Who Would Want a Superpower That Only Attracts Bad Women?


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On his birthday, Lin Sak was captured by a superhero and taken to an asylum. The reason was his awakening of a world-ending superpower named ‘King of Evil.’ People with evil in their hearts would fall in love with the possessor of the King of Evil’s power, and the deeper their evil, the deeper their love. The female leader of the Black Cross resistance, known as the hateful little demon of the assassin legend, a genius high school girl who founded the dark web, and a wealthy young lady who is the gambling queen of the abyss… Facing the pursuit of these bad women, Lin Sak finds it difficult to escape.

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12/27/23 Randall Novels c13
12/19/23 Randall Novels c12
12/13/23 Randall Novels c11
12/06/23 Randall Novels v1c10
12/03/23 Randall Novels v1c9
12/03/23 Randall Novels v1c8
12/02/23 Randall Novels v1c7
12/02/23 Randall Novels v1c6
12/01/23 Randall Novels v1c5
12/01/23 Randall Novels v1c4
12/01/23 Randall Novels v1c3
11/30/23 Randall Novels v1c2
11/30/23 Randall Novels v1c1
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