When Trying to Give Up on the Childhood Friend I Love, I Have a Fake Relationship With the Most Beautiful Girl in School, but There’s Something Wrong With Both of Them


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“Even though I liked you first.”

Tomose is shocked to find out that his childhood friend likes someone else, but the most beautiful girl in school catches his eye and proposes a fake relationship.

Tomose accepts the proposal as a compromise—-

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kyrie1896 rated it
February 14, 2024
Status: c5
Main character is an idiot and a dense a**hole. Had to give it up after 5 chapters. Main character is such a toxic selfish person he's so focused on his own butthurt assumptions that he's willing to insult, hurt, and even basically reject his lifelong childhood friend who he's supposedly so deeply in love with. Absolute tr*sh human being. I don't want to read any more and see him being happy by the end. I am curious where it goes but I hate this character and story. This is not... more>> a "But I Loved You First" story. This is a "My Childhood Friend Was Trying To Confess To Me But Before She Could Tell Me How She Felt, I Pushed Her Away And Started A Fake Relationship With The School Hottie."

This deserves all the 1 Star reviews it has. I gave it two because although it's probably mostly MTL the translation was mostly readable. <<less
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