Villainesses Never Die


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After a failed attempt at killing the heroine in the original novel, she died miserably.

She did her best to put some distance between her and the two male leads and lived as if they were dead.


“Sister, why did you suddenly…….”

His eyes grew wretched and began to shake. Transparent tears began to trickle down from those pained eyes.

“Why are you addressing me so formally…? Do you hate me now?”

What the hell, I never expected this to happen. The more I avoided them, the more obsessed they became.

In addition

“Master, I know that I have a soft spot when it comes to you.”

The moonlight shone onto his white hair.

“But you know, I won’t give in to just anybody…….”

Bearing dark red eyes, he continued his words, tapping his fingers on his chest in a very steady pace.

“My heart is in so much pain.”


“That’s not right?”

Even the men who weren’t involved in the original novel started to twist.

Stop it! That’s raising a death flag…!

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악녀는 절대 죽지 않습니다
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ImSnipingYou rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: c4

Very good novel, I enjoy it, but commits the same mistake as many other novels that follow the Villainess trope.


A good start, althought it is quite a cliched one, somehow the formula was altered a bit, making it quite interesting for me.

That was all the review I have for this novel, given there is only 4 chapters out at the moment. The following is my own personal rant regarding how many authors use a certain trope, in a very wrong way. And it also happens here, so I guess it is not that off that I include it as part of the review.


The one thing that I dislike so far, and it is the same thing 9 out of 10 novels that follow the Villainess MC trope... That out of nowhere the original "MC", is shown to be your regular white lotus b*tch.

According to our MC's memories, the original MC was really pure and blah blah blah... But then we see said original MC smirking and boasting at our MC's disgrace, while standing on a point where no one would see her, and after that, almost every interaction that included the original MC, she acts like your run of the mile villainess/white lotus b.

And the original villainess, our MC, starts acting all "I'm sorry" "I don't care about you ML" "I want to live freely so I am leaving my family that hates me or just forsakes me for MC's sake". And puff, they all love her and give you an explanation about why they act like that because they actually care more for her... ????????



To me, it seems like the fact that our MC is a "villainess" is just a thing that's introduced on the first chapter, and then it is forgotten, and used only when the author needs an excuse for the MC to act cold/distant or just wants to avoid the original ML or any other male in the story, just for this to make said males be even more interested in her. (Sounds familiar, right?)

Authors are just using the titles "villainess" and "original mc" in a reverse way, to "bandwagon". But that's the only thing they do, the characters in these kind of novels share the exact same archetype from the characters in novels that came before this villaines trend surfaced.

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Anikarp rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: c7
A villainess character, acting out because of a lack of familial love.
A heroine who's supposed to be innocent, naive and kind - but starts out smirking and trying to rub things in.
Harem MLs who only notice the villainess while straying away from the heroine.

You pretty much get what you'd expect.

In the beginning, the MC isn't introducing herself or how she got there, it's just briefly mentioned that she's in a novel, with one sentence, and she's just completely accepted that fact already.
Maybe this is all something that... more>> will be more relevant later on. For now, she's pretty much focused on getting away from the male leads.

If you're into otome game/novel reincarnations and don't mind it if the plot is a little obvious, you might like this. <<less
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