When I Saw the Reality, I Decided to Break up With Her Because I Wasn’t Worthy of Her


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As a high school student, Manato has a girlfriend whom he loves and has been dating for about three months. She is called the “madonna” of the school year, and jealous glances are an everyday occurrence.

While his girlfriend is very popular, Manato is an ordinary student who does not excel in anything special.

One day, he comes to the conclusion that he is not a good match for her. So he decides to break up with her for her happiness.

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Saint Life
Saint Life
Mar 08, 2024
Status: c6
The MC is completely s*upid and deserves all the sadness/regret and has no right to complain or feel sad. Just from the summary alone, MC decides to break up with his gf who he loves just because he feels unworthy and is doing it with her happiness in mind so she can find someone better than him.
What a spineless loser. MC loves and cares about her so he is gonna hurt her by ending their relationship so that she can be happy?
This has the yandere tag so it might work out in the end but I wish she would just leave him. MC is clearly tr*sh as he is willing to cut off his gf who he claims he deeply loves and then acts like a tragic character that is doing the right thing for her while ignoring how she truly feels. Oh how “noble”
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Mar 02, 2024
Status: c10
Wow. what a mess lmao

Yeah it's yandere story and it's really f up

... more>>

Firstly, MC is an absolute idiot who think that simply breaking up with his gf will make his gf happier without ever consulting anyone, even with his own gf. He did such a s*upid decision but...

The gf, she's of course, a yandere so she won't let him break up easily. But instead of talking thing out. She did thing in a twisted yandere way. She decided to made MC a bad guy by telling the whole class that she's pregnant and told them that it's the reason MC broke up with her. And now MC is cut off by everyone else. She tried to leave him no other choice but to date with her again and be only with her. Seriously. This can't end well lmao

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