Walking in Another World


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After being transported to another world, I learned the skill ‘Walking’.

On the surface, its effect is (User won’t get tired no matter how much they walk), but a hidden line says (Get one experience point with each step).

The ones who summoned me know nothing about this, and revere the ones who were summoned with me as heroes after seeing their famous skills. I was chased away for being a nuisance with a useless skill.

But that was where my carefree journey through this new world began.

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Isekai walking
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FluffyBacon rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: c10
It's okay. This is a 'tell' and not 'show' kind of light-hearted web novel. There isn't anything unique about this story other than the MC levels up by walking, everything else is just normal isekai stuff.

The example of another reviewer saying this is basically a diary is a pretty accurate way of describing this. If you don't mind that and enjoy light-hearted isekai then you'll enjoy it. If you hate authors that don't describe or use details, then pass on this.
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Cactiii rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: c35
The premise itself has potential but I think the story is just killed by how poor the writing is.

First like other people have pointed out this author is not very good at narration, it just doesn't read very smoothly. It just feels very stiff which makes it impossible to immerse yourself in the story.

My biggest problem with this book is simply with how s*upid all of the characters are.
For example the king decides to kick him out of the castle only to then have a spy follow him around to see if he would be useful... This is just beyond s*upid and not something the leader of a nation would do. To start they wouldn't kick him out since any summoned hero from our world would then become suspicious and less trusting of the kingdom, even if the heros wouldn't care or they make excuses about how MC is elsewhere its still something s*upid to do because it doesn't cost them basically anything to keep him in the castle, at least for a bit. Have someone train him and observe up close to see if they have value, but fine... lets say the royalty are incompetent, we then have the main character who while isn't completely s*upid lacks any critical thinking ability. So as a baseline the way he thinks of his skills is just kind of s*upid, for example lets say alchemy. He is able to make guns with alchemy and during this time he knows that there is at least something ominous following him and despite knowing how loud the gun is he still uses it without thinking at all about how the country would react, and that reaction would probably be to cut off his legs to keep him from using the walking skill and then force him to make guns over and over... and lets not even get into how he created tracking devices and gave them to two girls without informing them that its a tracking device.
Another major issue the main character has is that he thinks a tiny bit about how people react to him as an otherworlder but his thinking in this line of thought is just s*upid. So to start you have things like when he first tested his gun it made a loud sound so there was a line about how he has to make an excuse if the villagers heard it but thats just s*upid, just say you don't know what it was... By creating an excuse your linking yourself with it creating more suspicion. Then you have things like how he can sense enemies but doesn't say anything because its "suspicious" but thats just dumb. First there are skills in this world and second you don't even have to be specific... Just say I have a bad feeling which would at least somewhat inform others that it might happen... There are just so many examples I could go on about how all of the main characters thoughts are just shallow... He is suspicious the kingdom might do something, yet doesn't get any kind of skills for resisting poison which should just be something really basic... If he is actually thinking the kingdom is suspicious then he should simply fake his own death, buy supplies for a disguise in town, just something simple like a cloak but keep it somewhat hidden, then leave your equipment, a gold coin of your money and a bit of smaller change, your ID, ect. after coating them in wolves blood and then start walking towards the border non-stop. It has issues, especially since its something thought up in 5 minutes, but its still something that he can be doing rather than his current "I think they might kill me but not much I can do about that for now, lets just get stronger" and he doesn't even do the most basic things like trying to somewhat hide his strength... Why are you taking combat quests displaying how strong you have become when you know someone is watching you, herb quests are fine, delivery quests are fine, just lay-low and build up your walking levels to gain strength while secretly leveling your skills... It would of honestly been better if the author just made him a careless type rather than doing this half-assed careful type... I never get why this trope always has the other summons be dumbasses who go along with it, kings have the intelligence of a fruit fly, and the MC is the only one suspicious and despite that take close to no measures to protect themselves...
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ladyvanya rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: --
This is one of those stories where it has potential but kind of falls flat because of the writing.

Rather than feeling like you're watching an event it feels like you're reading someone's diary. It's basically all of the main character's thoughts as he describes the situations. The author tells instead of shows.

This is one of the few stories where the manga is better than the novel
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lvlHive rated it
October 9, 2023
Status: c103
Ive never watched such a cool premise get ruined this fast. It goes from "I get EXP by walking" to "Guess how many mental gymnastics I can make the characters do till this new girl becomes a permanent s*ave!"

  • The Writing: It's more of a diary than a story since the author isnt good a narration and the Dialog makes it hard to tell who is talking half the time.
  • The MC: His personality is all over the place and juggles from being super kind and caring to "Hey I know your village just got raided by orcs literally 6 minutes ago and almost all your men are dead and your women were kidnapped but how much you got I dont work for free" his ability to assert himself also flip flops but ill get to it later
  • The Characters: Most Side characters are either bland and one note or if they are actually fleshed out they are either never seen again after they fulfil their use or go "wow you saved my life I wanna be your s*ave!". (since we cant just have our MC have actual friends he can trust!)
  • The Plot: We have almost no goal besides "I wanna travel the world!" and while we have Arcs half of the time they get ruined by the terrible writing, here is a few examples,

    They get falsely accused by a group of corrupt merchants but avoid punishment and get them arrested because someone in the party the MC just met happened to be from a powerful family, and when the Main Guild and a representative from the Corrupt Main Group the merchants were a part of apologize and promise to investigate and "fix" things the MC demands that words arent enough and that the Group lose privileges for 10 years and pay out a platinum coin! And despite no one else including the person with connections caring about it the Corrupt Main Group (who is colluding with the guild) goes "Oh no welp I guess we better turn a new leaf and unilaterally listen to the demands of this low level merchant instead of pinning the blame on that specific group who did the crime.."

  • Final Thoughts: This is the last time I read a story with even a hint of s*avery, every god damn time the Author finds some way to make every unique female character a s*ave! "Oh you saved my life? Please make me a s*ave!" and then there's "Please help me do this one very simple request I promise ill pay you back... BY BECOMING A s*ave THAT IS!" and my personal least favorite "Oh we have to escape the city? I guess we have NO POSSIBLE CHOICE s*ave time!... alright now that we escaped lets not release you and just keep you as a s*ave permanently" Like come on make a regular love interest or idk ACTUAL FRIENDS HE CAN TRUST.
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EvilKid rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c103
It has been mentioned a lot before but, this one really is a wasted potential. The premise is interesting but everything else is a mess. New characters are introduced without any real purpose or, if they do serve some purpose, it is just forced. Same thing with the plot. I have to drop this at c103 despite giving it so many chances ... more>>

In chapter 103, the church and it's believers chases the saint claiming that she is a false saint. This is actually due the the manipulation of a demon who infiltrated the clergy.

Anyways, some nice church people helped the saint escape then MC took her from them and promised to protect her in their stead.

Things happened and the MC ended up disguising an enemy as the saint to sacrifice her so the people would think that they executed the saint.

The demon revealed itself to be behind this and escaped so everyone realized their mistake but it's too late since the saint is dead, or at least the double is.

Now that is all done, the MC CHOSE NOT TO TELL the people who helped the real saint as well as her friends that she is actually alive. Apparently someone mIgHt uSe hYpNo maGIc or tRUtHHH sErUmMmM on them later. Like WHAT THE F*CK!?? Who would do that at this point!? At least who would do it to these people specifically!? Most of the saint's friends weren't even aware that the whole thing went down until it was done. And the people who helped the saint escape were obviously not caught otherwise they would've benn killed as well. Not only that, but the MC have been using magic to soundproof rooms when something important is talked about since before this arc then he just forgets about its existence.

That is some really forced edgy martyr fetish right there!

Now this could be played as a joke or retconned/resolved or they could make up some scenario to make this seem like a really big brain move on the next chapters. But even then it's still bad writing. The fact is that part is so forced I almost called the cops.

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Fish009 rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: c42
Nonsensical plot with convenient twist that panders to the most pe*verted bunch. What is wrong with people? Trying to justify s*avery? How is this acceptable?

... more>>

Being summoned to a strange world without instant power and the "reasonable" thing MC was to be responsible for a 10 years old girl, the girls was a trained assassin is already too cliche and ridiculous. 1) MC has no connection in this world and he could barely take care of himself in the modern world, extra baggage this early on is absurd. 2) knowing that he is being targeted by the kingdom, he still choose to save the little assassin girl, you know what's sticks out more than a young man who lacks isekai common sense and doesn't really fit in culturally? A ignorant young man travelling with a young girl. 3) having the girl just bring extra danger to MC, kidnapping attempts and such, especially considering MC isn't strong. 4) not to mention MC is traveling on foot,

On top of that, author had to bring in s*avery into this already f*cked up relationship, they form a "special s*avery bond" as if that makes this any less disgusting. Stop romanticising or justifying s*avery, oh sweet heaven what is wrong with japanese people, salvery? For a underage girl? What? Even just calling it something else would be less revolting, call it "adoption magic" or "fostering magic".

Oh and that's not the end of this sickening s*avery obsession, he later on bought another female s*ave, well this one is justified, kind of, she was someone his friends were looking for so that's fine I guess. Still, the consistent theme of s*avery shows the author's obsession and it is sickening.

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RedCobra75 rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c65
everything great until MC pick up a 10 years old girl and make her a s*ave.

this is the worst writing ever, there is adoptions but most Japanese novel love to pick s*avery than other options.

if you hate s*avery and idiot MC, avoid this novel at all cost because s*avery is legal here and MC like it.

... more>> the MC is very slow when thinking what to do like super normies not even try to think how op his skill is. Absolute braindead idiots.

what im talking about here wasted potencial good consept traveling fantasy but because the author writing skill very bad, this series become tr*sh.

i hope later some body make same premise but MC not idiot like this. <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: --
A poor story, this novel may have been an average or passable score for an isekai novel but everything went wrong when the author decided the weapon for this MC. For those who read the novel beyond the prologue, in a short chapters the MC was able to get the modern "gun" isekai version which is ridiculously OP and it is bland to the point that every battle ends with a bullet finish. What was the point of having a isekai trip with walking cheat while carrying a gun seriously.
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AvidRottenWaterReader rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: c5
A review for those who read too much.


This is an isekai you only read when absolutely bored. You already know exactly what will happen, and this is 5 chapters in.

He will go out, meet some cute girl, some people will be stereotypical Japanese helpful, low class villain will come in for a chap or two. Dude is very typical Japanese protag.

So, if you're after something to kill time and already read the rest. This is a good enough.

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GreenRiver rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: c14
As of chapter 14 it's light-hearted but overall enjoyable.

It has a simple cookie-cutter isekai plot. With that said, I LIKE isekai stories, and simple doesn't mean bad. Not every story needs tons of drama and plot twists!

It definitely qualifies as a LIGHT novel. For instance, the other "heroes" didn't mock him for being weak, they were concerned but too scared to speak up. The king didn't teleport him to the bottom layer of a death dungeon, he just got kicked out with enough money to live for a year. And... more>> the protagonist doesn't want revenge, his attitude is basically "well screw you too, I'm gonna go take a quest with some cute girls".

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Sunn Roc
Sunn Roc rated it
May 15, 2023
Status: c98
Well I'm not gonna say anything new but yeah this story reads like a diary with some lines of dialogue from time to time, which obviously doesn't do anything positive for the story itself.

Due to the writing style everything suffers, all elements feel lacking because of the lack of detail. Plot is very aimless and unintresting, especially because the protagonist is extremely passive. Setting is a typical fantasy world where fantasy things happen ig, it could've been more interesting if was given more attention. Characters are not even described physically... more>> so lets not even mention them as fleshed out individuals (I literally forget about more than half of them most times).

But anyway the protags main goal of exploring the world is really nice, he does grow steadily due to an eagerness to learn and his personality is cool ig. But the problem with ambiguos motivations such as his is that the journey to completing said motivation then needs to carry the story. And I've explained everything that makes a story interesting is lacking in this story sooo...

Let's not even mention the harem it's so shallow that I kinda wish the author didn't bother. But other than that the story is alright and the translation is good enough.

I haven't been invested in it and instead just read it when I'm bored and I'm somehow almost at chapter 100, once I catch up I'll propapbly forget about it tho. <<less
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YunoWhat rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: c390
This series only gets better with time. It starts off fairly light hearted but there are a lot of times when it can be dark as well.

The MC is a good person and is quite pragmatic, often making hard decisions that hurt himself in order to help others.

Most characters behave logically in accordance with their own goals, so things never come off as contrived or needlessly complicated in order to make a point.

This one’s worth sticking with!
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swordsman rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c59
This is an Isekai series that starts of with a vary diary feel to it: day 5 did midicinal quest learned x skills etc.

Others have mentioned this in their reviews however what is important is that style changes as the story goes on

When ... more>>

The 2 Girls leave the party it becomes very story focused and focuses on serious threats.


This change has really made it more addictive for me a a read, we also see multiple perspectives such as the

king that kicked them out this becomes a big moment usually at the end of the arc to push the story forward.


In closing it's not the best Isekai out there but I think u will have fun reading it. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FunnyFear rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: с100
In a webnovel, the plot is too dumb to read. Especially since the story rolls into a monologue/diary where the protag just retells things. The characters are horribly flat, their lives are described very primitively. Add to that the inexplicable/s*upid actions of MC - when he doesn't tell Sera that he knows her friends OR when he starts wearing a mask all the time to hide his identity, but still gives his real name.

The plot is very naive - for example he takes offense at the trading guild for buying... more>> potions from him cheap, but even though he poses as a merchant he never once haggled over the price. <<less
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