When I Came Back From Another World, A Classmate Was Cuckolding My Childhood Friend And I Deleted My Memory Of Her


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Kirishima Kaname, a middle-aged man who has returned from the other world of Dragalea, suddenly finds his childhood friend and girlfriend, Sendō Kaori being cuckolded by the handsome Yamazaki.

Kaname, who has been through thick and thin, dreaming of a reunion with Kaori, despairs and erases all memories and reminders about her.

Before going to the other world, Kaname was just an introvert, but his position changes when Hanayama, an outgoing person who wonders what he was doing while he was missing, gets involved.

The false-smelling tale of adventure in another world was well received, and his classmates began to gather under Kaname, making him very popular. Among them was the school’s most beautiful girl, Kagetsu Yoshino, who was an unparalleled fan of otherworldly fantasy novels.

Kaori, on the other hand, feels remorse and tries to apologize to Kaname, but Kaname treats her like a stalker for having erased his memories of her, and she becomes emotionally ill.

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Isekai kara Seikan shitara, Kurasumeito ni Osananajimi wo Netorareta no de Ore wa Kanojo no Kioku wo Deriito shita
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New Touch-San rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: c30
Okay, so I really liked this story for the first 20 chapters, but as of chapter 24, when Kaori dies, it suddenly got extremely convoluted. I can't follow anything anymore.

... more>>

Chapter 30 is titled as Kaori's perspective, but all I saw was a "hero" so comically evil, he was basically from a Saturday morning cartoon except if it was made for adults. No hero by the name of 'Krim' was ever mentioned in previous chapters, at least from what I can remember. If Kaori ended up as that, then f*ck she has become irreparably and irredeemably evil. At the end of chapter 24, it seemed like Kaori was going to be reincarnated into the world that Kaname was initially summoned to, but nothing ever came of that. From 25-29, it just went straight back to Kaname reenacting his adventures (at least I think, but honestly when I started reading chapter 25, after what happened in chapter 23, I actually thought that either he had somehow been resummoned or that some of the characters from the other world came to Earth instead), which was super confusing, and in fact still is.


I know I put a spoiler in the first sentence, but honestly, it's all just so confusing that even with that knowledge, I still doubt any potential new readers will know what to make of it. <<less
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New ThomschK rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: c74
The story is literally garbage :D
The writing style where he is at school while telling his story is kind of nice (in my opinion). The timing to "ring the ball for class" or "teacher interrupting" is nice at times. Sometimes the author forgets where he stopped and continues the story which confuses a bit.

The main idea is actually nice but the execution went horribly wrong. So many plotholes occuring that it just makes no sense to "remember" what happened earlier with some characters.

... more>>

The parents never told him anything about the childhood friend. It was just " Oh son lost his memories and the girl he used to love (neighbour) cuts her wrist in front of the door and jumpscares my son naked. Well you know how kids can be. Let them settle it on their own"

This nullifies easyly 60% of the plotbuilding in that story. At the end when the childhood friend died, her parents pop up like Konan (childhood friend of Nagato/ pain in Naruto) and brings him into her room. A father brings the reason for his daughters death/ mental breakdown into her bloodstained room... For what reason? We will never know. It was just MC walks in, sees dark red spots on the carpet and the walls are riddled with "love yous" written by her blood. He cries because he just got mentally r*ped by the father of that girl :D No sense. Just creepy.

And even after all that shit. Parents just dont take him to side and show pictures of them to let him know that there was something missing in his mind. Nah... After months. They just watch that shitshow. No one around them knew anything about them BECAUSE they kept it secret... Ofcourse.

End of story. Girl goes to funeral of her crush- gets cared for by some creep- finds joy in s*x and skinship- boyfriend comes back (from isekai) to life and HAPPENS to see her buttf*cked- Boy instantly sissyjumps out of the window (why not?) drops 3 floors and surives (he did not bring isekai powers with him but thats not fully explained yet) and deletes the memories of that person. - Girl tries to explain herself but MC cant recall her and after a few months of showing naked, punching girls that are close to him and cutting her body all over again- she dies. - gets reborn as lunatic guy to destroy the world because she is not happy.

- Meanwhile MC never stops talking about his adventure. He realizes that some girls father was also in the other world. And that the female hero he had met in the otherworld was the hidden character sister of a classmate. I wouldnt be surprised if the other 2 heroes were his lost mother and father. (he deletes memory and thats why parents never said anything about the crazy childhood friend.)

This story is just a pile of ideas.

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kelicant rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: c6
I don't understand who this novel is supposed to appeal to. There are novels about the MC being betrayed, the MC getting revenge, the MC moving on while others regret their actions, etc. If this story was supposed to be about the MC becoming popular and having a great life while the ex girlfriend regrets her actions, then why'd the author go to such lengths to make the ex girlfriend sympathetic?

If the ex girlfriend was cheating on him or never considered him a real boyfriend so she moved on quickly,... more>> you'd feel good seeing her get what she deserves. But she really liked him. Her boyfriend disappeared and she was mourning him. Then she was approached when she was emotionally weak by someone who wanted to hear stories about her missing loved one. The sleazy guy used that connection to slowly get closer to her and manipulate her which eventually led to them being in a relationship. Even before the MC did anything, I feel bad for her and sympathize with her.

I understand the MC was thinking about her the whole time and turned down women to get back to her, but from her perspective (and the world) he was dead. They held his funeral. Was she supposed to live her life alone for decades in case he came back? Then the person she loved comes back and sees her with her new boyfriend, and she feels guilty because she still has feelings for the MC, and he has forgotten all about her. Then things only get worse and worse for her.

I don't understand who this novel is for, because the main purpose seems to be to mentally break this one girl rather than focus on the MC. And while the MC feels hurt by her actions, nothing she did so far has been malicious. This is just torture p*rn. <<less
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November 21, 2022
Status: c74
I went ahead and started MTLing the raws because the premise seemed like the typical drama tr*shfire, but I was not ready for the amount of sh*t that was about to take place.

Kaname is the MC, he was a fat kid that got isekaid
Kaori the GF, she was plain looking when they started dating, but became a flashy gal after she started a relationship with;
Yamazaki, a rich womanizer, son of a prestigious hospital owner

So gonna summarize this a lot
... more>>

Kaori, after getting caught having s*x with Yamazaki by her BF (Kaname), slowly decays into insanity, cause Kaname basically treats her like a psycho stranger, since he erased his memories of her.

It gradually shows how utterly insane she gets, which culminates in her being put into a mental hospital and then cutting off Yamazakis dick, then getting hit by a truck after she escapes the mental hospital.


I thought this would be the usual karmic story where the cheaters get some form of punishment and then focuses on the MC getting some harem shit, but no, this is a derailed train that is rushing towards an oil refinery.

If that last spoiler didnt get you interested, get ready cause it goes even more off the wall.


The crazy Ex gets isekaid as a male hero, and begins a war of torment, r*pe and terror with her final goal to capture and get back together with the Ex Boyfriend.


This series is aimed at people that want to watch how unhinged and crazy a story can get. <<less
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SilverEagle100 rated it
December 31, 2022
Status: c21
I personally don’t like how it keeps jumping back and forth from his time in another world to him just telling stories in the modern world. I’m also not really buying everyone being so enthralled with a basic isekai story that the MC would become popular from it.
The story wants to be a modern drama and an isekai story but by trying to do both, it succeeded in neither.
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dokutah rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: c50
Honestly, I don't really know how to describe this. On one hand, I find the ex pitiful, on the other hand, I think this is just her getting what's due. All actions can have their own consequences, and she just pulled a very bad one. People may argue about being tricked and all, but that's life. You either get smart enough to avoid any tragedy falling towards you, or unfortunate enough to get caught in one. Except the isekai part, events are executed quite coherently despite a few plotholes and... more>> the obvious favor of the author for the MC.

That's until the ex


get reincarnated as a male. Everything after that is pure mayhem, though maybe because the author ran out of ideas and didn't know how to deal with this nut case.


So, for me, this is quite... mid. Not too shabby, but not enough to keep me interested. <<less
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LittleBigSnowFlower rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: --
I still feel sad for the ex-girlfriend... she doesn't deserve what she experienced (her grieving mind also a fault for trying it with the scumbag but she really can't help it, she's also as broken)

... more>>

To be fair, she's being manipulated by that scumbag and still kept her purity (she thinks preserving her hymen and have the deed on an*l on the scumbag) for the MC... She never give up to the point of being delusional, she's still grieving for him.

Then the worst part is MC removed every memory of her which is understandable for him... he literally do everything just to return and see her getting an*l pounded by a piece of sh*t guy. And the last parts of her life literally have her forgotten by MC and slowly fallen to madness felt so sad... She loved him dearly that she just got a breakdown and became like that (at least he did cut the scumbag's banana for good measure, she did get her revenge atleast for the source of all her suffering)

Both the MC and the Ex-girlfriend was really the victim here.

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Rangerstrider rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: c1
The translation is a little awkward. The title should really be, "When I Came Back From Another World, I Was Cuckolded by My Childhood Friend with a classmate And I Deleted My Memory Of Her"

Really it's just that the verbage was awkward. No idea about storyline yet, story is too new.
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GreenRiver rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: c29
The storytelling is a little disjointed because of the number and length of flashbacks, but it's still a good read. As of chapter 29 it's setting things up, introducing characters, explaining what happened in the other world, etc. So I'd imagine the "disjointed storytelling" will go away soon.

The way the surrounding characters respond to the MC is strange, but most of that is explained towards the end of the first arc. My only complaint is the ex-girlfriend. Her response to everything is so excessive it's unbelievable. Considering the number of... more>> huge shocks she had in such a short period of time, maybe someone actually would respond in such an extreme way. But to me, the ex-girlfriend scenes are more disruptive than the flashbacks.


The hero, Kaname, loves his girlfriend (Kaori) so much that he turns down isekai beauties and even asks the mages sending him back to Earth to send him straight to her...

Back on Earth, Kaname's been declared dead after disappearing in a natural disaster 6 months earlier. Kaori was emotionally supported by a sleazy man, and after 6 months she's taken to a love motel... Which the MC gets teleported into...

Up until this point, her character is realistic, and I even feel bad for her.

She breaks up with the sleazy guy from the love motel, but only after f*cking him one more time.
☉_☉ Ok, I no longer feel bad for this woman.

Here's where it gets weird. Kaname uses anti-PTSD magic to erase his memory of Kaori. Then the shock of getting dumped/forgotten quickly drives her insane. Stripping in public, cutting herself, it gets so bad so fast it's completely unbelievable.


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Luxraypro100 rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: c28
Not sure what to say about this one. It's decent but there a few things wrong here.

... more>>

First off while I'm not exactly defending Kaori for her actions, I feel that the MC is a much bigger drama queen and more to blame than she is. It is understandable to be mentally damaged after spending all this effort to get home to your GF only to see her doing the nasty with someone else. But, I think him then jumping out a window then deleting his memory of her was overly dramatic. He did know that he's been gone for 6 months, thus it's perfectly reasonable that Kaori would at least try to move on with her life after they all believed the MC had died. I mean, they literally had a grave with an empty coffin for him in the cemetery for crying out loud. He should've at least given her a chance to come back to him.

But of course when she did decide she wanted to be with her long lost boyfriend, she then decided to f*ck that classmate one last time before actually going to pursue him. That's pretty f*cked up on her part. So I doubt she'd have issues doing that even if he hadn't deleted his memories of her. One of my friends stated "She didn't want to miss that D."

Had he just given her time and come back to him things would've worked out just fine. But instead because he was slightly inconvenienced by the sight he yeeted his memory which then caused Kaori's mental state to shatter. He's completely responsible for everything she did. But nothing can be done about it because it was conveniently written off as medical amnesia due to them not knowing about the skills or magic he got from the other world. I actually hope that Kaori comes back after her own Isekai trip to f*ck the MC's day up. He deserves it no matter how mentally weak he is.

If he was so mentally distraught from that incident, he could've just deleted that single memory of seeing her in bed like that. He didn't need to completely Yeet her from his memories.

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