Who Killed the Hero? (LN)


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Who Killed the Hero?

The Hero defeated the Demon Lord. Simultaneously, he’s the only one who would not return.

Four years have passed since the Demon Lord’s defeat. The peaceful kingdom, in order to honor the departed Hero, embarks on a project to compile numerous great achievements in literature. While hearing tales of the Hero’s past and adventures from the former companions – Knight Leon, Priestess Maria, and Sage Solon – everyone avoids discussing the truth behind the Hero’s death.

“Why did the Hero die?”

Was it the Demon Lord who killed the Hero, or was it one of his companions? In this fantasy mystery where the actions and emotions of the kingdom and adventurers intertwine, the answer to this question remains elusive.

Associated Names
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darega yūshao koroshitaka
Who killed a brave man
Who Killed the Brave?
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04/12/24 gadgetized panda... v1c6 part4
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