We Demon Kings are Here to Stay


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High schoolers Tooru, Makiko and Shizuka all have past memories of reigning as the Three Great Demon Kings of another world in their previous lives. All three were brutally killed by a hero.

The three of them established a ‘Past Life Confession Club’ in high school and spent their time reminiscing and talking about their painful past lives together as well as doing their best to get through high school safely.

One day, however, a new teacher arrived at the school and set off a dangerous flag:

[Your battle is about to begin]

This is a story about the displacement and loneliness of three people who reincarnated once again into their own world, 2000 years after their first death. They started their 3rd lives with their memories from both lives intact. Here, in this new yet old world, they would rise to become Demon Kings once more.

How would their new lives be like as they repent, reflect and meet each other once more, all the while running away from the Hero’s shadow?

The setting of this world is based on the original draft of ‘Asakusa Demon Bride’s Diary’ and ‘Tales of Reincarnations in Maydare’. However, please note that this is a completely different story.

Associated Names
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Maydare Maou Tenseiki (LN title)
Ore-tachi no Maou wa Korekara da. (WN title)
メイデーア (former WN title)
メイデーア魔王転生記 (LN title)
俺たちの魔王はこれからだ。(WN title)
Related Series
(Shared Universe)
Tales of Reincarnation in Maydare (Shared Universe)
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01/30/23 Kitchennovel ss 1 part1
01/30/23 Kitchennovel v1c62
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01/02/23 Kitchennovel v1c55
01/02/23 Kitchennovel v1c54
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1 Review

Jun 29, 2022
Status: v1c6
The translation is not too far yet but the quality I'm reading is more than acceptable so don't mind the low rating from trolls.

The light hearted tone with a dark setting is likable, thus the opening seems promising.
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