What Do You Think about Living With a Gaming Addict Girlfriend and Having Pure Love?


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I picked up a hardcore gamer girl who’s online 24/7.

But… she’s too happy.

A heartwarming cohabitation slice-of-life story.

Come on in for some healing.

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게임 폐인 동거녀와 순애는 어떠신가요?
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TehGodofDoooom rated it
March 14, 2024
Status: c34
Ok I don't know who would give such a sweet and heartwarming romance novel a 1 star, but they're either ret*rded or trolling! This is almost exactly as advertised. It's sweet, heartwarming and healing but also has meaning and plot as they both recognize their feelings, but MC is reluctant to accept them to some expect, partially because he feels like he shouldn't take advantage of FML. This sort of push-and-pull that occurs as they live together is wholesome and the romantic moments are clear and enjoyable, both characters have... more>> a great amount of depth and character. You can discern their intentions and desires through their various interactions, and look forward to what they do next. They're both on the weird side and have their own issues, but fit together perfectly, like they're meant for each other, which makes the story all the more fun and enjoyable. Looking forward to reading more, I hope this wonderful work gets translated to completion! <<less
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karimtl rated it
March 14, 2024
Status: c50
Here is the translator's review~

If I were to define this story in one word then it would be Fluffy. The novel is about Kwon Seonghyun, an employee in a gaming company who detests his real life mostly. He has a friend in the game Billion Saga called Kim Pokdal, the female lead. They have spent 8 years together in the game Billion Saga and are very close, both the characters have been each other's emotional support during the hard times specially when needed to escape harsh reality.

The story is about... more>> their everyday life after their meeting coincidentaly. The everyday life of two gaming buddies, who have suffered from tragic pasts. Their pasts really made me shed few tears, though the story focuses on the slice of life, comedic and fluffy aspects mostly. It also have some eechi moments which should not be a problem.

This can be considered a story of an ideal gamer's life, an ideal gamer couple life of enjoying life together and playing games. Yes, games are a significant part of this novel and plot revolves a lot around it. Specially in the later chapters, games would be much more significant as far as I know.

This is a great read to cure and heal yourself if are sad or want to just expereince an ideal life. I highly recommend this novel to any gamers out there.

For those interested, action, adventure, etc, this would not be a great novel but if isntead if you wanna heal yourself with gaming slice of life then this is a perfect choice. <<less
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