Wholeheartedly Willing


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Lin Xi: I’ve lied to you a lot.

Yu Xiucheng: As long as you’re happy.

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As Long As You're Willing
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tica.fujoshi rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: c18
ok. I will leave my humble and sincere opinion.

Lin Xi is a beautiful hostess who has an SM relationship with our arms dealer, yes, arms dealer. The whole story unfolds in the two of them having relationships that border on the s*ave/master relationship as they clarify their past and reveal their wounds.

Almost the whole novel is smut and the last 10 chapters clarify how Lin Xi ended up as a hostess and her past, as well as how the encounter with our trafficker wasn't as coincidental as she thinks.

There are many smut scenes, the depth of the characters is enough and the mystery manages to stay until the middle of the novel. I didn't like how this mystery was revealed so quickly and easily. The smut scenes are good, it is a much more romantic novel than initially thought. Overall, it's worth taking a look at.

so read it if you want to pass the time, with good hot scenes, a romantic background story and a plot that is resolved rather quickly.

I hope that the translation page continues the project, thanks for showing us this novel and letting us know this beautiful story. Thanks for your efforts.
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