When The Monsters Roar~Monster Princess’s Tutor~


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“Raichi, this is from me, a token of affection for my fellow monster. Eat up.”
So she said as she held out to me “human innards”—.
The late summer of Showa 25. Shiozawa Raichi, a young man, arrives at the village to serve as tutor to the daughter of the great Mishirushi Family. What greets him there is the sight of a beautiful “monster”, Mishirushi Matsurika, devouring the innards of dead bodies. Was the transformation of the young lady an illness, or was it borne from a curse…?
At the same time, several young girls goes missing in succession. And what’s common to them is the same as that he sees in Matsurika’s room…
The tutor of the monster princess uncovers all the mystery—!!

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バケモノたちが嘯く頃に ~バケモノ姫の家庭教師~/
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