Where Blind Devotion to a First Love Leads


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Lillie von Ehrenberg is the only daughter of a duke. She was trying to inherit the ducal house, but her half-sister Christa, who came along with the death of her mother, the duchess, robbed her of the ducal line. Although she loses her goal, her first love, Crown Prince Alexis, offers her an engagement, and Lillie becomes the Crown Prince’s fiancée. Upon hearing this, Christa stole Alexis out of jealousy.

Associated Names
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Mōmokutekina hatsukoi no yukue
Whereabouts of blind first love
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08/01/23 Sads Translates… oneshot
07/05/23 Sads Translates… oneshot
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3 0 e x p rated it
July 5, 2023
Status: oneshot
Now this is actually great, it definitely doesn't follow the usual tropes normally a novel like this have. It definitely breaks expectations so much that it actually helps the plot twist work. And this being a Oneshot just makes me ask for more, though im kinda grateful the ending is very satisfying. This is definitely a recommended read and I assure you you'll probably like it.
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elijahavery rated it
July 13, 2023
Status: oneshot
Woah I never expect the twist. This is so good that I want more chapters.

Lilie is one of a kind. Never found FL like her. I thought it'll be a common broken engagement by the villain POV. But no, it has more twist than I expect!
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