We Are Passers-by From Now On


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From the first time she met Han Mo Yan, Lu Ran loved him for five years.

She transformed from a rebellious girl who fought, played truant, and committed all kinds of evil to a mature and stable professional elite.

She supported him in starting a business, encouraged him to work diligently, and committed great efforts to everything he asked.

All she wanted was to follow in his footsteps, but it was still not enough. Han Mo Yan still didn’t like her.

No matter how deep the feelings are, there will be a time when they wither. When Lu Ran became tired, she gave up.

However, after five years of being together day and night, he had long grown accustomed to her presence.

So, when she resolutely left him, he felt panicked and scared.

When he realized that this habit was love, he launched an unprecedented offensive of love.

But, Han Mo Yan, do you still think I am the same Lu Ran who would only revolve around you? I, who humbly loved you, met you on a narrow road, and we can only be passersby from now on.

From the first time she met Han Mo Yan, Lu Ran loved him for five years.

She spent two years chasing after him and three years trying to remove this love that had grown over time.

But, it’s still not enough. Han Mo Yan still didn’t like her.

No matter how deep the feelings are, there will be a time when they wither.

When Lu Ran was tired, she gave up.

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January 22, 2024
Status: --
Okay this is the first time I am writing a review here... Coz I was just so dumbfounded after reading this tr*sh novel. If there is something beyond great disappointment and frustration, that's what I am feeling at this moment seeing that dumb ending....

Seriously!!!!! That ML is just tr*sh!!! And please if you guys hope for any redemption arc or something.. Let me tell u that when the FL left... Was that even leaving, she literally left for 4 months and came back on her own.. The ML was like... more>> I will wait for u and did nothing!!!!!! Omggg does the FL even have any self respect!!!! Even I felt so humiliated and frustrated!!!! Took just one chapter and didn't even see that guy regretting much??? I think he must have felt more inconvenience then love regret coz his work s*ave left.

Also I think we can even feel attached to our pet when it leaves so no wonder he felt something. If he didn't even feel anything that would be more troubling. Can't believe they just straight up named it LOVE. Love u coz u left me and I have become used to your presence. Ughh gave me high blood pressure... I am really pissed. <<less
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ironiclovestory rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: --
There's so much to say, but I'm disappointed. I don't understand that bad taste for clinging to creating drama where it only makes their characters look s*upid. It's okay, it's understandable that they have a certain age, but wanting to tell me or excuse yourself with "I'm not in school anymore, I can't be passionate" is like saying you just don't want to put in the same effort, and that's it. It just feels ridiculous; having trust, passion, loyalty, tolerance, and, above all, COMMUNICATION, isn't something that ends with the... more>> years.

For that blockheaded fool, just stick with your crumbs and go to hell. With the protagonist, it seemed like she would finally stop eating crumbs from that indescribable guy, but no. Again, there are things that are understandable up to a certain point; anyway, they are starting or still getting to know each other, but already being a scoundrel, having to guess what one feels, is a completely different issue. And on top of that, he has an accident, and the first thing he asks is "did you do it?"; it's just ridiculous. And then to say "I'm selfish just like my beloved, " really, I just felt repulsion, and at no moment does it feel like he's in love or something, it even seems like he only stays because it's his turn to get married... ugh! Just sigh. From the concept that exists in some narratives of supposed love.

And as a clarification, I'm not saying they should behave or do things like unwavering love, however, it's so difficult to at least show trust between them and communication, I mean, at least to know that they advanced in their relationship, and not feel like if you continue reading about them in the future, they probably still have that communication problem. And the most annoying thing of all is that thought of "I'm already his wife", now I have every right... oh girl, you don't need that paper for that jerk or that bland person to respect you, without even that, both should respect that relationship. And be careful, don't confuse kindness, because we are kind, but don't overstep, there are limits. In the end, disappointing.

Deceived by the misleading title, I wanted something real to happen: *We Are Passers-by From Now On (fake title) <<less
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February 6, 2024
Status: --
i have mixed feelings on this... I can look past the cold iceberg ml, the fact that MC didn't even seem happy with their relationship but the ending was not good. Like it actually pissed me off. There wasn't enough plot development to make ML likeable, and one hurried somewhat confession at the end was not enough. this wasn't a fluffy novel, there was no cute pampering or ML chasing his wife/regretting his actions none of that. it really read like the first life of a reincarnated cannon fodder side... more>> character. What makes the unrequited love trope work for me is that while person a falls in love first, the person b falls in love harder after they notice everything they missed about person a. The book has a shadow of it, but it doesn't hit the same because it seems all of her positive qualities have to do with how she is at work.

what made the most upset was

when MC was accused of pushing the ML first love down the stairs (she didn't) both MC and first love were injured. ML was with the other woman during her recovery and the only time he visited MC was to ask if she did it. It was callous. this incident never got resolved satisfactorily either.



the other thing that rubbed me the wrong way was that he actually questioned her lack of trust/faith in him and their relationship. like at that point he hadn't told her he liked her just that he was no longer in love with that one girl. She asked him once if they're relationship would be at the stage of dating if she was just an ordinary girl and not the daughter of his dads business partner.



last thing, the most significant relationship in this book is the one ML had with his first love. From what I could tell he treated MC just like he seemed to treat all of his other girlfriends that he had. it makes me wonder actually, she used to be in charge of getting gifts for his girlfriends for holidays/birthdays and planning their dates. Will she still have that responsibility now that they're actually together? this relationship was very low effort for ml. She confessed, they started dating because of her parents giving in and burying the hatchet with his dad, their decision to get married was in a casual conversation and she said it first etc. I hope the ending we got wasn't how it was planned from the beginning, it would have been nice to see more effort from ml.

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