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Nataek, who was playing the game “Sumer’s Anunnaki” set in Ancient Mesopotamia, possessed the body of a s*ave after receiving a limited edition DLC CD. The owner of Nataek, who became a s*ave, was General Medeus, a man known for his bad temper.

Nataek realizes that Medeus is the key to escaping the ancient civilization and plans to use him, but he keeps getting bothered by the way that Medeus, who is ostracized due to being labelled a barbarian, treats him indifferently. In order to return to his home in the modern-day age, Nataek must unite all six city-states with the help of Medeus. He decides to stick with Medeus no matter what… But what’s with this strange atmosphere?

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고대문명에서 탈출시켜 줄 히든영웅을 찾습니다
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1 Review

Oct 10, 2023
Status: Completed
(I read the raws, MTL, finished in 3-4 days. Absolutely addicted)


The modern day MC Nateuk or "Teresi" begins as a s*ave thrown into brutal Ancient Mesopotamia, he meets the powerful General Medeus who is heavily ostracized amongst his people ... more>>

he also turns into a huge, sulking puppy for the MC HAHA


There's mystery, betrayal, godly retribution, disaster, bloody wars, desperate fleeing, city conquests. There's also the cutest couple: Teresi and Medeus begin as distant, untrusting s*ave/master (for good reason) but

that dynamic does a 180 flip after the fall of Uruk, Nateuk becomes the fiery yet kind man he truly is and takes the reins in the relationship for the rest of the story, Medeus becomes gigantic, sword-wielding, sulking puppy for him lmao


The overall driving force of the story: Nateuk wants to escape the world by completing the system quest, uniting the land.

His developing heart ache/huge dilemma is that he falls in love with Medeus, is torn about returning home and leaving him behind. Also there's a big mystery over Medeus's background, namely his mother Anna.



-High stakes, jam packed action-- it's exhausting, it doesn't let you breath
-Strongly characterized main character and male lead--they are their own individuals, multi-faceted, and have their own drive
-Heated chemistry--these two are HEAD OVER HEELS for each other. In a very realistic way? The author is a great writer, and the flow of their conversations always feel very natural, yet packed with emotion
-0-1000% relationship growth--very gratifying to witness

★★★★★ [5/5 stars]

Reminds me of "Little Mushroom. If you like quick paced, intense action + well-developed couple and great chemistry, you'll love this novel. I can't access the 19+ side stories and it's driving me nuts :') <<less
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