Tales of Reincarnation in Maydare


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“Maydare”, a world that lives and breathes magic. Makia, the daughter of a rural noble, and Thor, a young knight, spend their days studying magic together and the two develop a strong bond. However, when Thor is chosen as a guardian of the Savior girl from another world, the two are separated.

Makia is shaken by Thor’s absence. However, if she attends the magic school in the capital, she will have the chance to see him again. In order to learn the truth behind her feelings for him, Makia goes to the most prominent magic school in the world.

Associated Names
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Maydare Tensei Monogatari
Tales of Reincarnations in Maydare
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New MangoK rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: v6c16
I absolutely love this novel. It's a pleasant read that's very addicting. The intricate backstories in the past lives of the characters are very well written and the emotions expressed are well-developed. The relationships between the characters are much more complex than you would think and that adds to the mystery behind the world building unraveling as the story progresses. Can't wait until the next volume comes out!
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nimeaano rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: v2
I enjoy it so far.

MC is strong but not that strong to solve everything without casualties. Story has action, comedy, school life, mystery. Though not everyone is given focus equally but the story is still progressing so I can wait.

Most importantly: no harem involved. Love it!
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Lyx_ie rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: v2c9 part1
Like the story so far. It's a mix of everything I like : drama, comedy, magic, romance (set in a magic academy. The relationships between Makia and her friends are truthfully heartwarming. The story doesn't feel repetitive and there is always action.+ the translation is really good!
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Moonlicht rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: --
I love this novel. I love the mysteries it has, the legends, the little details, and I love getting to discover them through the story. I love the main character, Makia, she's not annoying and the author made her a relatable character by writing her thoughts so well. I love the plot, it's rich and it never gets boring. I also love the side stories, we get to know the side characters better through them and it gives them dept. Great read so far, 10/10. I hope it doesnt get... more>> repetitive and only gets better and better <3. You who is reading this review, go read the novel instead! :) <<less
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lokq rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: v2
It's been a long time since I read isekai novel this good, I love the theme, the plot, the atmosphere, the characters, and their relationship.

The plot is interesting, uncovering the mysteries of the reincarnation, and about the great magicians that live in maydare in the past, even though the pace feels slow, the author compensated it with the daily life in the academy, and that is one of it's good parts.

The main plot and theme of the series is about The savior and her guardians. The savior got transferred to... more>> this world to act as deterrent against other magician that will bring chaos to the world. Where the guardians got chosen from people of this world to protect the savior until she fulfill her duty. And as a guardian, you should offer your loyalty only to the savior.

This is where the protagonist came in. Makia odrielle at one point she have a dream, she live in japan as oda kazuha, a normal high school girl who have a feeling with her childhood friends saitou tooru, unfortunately they got killed by a mu*derer at school before she can confess her feeling. At that time she only thought that it's just a weird dream.

when makia going outside with her father, she meet a black haired s*ave boy where she took him as her knight and give him a name thor. They spent their childhood together as lady and her knight until makia realize she have feelings for him. On her 14th birthday thor give her an earrings, and when makia want to confess her feeling, a meteor shower show up, and makia got her previous life memories as oda kazuha back, there she realize that thor might be saitou tooru reincarnation the same as her, but the crest of guardians show up on thor, and thor have to come to royal palace, where both of them got separated.

at this time, unlike her previous life, she definitely want to confess her feeling, so makia decided to go the royal academy, to become the best student there, and got the chance to go to the royal palace and meet thor, where she will confess her feeling to him. You could say that's the prologue of this novel.

The protagonist makia is a student, and she solve her problem like a student would be, no intelligent or cunning protagonist like other isekai novel, but just a kid desperately trying to deal with her problem in a kids way, she can feel afraid, sad, anxious, happy, & troubled like a kids would her age. Basically she is charming as protagonist.

the protagonist relationship with her friends also fun to read, it really feels like a magic academy, with their test assignment, exam, etc and how the protagonist deal it along with her friends.

it kinda feels like harry potter but with different theme, it's enjoyable. I definitely would recommend this novel if you're looking for isekai romance <<less
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Lydianne_Pyria rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: v1c12 part2
So far it's good. There's a little bit romance cliche in it, but overall, it's pretty well written.

Into the story there are 3 people who reincarnated and 2 whom remembers who they were.

MC meets ML when he's just a s*ave and they spent time together for 3 years before ML got chosen as the 'Guardian'.

... more>>

The original FL is their classmate, Tanaka Airi, who has a crush on ML—Saitou To (o) ru, MC's childhood friend. She's self-centered, thinking that because she's the heroine, she'll get pampered and get a harem of her own. We all know what we feel about all green tea b*tch*s.


The story is quite interesting. We get to see FL and ML fluff and the power of friendship. <<less
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May 18, 2021
Status: v1c12 part1
It is pretty great so far

Pros: The developed characters are well written, usually smart, have human emotions. The premise is captivating so far.

Cons: A few of the characters are s*upid. Typical "I am a noble worship me, a commoners life is nothing" garbage.

... more>>

So far the kingdom just kind of bending over backwards for the Savior is kind of s*upid. Airi is s*upid and annoys me, she clearly believes that everyone only exists for her and ignores their personal feelings and lives.


It did hook me into reading it and I find myself a picky reader these days. <<less
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noodlesandrice rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: v3c1 part2
A well-written series that manages to inject just the right amount of tension to spice things up, but not so much that you tear out your hair in frustration.

Much of the drama that drives the plot forward is balanced out by lighthearted and wholesome moments, which makes this a pretty pleasant read that can keep you hooked at the same time.
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Ya Think
Ya Think rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: v2c10
One of the best fantasy isekai things I've ever read!!!!

I read the manga first, then can't stand the cliffhanger, proceed to Novel, only to get cliffhanger again.. Haha

So many emotions... So many mystery too (because it involve many reincarnation, my mind keep theorising things)

The plot is well done... The world building is great. If it ever get official translation, imma buy the whole bulk!!!
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