Reincarnated as the Mastermind of the Story (WN)


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There was a globally popular game called “The Legend of the Seven Heroes”.

Ren cleared the sequel of that game at the fastest record in the world, and thus he obtained a bonus special data.

However, no matter where he looked inside the game, he could not find the data.

The moment where Ren was about to give up the search, he decided to start playing the second round of the game.

Suddenly, a notification message “Do you want to start a special story? appears on the screen.

When Ren chooses “Yes” without hesitation, he loses consciousness, and when he wakes up, he was a baby. —-

Could it be that he was reincarnated as one of the heroes in “The Legend of the Seven Heroes”? 

Ren, who thought such a thing was impossible, could not believe his ears when he heard his name from his mother’s mouth.

It was the name of a classmate who betrays the heroes in the middle of the story.

Of course, he wishes to live in peace.

But in the game, he meets a saint whose life he’s supposed to take, and doesn’t.

Furthermore, he ends up saving a character (the boss of a great noble family) who was supposed to die.

All of these things create a development that he doesn’t know about coming to play……

Associated Names
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Monogatari no Kuromaku ni Tensei shite
Reincarnated as the Mastermind of the Story ~Overwhelm Everything with Evolving Magic Swords and Game Knowledge~
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18 Reviews

Novel Casanova
Novel Casano
Nov 19, 2022
Status: c10
fiercely japanese

your normal japanese isekai where the MC basically instantly forgets that he was reborn into a game that he knows quite well.

the author's idea of a western feudal system is like the usual generic view with the etiquette and everything replaced with just japanese 'politeness'

... more>> it starts with him as a baby but he literally never brings up anything about the character he transmigrated into, like that character's previous doings, nothing.

then the one moment its brought up that theres this other girl that his character (that he transmigrated into) was originally supposed to kill, so he's like, "better not even meet the girl so I don't kill her"

and I'm like, okay... but why?

Theres no deeper meaning to it, no even like ethical conflict that be brings up like he cant kill another human, does not even try to discuss or think about or even talk why that character may have originally killed that girl, literally nothing.

This is a very generic series, there was no point in me even continuing more.

btw it constantly jumps from first person to third person so even that part isnt interesting.

the game aspect isn't done well either. we know this world is a direct transfer into a game world but just like everything else, the protag never comments on it nor does it play like a game world in any sense other than 'skills'

the monsters drop 'cores' or stones whatever which could be used to gain strength (only if you killed the monster yourself), but these stones also hold commercial value and can be sold for a profit.

What the author can't be bothered to even mention is WHY these stones have commercial value?, maybe because they can be used as a power source for appliance? I dont know but that'd be my guess cause of how generic this world is

but wait how is that even supposed to work if it was established that you can only use the monster stone if you hunted the monster yourself?

You understand what I'm talking about?

Anyways, thats why I rate this a certified 1 of 5

only because I cant rate a 0

skip this. <<less
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Jun 14, 2022
Status: v4 epilogue part3
Okay, it was a fun light read! If I be honest this is at most 4.3⭐, but as I was in the mood for positivity, light-hearted, polite interaction, not too unreasonable tearful progression, diligent effort and gradual development. And this was it for me. I was in need for healing, and some calming! Phew!

A good, hard working sincere boy with tremendous talent, Ren Ashton. Someone who once focuses on just steadily getting stronger, avoiding the limelight, or should I say, the stage set in the game? Changed after discovering... more>> that fates could be altered.

A slice of life, light-hearted Shounen that feels like a Shoujo sometime. Good pacing and world building. Main and side characters are positive, caring ppl (normally to those on their side of course) , villains met on the way are just achieving their goals, no drama, easy to understand political situation, and *cough* single-minded, dense protagonist *cough*.


(Anyone who want sth with more complicated plot line, fierce fighting, and deep emotional conflicts would feels negative about this for sure. Or someone who doesn't like reading about MC with a little resemblance to a goody two-shoes, nor fillers called SoL, for example.)


As of now, MC is a 14 yrs old freshman not yet interested in romance, but is a polite and courageous training maniac--diligent son of knight with a few cute and talented heroine you can choose to cheer for. Multiple heroine, but not harem, yet. Legal adult age is 14 and the start of school.

The strongest top 3 tier of swordsman are: Sword King, Sword Saint and Sword Master. Guess which he became right around v4 epilogue?

*Tick Tock*... Just stepping one foot into the realm of Sword Saint! *clapclapclap* It's doesn't seem fast at all after all that diligent training and life-threatening enemies he faces from time to time to protect himself and the heroine.

Look at that, the latest enemy is a weakened surviving Demon King's General hibernating inside a near-breaking sealed holy battlefield. What bad luck to be dragged into it, sigh. (def. growth device by author, but is said to be the holy place detecting them)



MC found out that there're dangers and unreasonable things happens due to power and strength everywhere so secluding himself in his hometown village as he decided at first is not as good as he thought.

So he aspires to become even more stronger to stand against whatever dangers he came across, not to be pushed around by others, to stay true to his simple desires and live peacefully.

Then begins his journey of training his Swordsmanship and leveling his Magic Sword Summoning Skills to become stronger and tales of him gradually being called a hero by some and overcoming the dangers that came to him and existences he protects. <<less
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Aug 26, 2022
Status: c37 part2
Suprisingly good. The synopsis makes it look like a generic harem isekai with the MC collecting harem members but the novel is way way different. The MC is born in the middle of bumf*ck nowhere wher you can't even get the most basic healing herbs.

The writing is pretty good and the fight scenes are well written. Makes me feel like I'm playing a hacknslash jrpg and it doesn't have the dogsh*t system bullsh*t because the status only shows the bare minimum.

Edit: bumped it down to 3.5/5 because the way they... more>> ended volume 1 was really weak and volume 2 is really boring.

Dropped <<less
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Dec 24, 2022
Status: v2c20
I am almost caught up with the current translation. I am loving this so far, it gives us such a wholesome feeling while also feeling the genuine danger of living in a fantasy world. I usually read novels for the harem and romance and even though it isn't fast-paced romance.. I am highly enjoying it. He is still young, so you can't expect him to have 5 wives already like in other stories like candy. We should have more stories like this that relationships are cultivated over a long time,... more>> instead of just instantly they fall in love with the MC for no reason. So far there's obvious hints at other future heroines, but it's all been focused on the main girl. That is because it isn't being rushed and the MC is genuinely growing up and making connections with other people that are meaningful. He isn't super super op, however, it's obvious he is strong and the reason is his talent and hard work. <<less
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Jul 19, 2022
Status: c28
No complaints so far, in fact I'm enjoying it. It's just starting and he only just left his village

was kidnapped actually

but it's shaping up to be a very interesting read. I was curious and checked who the author was and found out he's the author of a very popular novel so it's likely the story will only get better. Fully recommend.
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Mr. Pringles
Mr. Pringles
Sep 30, 2022
Status: v2c3
I started this with low expectations but this is kinda good actually. The pacing is good, the world building is good, the story is also good. If you like power fantasy tr*sh this series is not for you. Because the author establishes early in the story that there are some characters who are above the MC in terms of power. And although it says in the title the he uses game knowledge to defeat everything that is not quite right. The story does not have the concept of traditional levels... more>> where your stats increases everytime you level up and the MC does not get op items that makes him super powerful. However, there are skills and skill proficiency, so all the MC does is increase his skills proficiency to get stronger. <<less
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Mr chu
Mr chu
Jul 19, 2022
Status: c12
The author is the same as one of my favorite series, Magic gems gourmet. I guessed that this would be good considering his previous series and so far, I've not been disappointed. I have one complaint though, considering the number of chapters, the pacing is great but (and sorry if I sound ungrateful) I wish the TL's could release just a little bit faster, I really don't want to spoil myself with the raws.
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Dec 24, 2022
Status: v2chp28
My verdict Volume 1 was okay probably a 4, there was some tension decent action. Volume 2 I can’t be bothered to finish reading with these character’s dumb interactions. The author does not have his story planned out, we have too much filler in Volume 2.

One part is all the unnecessarily long bad slice of life, I don’t like this dumb childhood romance especially since MC isn’t suppose to be a kid mentally. And just the way it’s written is just so stuffy. Maybe something a 12yo me would have... more>> been okay reading. The action the author is eluding to is also just being foreshadowed painfully slow, yes we the reader know it’s there but do I really need to watch the MC twiddle if he wants to go or not in detail. Especially if the author is extremely telling with his poor planning/revising by deciding to name drop the quest characters multiple chapters since their introduction like an afterthought. Totally very subtle yes they just forgot to introduce themselves for multiple times since they met. Also stood out when the horse got named extremely generically and never called by it’s name again.

Double check something and oh god there is a harem tag. I don’t have faith in the author to juggle 1 romance much less multiple. Also what’s the point of this stuffy first heroine if it wasn’t gonna be 1 true love. This is like Arifuerta all over again isn’t it just even worse at least their MC was cooler.

We should talk about this MC probably. We got overly polite Japanese MC, who will under value himself because of his social standing as a modern reincarnated person who totally believes in medieval social hierarchy. He also just wants to manage his village later in life as his goal. Yep literally that’s what he says. He got isekai with cool skill, knows about the hero plot of bloodlines and demon king and all. No self plan or higher aspirations really to tackle this world’s problem. Guess the plot will just have to ex machina him conveniently forward. Also kinda wish people weren’t only child, consider you know medieval and bloodline, but that’s a small nitpick really.

I guess his ability is kinda cool though it does just remind me of the rise of the shield hero just probably less creative in the end. <<less
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Aug 14, 2023
Status: v2c47
This slow story has a lot of flaws, but the worst was how flat and interchangeable the character personalities are when you step back from the tension for a moment. It's a worse than usual super convenient setup with no downsides, as the main character is taken in by a lord and his beautiful daughter. All the romantic effort the main character puts in is excessive, like the kids are already engaged, which was part of why I naively read further despite how the story conspicuously avoids going beyond subtle... more>> statements for the 11 year olds (post-retcon). I'm not used to reading things that hide behind politeness as cop-outs. It was bland but serviceable as a distraction, and it kept implicitly making big promises about developments despite the pace.

Then a second girl was introduced with her own boring arc that just so happened to repeat the setup with a similar devoted personality, and it was obvious this story wasted my time to ploddingly circle back to a boring harem. Once again she ended up only good for buffing the main character despite being introduced as very strong. The strength of the girls only matters to set up the MC as manly for saving the damsels. I wanted to groggily finish the arc but what the f*ck

her losing some powers as a sign of "fealty" to the MC, without knowing

. That's not romantic, it's creepy. Maybe harem fans are fine with this, but personally this wasted my time and the absolute lack of persona in the character writing made me feel insulted as a woman who was repeatedly promised cool and strong women secondary characters. The girls aren't even in the realm of being measuring-sticks for the MC, and the only difference to their relation to the MC is one is perky and the other is somewhat calmer. It was only annoying for a harem to sneak up because I missed an early clue, the actual insult was that it was sh*t writing and the swordswomen

noble light+dark saint daughters

are interchangeable props and trophies. No sane editor would let this pass without combining and/or differentiating the two characters plotlines. Considering the story repeated, no way the story will rise above tr*sh. Even you don't mind that, and have patience for the slow-paced aimless wish fulfillment, this story still isn't worth much. Everything is connected to the MC. There are wasted elements like the author outright retconning ages because characters are too young, and a totally-not-a-love letter at the very start. It seems the light novel and manga versions smooth the examples over, but I'm guessing the long run is still bland.

1 star. Even less if I could factor in my anger for being cheated since I would've stopped reading early on if I was healthier and clear-headed. Today sucks. <<less
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Nov 25, 2022
Status: v2c23
A decent isekai story. It doesn't reinvent the wheel and makes use of similar LN fantasy tropes but the pacing of story, action and character development are good. The female characters get decent character development and don't feel like they exist only to serve the MC.

Would recommend if you like fantasy swordfighting.
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Oct 26, 2022
Status: v2c2
this is mid, mid is the best word that describes this

characters arent particularly interesting, political strife written badly, there are time skips all over the place, pacing is inconsistent, fights are bit on the plain side but good, story is nothing special but it doesnt bite more than it can chew and its kinda original, story feels that its in its place (not too much coincdences and critical events yet still fills the gap in action despite being a small world (at least for now)), ... more>>

some parts are too boring, uninteresting, unnecesary to read, like the political strife. (btw just to skip the explanation of the situation makes u skip 3 chapters, and thats a whole lot for a 37 chapter volume

chemistry is bit weak, but all things considered, this passes for a ln

after seeing the other reviews, I feel like the 5 starts are a result of starting with little to no hope to find something somewhat decent made them gave out 5 stars, altough I like this one and didnt dropped it yet (prob will drop it near v3), this is not a 5 star novel. It lacks too much to be even 4, 3 was generous imo considering its qualities are near non existant, I gave it cuz it didnt annoy me and it was somewhat original in its writing (again its original, but it doesnt mean its good writing-wise...)


at the start of v2 author changed the main 2's ages (not a time skip, he just changed MC and saint 3 years older), amateur move and I m kinda annoyed


edit : it got better, rn its solid 3 stars (nearly reaching 4) and I dont think I will drop in anytime soon

edit 2 : got boring again and generic setup incoming (ı m at v3 c 29 but its been like this for a while) <<less
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Mar 17, 2023
Status: v3c18
The story is alright, and interesting. Even though the protagonist has knowledge of the future due to having in his past life played a game set in his new world, there's still quite a few mysteries given he only got around to playing the first two installments of a series.

This aspect also makes the title of the series questionable: the character that the MC becomes is one that at the end of the 2nd game betrays the hero party for some unspecified reason, and the fan discourse (in-universe) speculated that... more>> he was somehow the "mastermind" of the story. It's weird that the author named the entire story based on that premise, but I can only assume some context is lost in translation, because it becomes clear early on in the story that those fans were just wrong.

Otherwise, besides that my main gripe is that the translation itself is just a slightly polished up machine translation. <<less
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Jan 07, 2023
Status: c25
Translation was fine, really tried to get into it. But it just felt like I was reading non-important fillers. Sure there are tidbits here and there that actively pushes forward the story but it cannot hold my attention or make me more interested.

Its so darn slow and its not even tagged as slice of life.

Maybe its the writing too there is little excitement even during the action part, the most emotionally invested I was was him running into the dead of night to climb some mountain to get miracle herbs... more>> to save his dads life and then boredom galore. <<less
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Nov 17, 2022
Status: v2c15p2
Overall the story is ok. It doesn't have any glaring issues or anything like that but overall theres not much motivating me to continue the story or feel much at the developments.

... more>>

The main character is developed as someone who cares a lot for his village/parents yet there isn't enough build up to make me care or make his attachment feel real. I think it would of gone a long way to add some mundane family bonding moments like a dinner scene or something when he was young just to help create a relationship. Right now his mother barely has enough character for me to remember and the dad just taught him swordsmanship. There are also a few issues in relation to his powers. His skill magic sword is honestly just too random and game-like that it feels off with how this was suppose to be game came to life. The base ability of him unlocking swords with enough proficiency I think works great, even if you set up the unlock to have certain conditions that need to be met (i.e. an immense desire to live, desire to kill, desire to protect) where the main factor is himself. The part that bothers me is how he unlocks things like the thief sword & shield sword where he gets blades dependent on exactly one monster with traits specific to that monster. I just really don't like how his power is essentially set up as worthless unless you happen to run into the creatures that satisfy these secret swords (well, not completely but a lot weaker) and just overall I don't think it was necessary. I think it would of made for a better power of he can summon a sword that reflects his soul, when he wants to be non-leathal its wooden, when he wants to kill its sharp, when he wants to protect its a sword in the shape of a shield, his will determines the sharpness and hardness. This kind of ability allows us as the readers to get easy insight into his development and his desires but instead we just get a skill that forces him to farm and kill specific monsters. Overall while I think it has issues and plenty of points that could be improved its not a bad read and at least the author isn't doing sh*t like trying to be as disturbing as possible or writing like their bastard of a main character is a good guy after abusing a person he forced to be his wife. (Mini-rant from another book)

Now, this is the thing that pisses me off the most about this story is the title. Why the hell is he reincarnated as the mastermind of the story??? I mean, the story isn't bad but the title is very very misleading... Not once has he even remotely done something mastermindy... What I expected at the start was some hidden plot so the original Ren fakes the deaths of licia and the headmaster but instead its just some guy training with his sword and being a normal protagonist, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, just that the title should be something else. Rens original character wasn't even a mastermind, he just killed some important people and disappeared. Plus whats up with how dependent he is on his skill. He got the skill magic sword as a reincarnation bonus or something along the lines of that so Ren didn't originally have the skill yet his previous self was able to become that powerful, and judging by the dialog of old ren killing old licia for her stone that means he had that power, but if he had that power then what was the point of the MC unlocking the skill in our world, he could of just reincarnated as ren as the bonus clear reward.


I do disagree k40235 about it being bad the author changed the characters age, while this is a change its not a very major one and doesn't affect much. I don't know what your expecting of an author but unless your plotting out every arc with age and other factors mapped out then this kind of thing is a change you would make while writing, its not like we are reading a light novel, this is a free web novel that the author is posting for practice, feedback or whatever reason so I at least believe its perfectly fine to modify something you believe would make the story improve. I personally dislike it when an author notices a past inconsistency or plot hole and twist the later story line to work instead of changing the previous content.

Overall the book isn't bad, but I also wouldn't call it that good. There are a lot of points in the story I believe could be improved and some inconsistencies but the plot isn't bad and it works as entertainment. If your new to this type of genre then you will definitely enjoy this story and if your experienced while its not a diamond its still something you can read and entertain yourself with. <<less
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Jul 01, 2023
Status: v2c46
It had a good start (4 stars - not so good to give 5), but as more and more characters started to be introduced, it became more and more clear the author's inability to write a story and give personality to the characters.

When it was just his parents, you could ignore it since it was just the two of them, but as new characters start to appear and they all have the same personality the story starts to get a bit boring (3 stars), but you can still read on... more>> as a light story to pass the time.

But in the second half of volume 2, the story goes from a boring but light story to pass the time, to a bad story, just bad (1~2).

The way the author writes the MC's interaction with the first love interest is just plain juvenile and s*upid (on the author's part, not the characters), And when the second love interest comes along the story becomes just plain s*upid, not juvenile and s*upid, just s*upid. The interaction between the two is so forced to show that there will be a romance between the two that I was embarrassed by how badly written it was.

The arc (second half from volume 2) of them stranded on the mountain is so poorly written...


*From him going to the fort to rescue the adventurers;

*From him meeting the second love interest for the first time and the author trying to force the relationship between the two in this first encounter;

MC goes to rescue a figure in the blizzard fighting a group of monsters:
MC: Oh my god, we fight so well together, it's like this strange person that I can't see the face because of the blizzard knows me so well!
Stranger: Oh my god, we fight so well together, it's like this strange person that I can't see the face because of the blizzard knows me so well!

Dude, whatafock, it literally happens like this, it's so forced and poorly written that I was embarrassed.

*So there are all the times that the two interact in this fort, the author makes for an unexplained and forced tension between the two. And it's really unexplained, it's just the author trying to force their relationship down your throat.

And from here until his fight with the resurrected dragon is so s*upid and poorly written that I don't have the patience to write everything that's wrong, since it's all poorly written and bad.

2 stars for the good start and my reluctance to drop this story, but that's enough for me, I have no interest in reading any further. good luck to anyone who wants to try. <<less
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: v3 side story 5
It's bad.

MC gets fawned over by everyone, super-intelligent little kids (author even retconned their age later adding them a few years) acting like adults and the worst of all - the MC.

Guy is a son of a knight in service to local lord. Yet he somehow is constantly placed higher than the nobles he interacts with. They apologise for every little inconvenience he might feel, they hope that MC will be benevolent enough to listen to their pleas, offering everything they can to MC.

Shame, since 1st half of the vol.1... more>> was quite ok - MC reincarnated with his unique skill but actually had to train to get strong. His family was also nice (even if they were copied from Mushoku Tensei). Unfortunately after the wolf fight it all goes downhill. 1st Haremette brings with her s*upid underwear gag. Another volumes are getting slower, with more odd jobs and random interactions that bring nothing. MC then defeats ancient dragon, gets into super-duper elite swordsman school (where he instantly amazes every senior swordsman with how strong he is), becomes friends with a prince and singlehandely deals with demon cultists while everyone around him says "sasuga MC-kun~". Every introduced girl exists solely to give boost to MC and to constantly fawn over him, with more on the way.
The novel is written awfully, constantly switching between 1st and 3rd person, constantly making it so you don't know who's speaking. Translation is bad, especially later on. Some sentences are so strangely worded that not only you don't know who is speaking you don't even understand what they are talking about.

It's such a shame, since the "original game plot" and reincarnated MCs ancestor stories are much more interesting than the actual plot. I will probably return in a year or two to read up only the extra chapters tho'. <<less
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Apr 10, 2023
Status: v2 ss 1
Volume 1 was alright. A good ol' isekai, reincarnation. It started off well enough, character developed properly However in Vol 2, everything went down hill. I am half way through vol 2 and it has been completely full of fillers. MC is going through days of gathering mats for his gf (not official) and other non issues. Author completely forgot about leveling up... until a certain chapter or two so that he can level his swords for this "epic" moment. Then after wards? back to being filler. You're wondering is... more>> it just gathering mats? Nah, its about going to different territories to assist people, going to parties, fixing a bloody roof. Like wtf. <<less
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Jan 19, 2023
Status: v2 ep
It's hard to find a jp isekai that isn't focused on collecting Pokemons I mean girls, so that's why I started reading, novel is fine I would say, if you have already read everything good there is, then it's a good time pass, there are many problems ofcourse such as inconsistent change of pov multiple times in middle of chapters, which gets better in later chapters, power levels are all over the place, hard to imagine that knight of a baron are having hard time dealing with just D level... more>> monsters after training for years with mana when protagonist does it in just a year or so at the age of 10, without much of a special perks except small physical, his cheats aren't that big enough to justify the power difference, not to mention it's just d level which is terrorising whole baroness land, when the level are suppose to go up to S, story is also really dull, even the moments that could have been exciting are boring, my biggest problem however is politeness, everything and everyone including a damn horse is polite to the point where it starts to trigger me, Japanese isekai always feels weird to me to in this aspect as medival World are supposed to be really brutal, even Japan a few century back was brutal, MC feels like an old man at the age of 10, even if we count the real world he was still only 20, who the hell is that polite when they are 20, well maybe Japanese are, author must have written him in his own image, well these were negatives for me, still as I said it's a good time pass so will give it 4 star, apparently he does collect Pokemons and in the exact same way, guess hard to give up habits. <<less
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