When I Reincarnated, I Became Even More of a Gorilla


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There was once a 35-year-old salaryman in a black company, a man with bulging muscles that he didn’t work out for, bearing the nickname Gorimatsu-san.
One day, while walking home from work, exhausted, he was hit by a truck, protecting a child who ran out into the road.
After that, even though he himself doesn’t remember how, it seems he was reincarnated for some reason or another. However, what’s this?
He certainly may have looked like a gorilla back then, but when he was reincarnated, he became even more like a gorilla!?
What’s more, he doesn’t even seem to be from Earth anymore!

Live through another world with the guts trained in a black company and the power of a gorilla.
While you’re at it, aim for a beautiful girl for a master who’ll provide you with three meals and bananas!

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Tensei shitara Yokei ni Goriradeshita
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