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This is the “Country of Cats”. Touya, who had died in the human world, became an “ayakashi cat” and came to this world. At least that’s what the man who helped him, Kiri, had said, but Touya was unable to remember if he was a human or cat originally. However, when he was told by Natsuki and Akio, the friendly children with cat ears and tails, that he was to be married to Kiri, his heart started to race!?

Associated Names
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Neko no Kuni e Youkoso
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/27/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part151
10/26/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part150
10/25/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part147-149
10/22/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part 146
10/21/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part145
10/20/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part144
10/19/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part143
10/18/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part142
10/16/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part141
10/15/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part140
10/15/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part139
10/14/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part138
10/13/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part137
10/12/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part136
10/11/16 Ichinichi BL c3 part135
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c2 part109
This is sooo cute. The MC is kinda oblivious and too naive.

The story is also pretty interesting and reveals a bit of the mystery a little at a time. It has a calm and sweet atmosphere to it and the translator is just amazing!
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ninish rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: --
it's too early yet to vive a rating, but I have high expectations for this one :)

I mean, a whole country worth of nekomimi people will never be a bad thing xD cuteness is the law of the world, that's for sure.

either way... the story is translated one page at a time, hence each chappy is divided in so many parts, but apparently a PDF will be released with a whole chapter once one is complete. I encourage you to download chp1 which is downloable now, and see for... more>> yourself if you like where the story is going. in my case, I do like it!

also, there's pictures every once in a while~ yay for published novel (ノ´ヮ´) ノ <<less
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