Walking in Another World


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After being transported to another world, I learned the skill ‘Walking’.

On the surface, its effect is (User won’t get tired no matter how much they walk), but a hidden line says (Get one experience point with each step).

The ones who summoned me know nothing about this, and revere the ones who were summoned with me as heroes after seeing their famous skills. I was chased away for being a nuisance with a useless skill.

But that was where my carefree journey through this new world began.

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Isekai walking
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New tsuowo rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: --
This is snack. You won't gain anything by reading but if you are bored enough to read something that will not disturb your inner peace, this is it.

Unless you let yourself be disturbed, which is honestly... foolish.
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New Cactiii rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: c35
The premise itself has potential but I think the story is just killed by how poor the writing is.

First like other people have pointed out this author is not very good at narration, it just doesn't read very smoothly. It just feels very stiff which makes it impossible to immerse yourself in the story.

My biggest problem with this book is simply with how s*upid all of the characters are.
For example the king decides to kick him out of the castle only to then have a spy follow him around... more>> to see if he would be useful... This is just beyond s*upid and not something the leader of a nation would do. To start they wouldn't kick him out since any summoned hero from our world would then become suspicious and less trusting of the kingdom, even if the heros wouldn't care or they make excuses about how MC is elsewhere its still something s*upid to do because it doesn't cost them basically anything to keep him in the castle, at least for a bit. Have someone train him and observe up close to see if they have value, but fine... lets say the royalty are incompetent, we then have the main character who while isn't completely s*upid lacks any critical thinking ability. So as a baseline the way he thinks of his skills is just kind of s*upid, for example lets say alchemy. He is able to make guns with alchemy and during this time he knows that there is at least something ominous following him and despite knowing how loud the gun is he still uses it without thinking at all about how the country would react, and that reaction would probably be to cut off his legs to keep him from using the walking skill and then force him to make guns over and over... and lets not even get into how he created tracking devices and gave them to two girls without informing them that its a tracking device.
Another major issue the main character has is that he thinks a tiny bit about how people react to him as an otherworlder but his thinking in this line of thought is just s*upid. So to start you have things like when he first tested his gun it made a loud sound so there was a line about how he has to make an excuse if the villagers heard it but thats just s*upid, just say you don't know what it was... By creating an excuse your linking yourself with it creating more suspicion. Then you have things like how he can sense enemies but doesn't say anything because its "suspicious" but thats just dumb. First there are skills in this world and second you don't even have to be specific... Just say I have a bad feeling which would at least somewhat inform others that it might happen... There are just so many examples I could go on about how all of the main characters thoughts are just shallow... He is suspicious the kingdom might do something, yet doesn't get any kind of skills for resisting poison which should just be something really basic... If he is actually thinking the kingdom is suspicious then he should simply fake his own death, buy supplies for a disguise in town, just something simple like a cloak but keep it somewhat hidden, then leave your equipment, a gold coin of your money and a bit of smaller change, your ID, ect. after coating them in wolves blood and then start walking towards the border non-stop. It has issues, especially since its something thought up in 5 minutes, but its still something that he can be doing rather than his current "I think they might kill me but not much I can do about that for now, lets just get stronger" and he doesn't even do the most basic things like trying to somewhat hide his strength... Why are you taking combat quests displaying how strong you have become when you know someone is watching you, herb quests are fine, delivery quests are fine, just lay-low and build up your walking levels to gain strength while secretly leveling your skills... It would of honestly been better if the author just made him a careless type rather than doing this half-assed careful type... I never get why this trope always has the other summons be dumbasses who go along with it, kings have the intelligence of a fruit fly, and the MC is the only one suspicious and despite that take close to no measures to protect themselves... <<less
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ladyvanya rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: --
This is one of those stories where it has potential but kind of falls flat because of the writing.

Rather than feeling like you're watching an event it feels like you're reading someone's diary. It's basically all of the main character's thoughts as he describes the situations. The author tells instead of shows.

This is one of the few stories where the manga is better than the novel
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FluffyBacon rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: c10
It's okay. This is a 'tell' and not 'show' kind of light-hearted web novel. There isn't anything unique about this story other than the MC levels up by walking, everything else is just normal isekai stuff.

The example of another reviewer saying this is basically a diary is a pretty accurate way of describing this. If you don't mind that and enjoy light-hearted isekai then you'll enjoy it. If you hate authors that don't describe or use details, then pass on this.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GreenRiver rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: c14
As of chapter 14 it's light-hearted but overall enjoyable.

It has a simple cookie-cutter isekai plot. With that said, I LIKE isekai stories, and simple doesn't mean bad. Not every story needs tons of drama and plot twists!

It definitely qualifies as a LIGHT novel. For instance, the other "heroes" didn't mock him for being weak, they were concerned but too scared to speak up. The king didn't teleport him to the bottom layer of a death dungeon, he just got kicked out with enough money to live for a year. And... more>> the protagonist doesn't want revenge, his attitude is basically "well screw you too, I'm gonna go take a quest with some cute girls".

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RedCobra75 rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c65
everything great until MC pick up a 10 years old girl and make her a s*ave.

this is the worst writing ever, there is adoptions but most Japanese novel love to pick s*avery than other options.

if you hate s*avery and idiot MC, avoid this novel at all cost because s*avery is legal here and MC like it.

... more>> the MC is very slow when thinking what to do like super normies not even try to think how op his skill is. Absolute braindead idiots.

what im talking about here wasted potencial good consept traveling fantasy but because the author writing skill very bad, this series become tr*sh.

i hope later some body make same premise but MC not idiot like this. <<less
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AvidRottenWaterReader rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: c5
A review for those who read too much.


This is an isekai you only read when absolutely bored. You already know exactly what will happen, and this is 5 chapters in.

He will go out, meet some cute girl, some people will be stereotypical Japanese helpful, low class villain will come in for a chap or two. Dude is very typical Japanese protag.

So, if you're after something to kill time and already read the rest. This is a good enough.

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swordsman rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c59
This is an Isekai series that starts of with a vary diary feel to it: day 5 did midicinal quest learned x skills etc.

Others have mentioned this in their reviews however what is important is that style changes as the story goes on

When ... more>>

The 2 Girls leave the party it becomes very story focused and focuses on serious threats.


This change has really made it more addictive for me a a read, we also see multiple perspectives such as the

king that kicked them out this becomes a big moment usually at the end of the arc to push the story forward.


In closing it's not the best Isekai out there but I think u will have fun reading it. <<less
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