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The young man living in a frontier mining village, Elliott, lived in estrangement there.

The reason was because he carried the blood of the Demon Race, and had an unusual face, with two small horns growing from it.

Several years after his mother – his only family – died, a young woman who called herself an acquaintance of her mother’s came to visit, and once she knew of Elliott’s existence, displayed the traits of a succubus, and whispered thus:

“From now on you will ravish many women, steal many lives, and trample over the world, you shall dominate. But to start … you will dominate me, violate me, please”.

Unable to wield a sword, nor kill his opponents with magic, the mixed-blood young man who could only grant a slight bit of magic into matter, used information, tools, and traps, repelling enemies, ravishing women, making them submit and fall into demonhood, and dominated them, surviving in a ruined world.

This is the story of the young man who was the Lord of the perilous place of fear, one that never allows a guest to leave, the “Man-Eating Dungeon”, and the women whose lives had been derailed by him.

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Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso
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hyakkihei rated it
October 16, 2016
Status: --
I now understand the meaning of the title. There are nothing but used goods in this story and the MC has no problems letting the girls have s*x with other people and so on. Warning for other people like myself who are not into this stuff.
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Reeverdark rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: c24
I'm writing this to explain why this is good but also why it would be unsavoury to others.

First off - is this a fluffy romance? No... No it really is not...

... more>>

when your wondering why he left his girls f*ck their brains out on other guys, it's explained that he dose not know human love. He's a half demon who grew up with a mum who despite being well off, made herself a prostitute for the village... A regular nympho... This might have been the result of being in contact with the MC's dad who an incbus, but for the MC who grew up with that sort of environment, it would be only natural to be bit twisted even if he was only human


I would say this sort of story is most suitable for the more robust of us, who can stomach stories heavy on the dispair, r*pe and mind break, with that in mind however, I want make it clear that ::


from where I have read so far, the MC is the only one who dose not r*pe anyone... More over he is the one to kill the rapists (demonise them) in the end...

On a small note that is half the reason why the girls got all nympho and sleep with other guys, to aide in enslaving them.


From a realistic prospective, this story dose so mind boggling things, but I could help but be captivated in the desire of wanting to know "what happens next"... Granted this is not a story for the faith hearted, but I can assure you there is never going to be any NTR in this story the reason being::


all the girls are turned into demons under his control with 100% loyalty to him not matter who's c*ck is porking them at the time.

That is not to say it won't cater to the cuck in all of us however, and it is obvious the MC gets off on it, if not in a cuck way, but in a corruption and depravity way.


In short this is a story about corruption to depravity while for now still maintaining the minimum level of compassion. It is a dark and unforgiving world, where not only demons but humans as some of the most evil around, and where it takes the prospective of someone living in the middle.

Over all I found translation quality to be good.
The contents of the story could do with a little more detail, particularly with the s*x scenes, but that could also ruin it, as there is, for the most part, no real level of love, but instead is either a sudden occurrence or a means to an end... The level changes depending on the importance.

This could all change if the MC actually gets a love interest, but currently he dose not.


I would have liked the chapters to have been a little longer, but overall I can't complain.

So give this a try, but like I said, it's not for the faint hearted, it has r*pe, it has abuse and it is rather brutal at times... So not for everyone. <<less
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roflpwned rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c34
Not sure why people rate things 1 Star just because it's not their taste. You don't go to a gay bar and say it was terrible because "Eh, I'm not gay".

Here's how the s*x works. The MC has the ability to turn humans into demons through sex. The women he turns all enter his harem and are loyal to him. They then have s*x with human males, to turn them into demons through the MC's power. He also rewards the male demons with his harem as well. This is all... more>> done because it's what the MC wants. There's no bad NTR.

Stop giving things 1 Star because it's not your taste. <<less
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San-Kyu rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c32
Its a very dark r18 novel with most of the harem consisting of girls that are broken in some way. The main's way of adding them is itself pretty grim, as it has to be a willing (for a definition of consent) affair with the girl transforming in to some sort of humanoid demon or monster loyal to him upon orgasm. Spoilers for the first girl that sets the tone for the rest of the novel

... more>>

She's r*ped and on the brink of death, saved only by the rather late arrival of the protag. She pratically dies as he f*cks her for dear life and transforms into a partially brain-dead golem but slowly regains her personality and memories as the story goes along.


Other additions to the harem are just as dark and the combat that exists is a tactical David vs Goliath thing with the protag always being on the weaker side but having the element of surprise on his side, as well as demonic powers that his enemies are never prepared for (but are capable of fighting back if unsurprised). He's not possessive, as he'll share his harem if helps him, but his primary goal in life so far is to just survive. The plot is strong in the sense that the MC is very motivated because of it, and strong enemies just don't stop coming. <<less
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direwolf18 rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: --
I gave it a shot. And I tried, the main character would normally not be as dis-likable as he is, but he gives zero f*cks about the "harem" girls. He is totally ok with random monsters having their way. While that is definitely not my taste, the non NTR parts were fairly decent. That was until it got to the Snuff territory. When you decapitate a girl you are having s*x with that is exactly were I draw a line. All of the lines. I don't care what the circumstances... more>> where, especially when he knew exactly what he was doing when he set the situation up. <<less
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frenzy85 rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c44
Ero novel with poorly written characters and plot. Not even comparing it to LNs, much less regular novels... Even in comparison to other ero novels, it's pretty shallow.

s*x scenes aren't particularly good, either. Not very descriptive and all that. Particularly, the mind break portions, which is supposed to be a core part of MC's ability, is very shallow.

The circumstances surrounding the girls are all over the place; poorly written with very bad immersion factor. Imagine if Bishoujo Nikubenki (another ero novel) happened over the course of 1 hour... That's what... more>> I mean by shallowness.

The methods in which mind break happens are also kinda dumb on top of being shallow, imo. First girl he corrupts is ok. Nothing special, but a fairly good opening act and set-up, imo. But 2nd and 3rd completely breaks immersion with how it was done. And it's bad right from the characters' backgrounds, to how they were introduced, to how their circumstances were built up, and the resolution to them becoming MC's s*aves. Every single part made me go "that was dumb...".

The set-up has MC being fairly weak, so there's an element of fighting through adversity and growth, but that part is also poorly written. MC could just have an OP charm cheat and it wouldn't make much of a difference. Actually, if he did have a charm cheat, it would probably feel less s*upid. <<less
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metazoxan rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: c30
While this series isn't bad it's not really good either especially if you are looking for plot and not sex. But if you are looking for s*x it has a pretty decent story for an erot*c novel.

So what do I mean exactly? Well first off let's go over what is more or less the first arc. I won't spoil everything though.
... more>>

First off the MC is a half demon who can make cheap magic tools. Awesome right? Well the village doesn't think so since literally everyone hates him. Well okay so they are the "Demons are all evil" sort right? Well almost except these are some of the most depraved bastards ever put in an LN. See there is a girl in the village around the same age as the MC. Her father also hated the MC but he dies one day.... and the village immediately turns her into a s*x s*ave. Like immediately. This isn't some half demon or the daughter of someone hated. They were perfectly ordinary villagers until her papa died and apparently "no one to protect you" means free r*pe and no one has an issue with this at all. Even the women mock the girl like it's her fault while the men treat her like an object.

The problem with this is a small community generally needs to cooperate to survive but these people apparently backstab each other for no reason at all. The village is destroyed when they invite mercenaries to kill the MC so they can steal the land he legally owns. But then they kill and r*pe the village instead.

The problem with the villagers in the first arc is it feels like they are evil just for the sake of being evil. There is no sense of logic to it and while people can be ruthless and cruel they generally won't act like the villagers did.

In the second arc there is also an incident which illustrates pretty much the same issue

See there were two rival adventurer groups. The "Chivalrous theif" and her group known as and white dogs and the unsavory Red Crows. The Red Crows get jobs to kidnap people and such while the White Dogs gets jobs to protect the same people and let them escape. So both groups are not on the best terms. Well the leader of Red Crow apparently wanted the leader of White Dog to be his woman. Well when she says no what does he do? Has the bartender at the bar they go to drug them so that he can murder them all and take the women to r*pe them.

In some stories this might seem natural to rivalries to get violent. Except the Kingdom isn't incompetent in this world and said "Hey wait! We can't have adventurers killing each other over rivalries especially in the middle of town. ARREST THEM". So now they have to go into hiding. Oh also he over does it with drugging and raping the white Dog's leader until she's mind broken and he doesn't want her anymore because he apparently liked her personality and character as well......... THEN DON'T r*pe HER!!!!

It's really confusing just WTF he thought he was going to accomplish. Just because of a rivalry and because he wanted to bang a chick he became a wanted criminal and then he even breaks his own "prize" because I guess he thought she's just love him of her own free will if he did her enough?

Like with the villagers it feels like these guys are just evil for the sake of being evil.

and more importantly it feels like they are made evil just so that the MC can look like a saint in comparison. The MC is very much a villain character but he just has some decent morals. So even when he r*pes or manipulates women it's okay because at least he's not like the villagers or adventurers who did so much worse.

Overall the story isn't bad.... but it's not really good either. But if all you want is to read erot*c situations and don't mind reading about r*pe.... or is you even like that stuff. Then you'll probably like this just fine. <<less
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Unrivaledfury rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c12
Read this review. Please don't read this novel! Especially, if you are good cultured person.

1. I can understand ****. But do you have to **** every single thing to cast magic?

Ex: who*e teaches MC to create zombies from corpses. But she ****s the corpses two of them to revive them into zombies. So you can see how low and disgusting it is.

2. There is a girl in the village, who gets r****d by everyone, you Gina, just married, even old grandpa's! Still, she doesn't hate it and carries on

3. Band of this thieves come and r*** all women. Still MC does nothing.

4. MCs father's who*e comes to MC to do him and teaches him "various" things.


Only a degenerate who has lost his humanity will rate 5 stars.
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SisConEcho rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: Completed
There's plot, growth, and development. MC is not OP, magic is balanced. I came for the smut, stayed for the story. Highly recommended if and only if you're desensitized to regular stuff. Said it best, it's not for everyone. You gotta have some hardcore intense tastes to like action this one, even I got some of my boundaries pushed.

MC is not some beta with OP skills. Think monster hunter or dark souls where enemies are stronger than MC, yet can still be taken down. He's also not a calculating genius... more>> nor evil mary sue. Rather, he's careful practical, down to earth, and logical, which I can't get more out of from this genre. <<less
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kufufufu rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: v1c3
Just commenting to warn others.


I won't give 5/5 since I'm not a fan of the NTR family (aka Netorare, Netori, Netorase)

I won't give 1/5 since that would be too biased.

I'll give 3/5, a fair score out of respect for the readers who like NTR.

Have a good day!
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summers rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c58
This is my second time trying to read this. It went better now that there is more chapters and I enjoyed the s*x scenes. Some people will cry NTR, but thats not in the story, he does pimp out the girls though, they are all comfortable with sex. Screaming NTR when another guy looks at a women screams insecurity and that shows in many ecchi novels. This MC does not give a crap. Side effect is the characters are defined by their fetishes only and might as well be the... more>> same girl.

2.5/5 <<less
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Auratic rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: c112
Where do I even start with this?

Well let's go with what everyone's been saying, r*pe and R18+ stuff.
This element is used heavily and it's better to get used to, I'd rather skip it but instead I recommend that you skim through it as lot of story and certain character development/background happens in this mess.

Speaking of character development, it's definitely there and much more shall we say progressive? But feels rather shallow and sometimes, slow. Another thing that's shallow is the plot and the world building. It's there but not... more>> it's strong suit. You should go in with low expectations.

It's barely above 3 rating is deserved, It's only okay, from my perspective anyway. Perhaps it tickles your fancy with it's dark and cynical theme that's not always in the spotlight. Perhaps it's revolting because of the prior reasoning.

If you're going to read it, do it when there's nothing else to do. The writing isn't bad as fan-fiction forum's daily entries but it's just as lacking.

In the end it feels like someone tried to make a half-assed VN "game" into a story which is somewhat jarring to me. I'll continue to read as newer chapters gets added but not because it's the most hot sh*t that I want more of, but as it is just my curiosity and bored psyche wanting to see where this shitshow is gonna end up at.

It may become a guilty-pleasure for someone like me. It's not good not by longshot. I would like to say it's a sweet poison but that's not the case, it's just a poison, and not very good tasting one either.

It's elements are hold together by series of spit and whatever cheap tape someone dug out of a bargain bin. Maybe the author makes a daring 180 and pull this into something more enjoyable by making the characters feel like a notable living being instead of glossing over it with "ooh sеxi taims" but till then, imagine the experience as having a vanilla icecream with the most uncomfortably sour lemon juice drizzled over it. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c78
I will give some short ideas whats this novel about.

1. This novel is dark, not your usual harem novel.

2. A lot r*pe and depraved happened here.

... more>> 3. Basically MC only op in s*x. Power? Nah he relied to his s*ave

4. Sometimes MC common sense is off, he is smart indeed. But thats given since he clearly grow in such wicked environment.

5. S*x scene isnt really described for me. They have illustration tho.

If you fine about all of them above, you can go read this novel. If you dont, you may be disappointed. Enjoyable, but not for a long ride for me. <<less
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Banarok rated it
December 13, 2018
Status: c98
i Can't understand people who rate this 1 star, if there is a button that says "press for toxic gas" you can't be angry at it for releasing toxic gas as you press it, same thing with this novel really.

The Characters:
are internally consistent and while most have too little screen time to feel like they have much personality they don't feel like wandering tropes all the time, something that any story with several woman seem to struggle with at times. The main is boring though, he's about

The story:
is... more>> "meh" it's also consistent but there are very little of an overarching story and feels mostly like a "monster of the week" deal but with a sexy scene instead of a fight. But it always move forward so as long as it continue like this it will probably ramp up the conflicts.

The Sex:
I've never felt it being especially interesting, when it's from the mains PoV it sounds like he's doing a office job, and that is most of the time, so here i'd also say it's rather lackluster. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
October 23, 2018
Status: --
Not the worst thing I've ever read

the problem is that the author is just not skilled enough, I applaud him for not shying away and trying to use a heavy theme but unfortunately it isn't done well, the author fails to make humane characters which is integral in this kind of story.

I feel like he is still lacking the basic understanding of the human psyche, human is a selfish creature indeed but they will not do anything without rhyme or reason, at least most of them, most of the villain... more>> here is just evil for the sake of being evil, they lack depth and it made it difficult to be fully immersed in the world nor the people, I do often suspend my disbelief to enjoy a good story but this is bothering me too much as it is the core of the story, in my opinion, to make a great story with a heavy theme the most important thing is of course the characters, they could be the villain, the victim or anyone involved in the story, the world is never just black or white, making a detestable character can be good if used correctly but making all the bad guy simply just the bad guy can only get you so far

that said I do think the r*pe, manipulation and s*x scene is not bad, it suit my taste just fine, but I need more than just that, I feel like this novel is just a missed opportunity, there is a lot of potential wasted <<less
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red1reaper rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c129
This novel is good, and with good I mean really really good, it starts with the first arc being basically mind-numbing s*x that is boring as watching paint dry, but after it, around ch50, the story makes a turn, not a dramatic turn, it is gradual, but it becomes less and less about s*x and more and more about a battle of minds, political intrigue, outsmarting, assassinations, trap on traps on traps, one of the best of that kind I have readed.

And why do you think I rate it 3... more>> starts? Well because I am little sh*t and I really disliked the part it turned good, I despise complex novels, I like easy to read predictable novels whit boring characters and I started to read this because it was that way at the start but it changed to be an actual complex novel at the mid of it and I hate it.

By the way this novel has lots of r*pe, and they are playing very well the half-demon half-human part, the demonic part is not just your usual demon that is a recolored human, the demonic part is truly demonic, evil, depraved, etc. And the human part is basically a saint, so you end up with this weird character with the good intentions of a saint and the evil means of a demon. You truly can't think of himself as a truly demonic existence, after all he is a softy and his intentions usually are very good. But he ain't human either, he is truly a monster that has no human emotions.

If you want to imagine the MC, start with the catholic view of satan himself, then mix him with your average goody-two-shoes protag that forgives enemies and recruits them for the good team, donates to orphans and want to rescue princesses, the result of that is the MC of this novel, basically, the most self-aware hypocrite scumbag protag that you will root for, I have seen evil protags and antiheroes, but this is neither, this is basically a protagonist anti-villain, he cares for his "loved" ones, to the point that is willing to sacrifice his own life for their well being if needed, and will feel pity for the unfortunate and weak, but his methods are too dark, too evil, too twisted, too villainous to be considered good or even neutral. If an antihero is a bad guy that is not evil, then this protag is a good guy that is evil, an anti-villain.


By the way, this is a big spoiler, but one of the heroines, my favourite at that, dies for real nearly at the end, I will not say which, but if you can't endure that, it is best that you avoid reading this, I would have liked to be spoiled about this.

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ZoorYuvonHeim rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c51
I stopped at the first arc, just not quite my tastes after all.

Its... okay? Hard to pin it down, but there definitely seems to be at least some kind of underlying plot, a bit of character development though most is through mind-break than anything else. However the mature themes notwithstanding it does feel a little light with certain details. Enough to get it, but that's about it.

Its definitely not my normal thing, so I can't speak too much on it but its at least competent enough.
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