What Do You Call a Benevolent and Reasonable Person in Xianxia? An Impossibility! (BTTH)


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The central idea underlying this fanfiction is centered on the hypothetical scenario of what could have happened if the individual who experienced reincarnation as Xiao Yan is a genuinely compassionate, ethical, and morally upright person hailing from the modern society, despite losing the memory from his past life yet still retain his personality and belief.

And well, turn out you would be much more liked by everyone else.

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bozakir rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: c54
It's a rather fresh approach to xianxia, reminds me of Beware of Chicken series. Due to this being a fanfiction and loosely following the plot of the original it kinda loses that freshness. It's still worth a try if you are looking for something xianxia but different than your usual ascending order faceslaps. I'd give it a full 5 stars if author committed and went with a full boy scout protagonist.
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jawaskie rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: c106
Really enjoying it so far, it has a great translation (although to get the latest chaps you need to sub on patreon, but imo its worth it for the price) and is a breath of fresh air. That said, if Xiao Yan doesnt end up with Yun Zhi there is a 80% im dropping this, can't believe author ... more>>

broke them up like that in latest chapter, like seriously I can't help but agree with Xiao Yans master every step of the way, they fit so damn well it would be such a horrible waste if it stays like this.

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NoobyWonders rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: c86
I'm honestly fascinated by this story. It says it's Chinese, but this has Japanese written all over it. The main character is unnecesarily kind to everyone, very shy in romance, and anti mu*der hobo. Either the author actually isn't Chinese, or this is the first time I've seen a Chinese author actually write the protagonist that breaks the mold of being merciless.

Either way, I actually really like Xianxia stories not written the traiditional way, like all the ones with English authors. This really feels like those and I'm giving it... more>> a full 5 starts for a fresh perspective. <<less
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