leads in a Chinese Novel. First of all, he isn't heads over heels for the female lead after meeting just once, and he isn't more OP than the female lead in terms of strength when they first meet. In fact, he is a super weakling and we get to see him grow and change. I am in absolute love for his character development and the way the author decides to ground him. He feels like a real person to me- not just an object the female lead can rely on to become more Mary Sue. And maybe because I'm sick of overpowered MC but I think this female MC is a nice change of pace. She's confused and a little bit naive and that's totally understandable- she had just come to this foreign world and she doesn't know anything.


Some people may think that she is a ret*rd for just following the male lead's orders when they first meet since she is much more powerful, but I don't think so. He is the first person who knows of her secrets and although she may be more physically powerful than him, he is more psychologically powerful and hangs this secret over her head. She is also not familiar with the laws of the land and although he does threaten her, in a way because he's the first person who knows of her secret and hasn't killed her/ harmed her for it, they have this connection and she does have to put a certain amount of trust in him.


I also love how the female lead develops, character development for me doesn't always necessarily mean change but how well the character is fleshed out or developed. We only know a bit about the female lead but as the story goes on we learn more and more about her identity. We start to realize her character- she still is the same person but we know what kind of person she is. And again the author doesn't straight up tell us that she has this certain trait, we have to go through the novel to pick up the traits she inhibits through her actions. Like her high moral character or her funny reasoning/rationalizing.

Another part of why I love the female lead is because the male lead loves her so much it rubs onto me and I start to feel for their romance. It's just so sweet- even when the things the male lead does isn't very sweet but totally scheme-y and bastardly.

Plus, the length of this novel is perfect! I kind of wish it was longer because I love it so much.. but I appreciate the author for ending the novel before it gets too draggy... which is a problem for most Chinese Novels.

I very much recommend this if you're a lover of romance, but don't recommend if you want/ are used to an over-powered female lead. All I have to say for those who fit the latter category is to give the novel 10 chapters and then decide if you want to stay for the romance or leave. <<less
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August 14, 2018
Status: c11
MC is a real white lotus (not the b*tch one). She's pure, innocent, cowardly, easy to bully and easier to manipulate.

At chapter 4

... more>>

ML confirmed his suspicion that she's not the real body owner then proceed to seduce her into submission.

From there, MC is basically ML's puppet. She follow everything he said.

She admitted it herself, she's physically strong but mentally weak.

@Dragon_Reader called her smart for following ML's plan coz she is not OP but really... She's not OP at the start but she's still stronger than most people/demon. She's just... Too kind... That body's reputation is fearsome AF, as long as she have the heart to keep torturing the s*aves, nobody would suspect anything and she could use the time to browse the original body's memory (yes she got it too) and test it out herself (the people working there are all her s*aves and they're used to the body wrecking havoc. She could destroy the whole residence and nobody would think it's abnormal)


In short, if you like mentally weak female MC getting help (*cough*being manipulated by scheming*cough*) ML, this story is for you (not sarcasm, I really dislike MC's personality but the story itself is fine). <<less
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dona rated it
August 10, 2019
Status: c13
I feel myself slowing losing interest. I was really into it the first few chapters but MC´s s*upidity and naivety ruins the plot. One huge mistake chinese authors love to make is a black belly ML paired with a dense and innocent FL. It´s really nauseating to read, it feels like reading a rabbit being seduced and lead around by a cunning wolf, obediently entering his house and relying on him. Nobody likes dumb characters. MC´s strengths are her kindness and righteousness but her s*upidity turns those two to become... more>> her weakness instead.

I took a peak at the raws, nothing changes.

That was my rant. Read if you don´t mind shoujo-type of MC. <<less
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XiaoAn rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this so~ much! ? The slow progression of love and the hatred because of lost. The rekindling of love and trust again is beautifully written. ?
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ike_00000 rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: --
what the heck is this title "majestic and mighty" she literally transmigrates into almost a character whose power is utterly unparalleled and yet is scared to death over a tiny and weak servant??? She doesn't try at all to learn about her abilities but instead stalks this guy after fearing she hurt him too badly like ??? He'a almost all healed by the time he walked back to his room!!

This MC is so dumb and idiotic that I just can't. Normally I'll read quite a bit before rating espeically if... more>> my opinion is poor but this one is just next level s*upidity. The servant literally CATCHES her like ???? Why would she even chase when she doesn't evn know how to use her abilities properly??? She complains about being terrified of her death yet she transmigrated before any flags were even set up. The OG tortured the guy relentlessly, just avoid doing that and you'd be mostly fine!!! Right now she's SO powerful and yet you'd think she's a lil flower vase or something omg.

Someone said rude reviews aren't being fair to her because she starts weak and traumatized. Uh no, she herself knows she starts as one of the literal strongest characters in the world. By FAR. Sure she can't use it properly, but there's still nothing that would be a threat to her for a long time. Naivety can be forgiven if it's at a manageable level, not a her-brain-must-have-rotten level.

tldr MC is too dumb I'm afraid it might be infectious

Translator did a good job though, too bad the story is tr*sh. <<less
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Frevv rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c8
It's really a good read, please don't give up because of the low rating.

If you like reading OP FC with ruthless characters, then this might not be for you. I like the FC exactly because she portrays how normal girl would react if they ever found themselves transmigrated. Don't get me wrong, I also love reading the OP Fc, but this is a nice change.

In my opinion, I don't understand people who give low rating from reading just the first few chapters. Like someone in this thread has said, sometimes... more>> it takes as many as 20 chapters to start get into the storyline. Although for me, I liked it since ch2 and reading the spoiler page, makes me want to read this even more. FC's inner monologue are too cute, and ML is very black belly. <<less
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autumnscarf rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c68
I'm not sure I'm going to finish reading this novel, but I wanted to weigh in because some of the reviews here are pretty unfair to the MC.

This novel takes a long time to develop, both in terms of the MC's base power level and the MC+ML's relationship. MC starts out very weak and traumatized, but is a hard worker who eventually adjusts to the world. She isn't a master schemer or incredibly intelligent, but she's not exactly a moron, either. ML does a pretty good job training her to... more>> not be so naive.

So the MC DOES get better after the initial chapters, but it takes some time.

That said, this story isn't really a xianxia transmigration adventure novel. It's a romance novel. The novel spends chapters and chapters on the MC and ML's developing relationship and nothing else. In a normal xianxia/xuanhuan novel, the adventuring is usually entertaining in itself. Here, it's pretty much just background noise. Either the ML is busy manipulating the MC or the ML is busy manipulating the MC. (Or the ML is busy thinking about the MC, or the MC is busy thinking about the ML.)

The xianxia setting only became important when the author decided the MC+ML had enough time to cuddle and decided to force them to split up for a while.

I mean, it's not a bad story... but if you're looking for an ass-kicking adventure story with some romance in it, this isn't it. If you're looking for a power couple, this also isn't it. If you're looking for short story universe hopping, this... also isn't it.

The first universe arc takes about 66 chapters to finish. I thought several times about dropping the novel instead of reading through the first arc because the author tended to really expound on the details of their relationship and the ML's psychology. The only reason I got as far as I did was because it was easy to TTS and half pay attention to while doing other things. I'm not sure how interested I am in finishing the story since I don't think the MC or ML will develop much further since their relationship has been mended, and this author doesn't seem to be that interested in writing adventures. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: --
Thank you so much For Picked This my favorite Gem novel. I love this novel. One Of Best Transmigration novel. Highly recommend this novel. I like MC and yandere male lead
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RedsFable rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c1
Chapter 1 Review!

Good pace in laying the groundwork for the story. Slightly bumpy word flow towards end of chapter in a sentence or two but overall good editing.

*Rubs hands together* Now it's time for the good part.

MC is a smart if somewhat slightly clumsy girl who transmigrated into a psychotic she-demon (literally).

ML is calculative and cunning. A man of many faces... Definitely black-bellied.


Laughter. Lots of fun or ridiculous situations. Cunning plots. Black-bellied devilry and an overall unusual read.
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Pahpie rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: Completed
it's a story about the female lead taking the villainess script but not really doing any justice for the villainess because female leads only care about being righteous in front of everyone, care about themselves and the ml.

So, I'm not the kind of person to read a story where the MC is acting s*upid. So when a saw a few of these reviews, I was skeptical. But that synopsis kept pulling me in so I risked it.

This is a bunch of information I would have loved to know before starting... more>> the book.


-as much as it's 80 chapters, you don't have to wait 60 chapters to see any sign of romance. The feelings start coming in around chapter 17 and get official about chapter 37.

-angst isn't too deep. The female lead, like as fls, literally left all kinds of broken hearts behind. Honestly!! There was this cat demon that honestly love the og FL and also this other haughty fox [but he was her cousin so]. But the cat demon triangle was the one that got me out of it all. Like, this story is supposed to focus on healing wounds and soothing reader's resentment. So when I saw her negligence towards the cat demon [even if I understood it] I couldn't be as in love with the couple as I would have been.


Now, I won't lie. That part where she was like cowering towards the male lead because he would eventually kill her threw me off. If the male lead was an elder- her actions would make sense. But then he was just a s*ave. The author tried explaining it as her fear for having transmigrated and everything, which I get. But it still didn't soothe my veteran reader's heart.

one good thing about it was that she stayed true to her character even through her development. [this means that your veteran reader was still not impressed by how she acted].


Like she didn't have a complete flip and change of character. But her character stayed in line with the original but her growth was also obvious.

But I've never been a fan of the "cowering to men" character. No lie.

But when she displayed that "run away from the man" character of hers at the beginning of their relationship, I was upset.

it bothered me to see the FL run away from the ML because she's shy or whatever, especially after they confirmed their relationship. I wanted to see them enjoy each other's company.

But it was very inline with her cowering character which is good on the author's part.


there also those moments when the ML becomes a half beast to coax her then her brain turns into mud. I mean, the first time is okay, the second okay and maybe occasionally. But every freaking time is just nah!

aside from not gaining as much satisfaction as a would have wanted from the character redemption and romance. I liked when the plot got to its most interesting part.

And here is why I can't really fall in love with the book. (Warning major spoiler)


it finally revealed that the original owner was calculated from birth and was just a victim of circumstances. Because she was a high level demon beast and was able to carry some god's blood, she was forced to madness because the elements in her body couldn't rhyme well.

Now this is what made my heart faint towards our main couple. I'm not saying that the og FL was right for doing what she did. I'm just saying that I think it would have been better for the og FL to have a rebirth than for it to be a transmigration.


what made it worse for me was the cat demon that loved the og FL deeply enough to stay by her side despite her violent tendencies. Other people liked and pursued her for her power. Like imagine how much better their cultivation would be if they mated with her.

but this cat demon simply loved her. And she didn't specifically kill that cat demon out of all the demons that stayed around her.

and... (let me just make a point here)

according to the story, she suddenly devoured demons without warning. Later, these characteristics were given to the ML since he became a devil after consuming a flower. But it's okay with the ML because he tried to control it? It doesn't even count because when the FL was dying and after she died, he didn't even try to restrain, he went completely over board.

anyway, our og villainess later only devoured the servants around her. Like she was really powerful. With the power of the gods and demons in her blood- yet she didn't exploit her god side at all but her demon side was pretty powerful. But after that one time, she didn't randomly devour aside from the servants sent to her side.

and I'm not saying she was right. But with all her power, she could have continued to devour wantonly, but she restricted herself.

and her mortal heart (kind side) kinda peeked out when it came to that cat demon. No one knows why she truly let him go. But he stayed in her other residence not the main one the elders prepared for her.

But in the middle of all this, her soul just suddenly disappeared out of her body. And the clashing elements suddenly just disappeared. And were not with our fl.

Now, skip ahead. The author finally explains why the og villainess didn't kill the ML directly but kept him alive and tortured him continuously.

apparently, she was facing the side effects of soul refining, which, if you read back, was incomplete soul refining so it caused such effects.

Now, let's not forget our ML Is op. Only heaven knows where he accessed reading material on soul refining as a s*ave with completely and also no status or favor in the villainess' residence. But he was able to come up with a formula that allowed his scent to have a slight calming effect on the villainess that made her stable enough not to kill him directly.

Now with all that, doesn't it make you think, killing people wasn't her innate personality. She was forced by the forces on her body. She actually has a very soft spot. And if the ML can do it, why can't she? Also, why did she only kill the servants sent to her? Why didn't she go on a rampage? Huh?

Now, another thing that annoyed me. There is a small sub plot that kills me completely and explains why the og villainess had to have her body refined.

now, the previous devil was killed in a heavy way that led a lot of gods and demons to be buried along with him.

so there was a god who loved a goddess who was mean to him. (The author didn't expand on this) So when the goddess was dying on the battle field, the god was willing to let his soul dissipate along with hers.

but a fox demon that likes the god trapped his spirit preventing him from dying. This fox demon is the most powerful and elder fox demon of the clan.

but this god wasn't interested in her and never responded to her. He was simply waiting to be set free and dissipate his soul.

But the fox demon didn't care, as long as he didn't love or respond to anyone, she would be happy.

In any case, she decided to refine a body for him. And as a true definition of cruelty, in her right mind, she killed many fox babies of the fox clan to find a suitable host for this god. Like victims died under the refining technic for the baby. Only the villainess was was able to survive until her mind couldn't take it and she ran mad.

the problem was that the god couldn't be assimilated with the body, despite that it was successfully refined. The most tormented part was the villainess because, not only had they tempered with her body, they had done it to her soul as well.

Now this is what kills me, the god doesn't give two shits. I bet he simply sat back and didn't even try to stop the fox demon from killing hundred of innocent victims to get him a suitable body. His self righteous arse only moved when the FL came to him and she had some devil energy in her. So he wanted to kill her and kill the ml, saying that he promised the goddess.

it annoyed me. Where was his sense of righteous when an innocent demon was running mad and being refined for his sake? But no, a devil rises and that when he decides to move?? A hahaha! Now I know why the goddess died without him.


as you can see, the story is full of victims and incomplete stories.

I give it 4 starts because I did read uptill the end and the translators made me happy. Both the new and old (especially the old- I like reading their small comments). By the last chapter, I wanted it to end.


what I find very amusing is how everything in the og story is either repeated or left unjustified.

Now, the og villainess's devouring of other demons was only a fraction compared to all the devouring the ML did.

now, our FL called the og FL s*upid for being kindhearted and sleeping with the og ML simply because he threatened her with assassins. She called out og FL for being weak. Yet she literally cowered in front of ML for nothing and successful gained his special attention.

She also criticized the og FL for falling for a man who killed her entire family instead of revenge. Then we see her continue to fall for a man who not only ruined the entire demon world, he came to the human world to kill a lot more.

What gets to me more is the fact that she knows that those demons are not just evil minded creatures. She witnessed their love (the snake demon and the cat demon. As well as the spirit demon) she even lived a life with the spirit demon.

then she goes on to assure us that as long as she knows the person, she would have compassion for them. But after her guy kills those people, she doesn't even think about it. All she thinks about is how her guy suffered being chained up and whipped with a soul whip for a thousand years. I mean, he was paying for all the lives he took but- nooo- she was sad for him.

if you're going to be biased, be biased from the very beginning. Don't pretend to be a holy mother.

mad for the ML not helping the villainess and directly killing her despite knowing that she was tormented by madness, that is understandable because he told us from the get and go that he was a selfish person.


All in all. I want the villainess, cat demon, cousin fox demon and the snake demon to all have something. <<less
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wintryday rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c10
This novel deserves way higher ratings. Translator did a fantastic job as well, making it a delight to read in English. This is a story of a realistic MC who has been suddenly transmigrated, and the interactions between her and the black-belly ML.
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_Relic_ rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c6
Maybe it's too early to say, but it has great potential. Since the MC isn't very OP there's a lot of room for character development. The BOSS [ML] isn't very OP either, aside from well, being a BOSS. He's plenty cunning so he helps the plot move along in a way that feels light.

Not much of [the now very repetitive]: OMFG that white lotus needs to be dealt with as in NOW, *slap* *fires cannon*

But more of: The MC needs a new reputation! ML to the rescue! Then everyone is... more>> like: Really? MC[villainess] has become less villany?


The original body owner was extremely violent so ML makes it seem like because of his presence MC is less violent due to falling in love with him.


It's a bit more realistic this way since you can't exactly expect this person, who in common knowledge is evil, to just show up and everyone will believe her instead of Ms. FL. Anyway, I've always been unsatisfied with the way the FLs handled the bad reputation of their character.

I'll wait and see if it lives up to my expectations, but I really do anticipate a lot. <<less
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Windemerald rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: c5
She is not the typical head strong female character so I am worried about her.

And maybe fu wang would eat her in another way. But she is completely useless in the story. I don’t even know what is the purpose anymore.

Just that this plot is to weird.
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Seriously_Misspoken rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: c5
No, just no. I was really excited to read this, I thought I was getting a badass MC who could conceal herself in the world she was thrown in, raise up the ML (who is supposed to be a yandere I guess) as an equal badass, and have them do couple-cute-badass sh*t together.

What I got is an MC who is constantly having anxiety attacks about getting found out that she is an impostor. She is literally ranting for a majority of EVERY chapter so far "Oh no, I'm out of... more>> character, what if they know, I'm so scared" which ok yeah it's scary but grow tf up. An ML who so far just sounds like he wants to take advantage of the naive MC for self interested reasons (which is completely fair but ugh). And I'm just not feeling it, I've read enough stories and yeah I could continue and see if it changes but I aint got that time.

Listen, I'm sure it's a good read... for other people... that are not me. <<less
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Radishhh rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: --
I'm this close to dropping this novel. But because of the review, I gave it another chance.

I wanted to mtl it but yeah it's kind of difficult. But anyway the MC had a character development. It's understandable that shes kinda dumb and beyond s*upid when she first transmigrated.

I guess I'm just mad at first bcause Im used to MC that are capable in adjusting well in other novels. But yeah, it's kinda logic except its weird how she doesn't really afraid of the ML and willing to cooperate even though... more>> he's the villain.

But who am I to judge. We always fall for the bad guy anyway. Im here bcause of the tag. So I'm cool. <<less
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patient rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c33
It has an interesting dynamic between the leads. The FL trasmigrates into a very powerful character, but doesn't know how to use her powers or knowledge and fears of being exposed. The ML is very cunning and crafty, but is legitimately a weakling working hard to survive, no hidden OP powers or anything like that. The two begin a mutually beneficial relationship, with ML training the FL and FL protecting the ML. I liked how the FL is actually struggling to adapt, it's more realistic this way, and ML not... more>> being the typical ML from this type of stories. <<less
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