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After my engagement with the Crown Prince was broken off, I was thrown away in the slums. I started to live as a commoner and yet… Why am I summoned by the King now? I live like a commoner so, please leave me alone. My plans are over…

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Zokuhen demo Akuyaku Reijou ?
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New Elianere rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c20
In the beginning, I open this story because I want to know, why the rating is so low.

In first chapter, it's good, but when I already reach c4, THIS IS BAD! So bad.

Everything is messed up. In the beginning from c1-c3 it is quite interesting, but when in the c4 everything is messed up.

I try to patient and read it until c20. Yeah, just like I thought this is bad and I can't read it until the end. I don't want to spoiler anything from this story and I'm recommend... more>> you to not read this story.

For your own good, please don't read this story. <<less
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New Ichigoeater rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: c22
I confess, I skipped to the final chapter after giving up midway. A stupid ending that mistakenly believes itself to have emotional investment, fitting for a story with the quality of a 10 year old's first fanfiction. I usually leave more in depth reviews, but I think I've wasted enough time on a thing like this. My advice is not to bother. One star for the tortured translator, whom I honestly feel sorry for.
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September 24, 2018
Status: --
Ummmm how do I say this...

  1. The translation actually did a good job, because I followed the weird twists. Unfortunately, understanding relies on how many Otome transmigration stories you've read.
  2. Since 'canon' follows the stereotypical villainess otome love rival plot, it's actually very predictable. I'd say that the enticing parts are because of how straightforwardly the stupid 'heroine' and 'prince' are slapped to bits.
  3. Spoiler

    The MC is a reincarnated individual, but one that doesn't know the plot. So she took a hit to the head, had a 3-day nap, and suddenly remembered how to survive as a commoner. Tech-up and common sense-up GET! It's not obvious but she does apply some modern knowledge to commercialize products.

Uh. To those who can't understand and want a summary:


MC is a Duke's daughter who was betrothed to the crown prince. Her mother is dead and she has a brother + stepmother who are scheming for the family fortune/title. She was studying in 'noble school' when she was falsely accused by a commoner student (Meg) who had been running around seducing male noble students, one of which is her fiance AKA retarded crown-prince-sama.

During the accusation, she was hit on the head by one of Meg's more meatheaded admirers (Zack) and went into a 3-day coma. After which she was kicked to the streets by her brother while her father wasn't around on some kind of pretext.

Luckily, she regained her modern day memories after the coma, so she could stay calm and look for work. But before her survival skills were tested, she met Luke who brought her to an 'abandoned woman's refuge'. There she uses her modern knowledge to earn money for the shelter and gradually help more people. Yay.

Unluckily she meets her former coma assailant Zack when he was rescuing a woman. He has somehow fallen in love with her and is extremely apologetic. He gets her in touch with her father, who was looking for her desperately.

Somehow the director of the refuge turns out to be the Queen Dowager, which is how MC gets shoved back into the nobility. She attends some party or other, gets spotted by idiot former fiance plus his self-proclaimed (but unrecognized) new fiance MEG the headache. They, along with Meg's reverse harem of IQ zero noble men heap accusations on her head trying to kick her out in front of the king.

The king refuses in horror because 1. he's not retarded, 2. MC's deceased mother was a PRINCESS OF A MUCH STRONGER COUNTRY. Whose relatives are at this party. YAY! Ho ho ho.

Luke the saviour turns out to be the crown prince's UNCLE. Which means he's royalty. He's fallen in love with MC and proposes. MC's relative says if she doesn't become the queen of this country they'll go to war or take over an important port.

All this while, Meg's retarded harem is still trying to accuse her of retarded acts and trying to get her kicked out or exiled or idk executed? That's where I stopped. Chapter 8.

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Cryarc rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c22
This is a mess, even in the original Japanese. Even in Japanese there's a lot of awkward grammar/spelling mistakes that some native Japanese readers pointed out that it feel like this is written by a foreigner in an imperfect/awkward Japanese. Actually, the author lives in Florida based on the author's own activity report...

The story jumps around without any care for pacing; the MC is an extremely passive doormat which means the story progresses along without her input at all - she only retorted inside her mind without actually voicing... more>> it at all; characters are written in in a very random fashion and we as the reader have to guess who the hell are they since the author didn't even bother to explain; almost all the characters are braindead; ridiculously convenient but contrived deus ex machina one after another; and lastly, the punchline/moral at the end of the series is actually contradicting the whole story itself

The MC said to a reincarnator that she have been living in that world for years and it won't be like the game- that as long as people lives everything will change- she said that as if she have done anything significant in the whole story while actually she didn't. She's a doormat that's just being tossed around by her surrounding, and being lucky at the end for doing absolutely nothing. Her good ending is completely done via deus ex machina/plot armor.

Also if the moral is that the world is not a game, then why every single character is still acting like a very shallow and stupid game character? They didn't feel like a living characters at all. The characters are forced to be incredibly retarded so the MC can have her spotlight.

. Bravo.

Well the only good point of this whacky messed up series is that it's a very short story... <<less
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zoyakershe rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c18
I honestly thought that the synopsis was interesting, but once I started reading I found it to be some kind of messed up continuation for the villain character from ' COMMON SENSE OF A DUKE'S DAUGHTER' right before she remembers her previous life. I found the plotline and the supporting characters matching by almost 75 percent with CSOAFDD. Of course not with the same amount of brains and character. This story just was a big mess.

I found the action's of everyone in the story to be incredibly stupid or rather... more>> their reactions to everything was just so unreal. The MC didnt have much of a presence. With the story going on so fast paced she would only occasionaly give some very stupid comments and that too for the most part in her head! Even though every single change was related to her.

I found the story to have two types of people only either being extremely blind and just follow through with the opposing character or defending the protagonist and reveal more backstory and facts about the MC who's just watching drama unfold. <<less
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akai-ringo rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c16
I don’t recommend this story to anyone. I read it as it was getting translated but I just couldn’t handle it any longer.

Its really hard to make sense of anything that happens in this story as the plot makes no sense and just makes my head hurt as I continued to read. Probably didn’t help that I was forgetting a lot of what occurs as everything just gets slapped into your face. Something dramatic happens every chapter that it’s hard to keep track of it all. E.g.

MC is suddenly revealed to be of royal descent from another country which leads everyone to be on her side. With this revelation, her uncle (?) randomly appears to berate the king and others for letting the MC get exiled when apparently even the King was annoyed this occurred? This all happens in the span of one chapter or so. Honestly this is the part when I stopped paying attention to the story and just went along with the wave.


No one is remotely likeable and thus those that “are” are kind of shoved down our throat to force us to think they’re likeable

(like the ML, when we’re only given a time skip of all the supposed good things that happen with him. It’s hard to get into such a rushed relationship progression). The one character I personally kind of liked was constantly berated by the MC as being a muscle brawn guy who was brain dead and only knew how to yell when he was one of the few characters who sincerely cared about and constantly worried about her, disregarding the terrible comments he got from even interacting with her. The MC is also terrible, she makes no sense in all her actions, talks bad about everyone in her head and seems to only care about the ML and thus disregards everything else.


I honestly don’t know how I lasted so long with this story but just don’t try reading it please, for your own sake.
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Lilylam rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: c10
After reading the comments I wondered, 'How messy can this story be?' I read weird and crazy things all the time so I assumed it wouldn't be that bad.... I was wrong. In the span of ten chapters a bunch of twists have been thrown in our face (some out of no where).

... more>>

MC is picked up by dude named Luke and brought to a refugee centre for abandon woman. Later on Luke is revealed to be the king's younger brother and the director of the refugee camp is the Queen Dowager. The the MC, Julie, picks up the support from those two. If that's not enough, apparently the MC's mother was the princess of a nearby country, there by making the MC a princess. She's a doted on princess on top of that, making her a precious member of the royal from the neighboring country, meaning if anything happened to her a war would start.

Oh and don't even get me started about Meg. She is impregnated by Gilbert (MC's ex-fiance) but when he's removed from his position as the crown prince she wants to ditch the idiot boy. She wonders out loud if she should choose Chris (MC's douche half brother).


This story is just a pure mess..... <<less
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October 26, 2019
Status: c22
The stars are only for the translator, who did their best with this. I have no complaints of them.

With the story, I think that the author was going for a parody of the otome game isekai genre, but this just fell flat. The characters are annoying, the story skips too much, and the ending is dumb. By all means, read this is you must but expect to be irritated when you're done even if you're aware that it's bad.
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Nanatsu Irie
Nanatsu Irie rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: Completed
It has been a while since I review on NU. But I have to for this one.

The story is a mess.

The plotline is flowing to a certain point and then it stop making sense.

... more>> (The only reason I can sort of understand the story is because the translator did a good job translating it and I had read a lot of otoge and reincarnation stories at this point)

The Author jump a lot on the infos and suddenly there is info dump near the end of the story with new plotline butting in. -_-''

The story at the beginning are interesting, but...

Overall, THANK YOU TRANSLATOR SAN FOR YOUR HARD WORK. I don't think I can deal with the mess this story is to translate it. So, Thank You.

All in all, please read at your own risk. It is a lot of headaches, but who knows, it might be your cup of tea *shrugs* <<less
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Anonymous Reader
Anonymous Reader rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I usually read novels in this genre so I thought why not. I regret it so much.

The plot is all over the place and extremely fast paced. It is difficult to tell what is happening in the story. The story initially starts with the MC whose engagement was broken. Here, the story is still fine. Then it all spirals downhill once the MC 're-enters' noble society.

... more>>

Meg and her 'followers' start accusing the MC of stupid acts. Then it's revealed that the MC's related to another country's royalty. Then there's more drama with Meg and her 'followers'. Then it's revealed that Luke, the guy who helped her, is a member of royalty. After all of that and some other stuff, another stupid reincarnated 'heroine' arrives, and the MC has to 'deal' with her.


Basically, it's a bunch of reveals and confusing drama.

Additionally, it is extremely hard to get attached to the characters. You can't really relate to them or tell what their motivations are. Half of the characters are stupid to an insane degree, and the other half just go along with the MC who has hardly any presence or personality aside from 'what's happening?' and 'let's go with the flow'.

The only reason this story gets a star is because of the translator. Translator-san, I applaud you for trudging through this mess of a story, and I hope you choose a story you enjoy more next time. <<less
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Ryss rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: c17
Respect to the transator for the awesome job of fighting this mess...

To put it short:the autor had some shallow, clichée ideas about otome games here n there n put them in a mixer.

The outcome is some strange mess with some bigger junks that couldnt mix in the plot.

... more>> C'mon- whenever its convience pops some reincarnated character up and explains the game plot and nobody of the surrounding listeners (or the MC herself) seems to question them or their sanity...

My first time rating a story with as low as 2 stars- and those are only cuz of the translators great job. <<less
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Arkus86 rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c2
It's too soon to judge the story properly, but the writing is bad.

In the first chapter, we have conversation between two characters we know nothing about, about some events we know nothing about and the author does not bother explaining anything. What the author does explain in depth however, is the background of a character who was hardly even mentioned in the chapter.

The second chapter jumps one year back and gives some background, but it still is not exactly what I would call coherent and it was harder than necessary... more>> to understand who is who, partly thanks to the author jumping from one thing to another seemingly at a whim. <<less
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The1Rin rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: Completed
It was interesting especially the start but it became kinda cliche as it tried to make characters sound smart with big explanations but that only caused more confusion.

I like some of the characters but there were too many for a short story, it had a cute start and I wish it would have stayed mostly the same but it became a confusing rollercoaster that felt rushed and unfinished.

... more>>

I really like the knight that begun to have feelings for her as an apology to being mean to her in the past. He was entertaining to read about and wish there was more of him even if he didn't end up with the girl. The ML was ok, had a cute romance with the girl that I liked but he didn't really stand out from those generic prince types that saves the girl in the last moment

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OAM rated it
March 4, 2019
Status: c22
I thought the translator did a good job, thus the two stars. However, the actual story made no sense whatsoever. The author was jumping from place to place, and omitting a lot of details. Then they would just randomly add in information or a random new character.

There wasn’t much of a flow to the story, and some chapters just didn’t make sense. Halfway through the story, I was sooo lost. I had no idea what was going on.

However, I have to admit it was interesting to see the weird randomness.... more>> I think the translator really did amazing considering how confusing the story was. <<less
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Shironeko225 rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: c22
The story start ok, but opposite with other simillar novel which go up with plot and character development, this one go down hill not without brake but with a jet engine behind it back and the author make it worse by rewrite unessessary information all the time. What a shame that Aeon garden have to put their translate skill to this shitty novel.

Final recommendation just put one star for this novel and skip the whole story, it not worth your time don't waste it.
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LazyDays rated it
January 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Its pretty much a shitpost of a fic. Crack taken seriously.

... more>>

The Heroine (s) are way too obsessed with the game and thinking it will follow canon no matter what.

Unfortunately for them, real life patches over the plot holes, so their narrow-mindedness is kinda ridiculous.

The author also likes to throw in plot twists here and there without any buildup so it's pretty confusing at times.

The ending is also a shitty attempt at drama and will leave you confused and frustrated.


Read if you don't want to take things seriously and want a ridiculous story. <<less
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Mino Micha
Mino Micha rated it
December 8, 2018
Status: --
Translator-san, you did your best and your effort made the story quite enjoyable...

But it's too fast paced, rather than reading about the experience or reading a story, it's more like the Heroine is retelling us her experience (for me at least)

Also, I didn't quite figure out the characters until chapter 4. It was confusing to read as there's no proper introduction for new characters. I am currently still confused who's calling her Julia-tan, what about her mom, etc.

If you want to enjoy the story just take it at face... more>> value, don't think. If you're confused just continue on!

  1. Edit: I was wrong, I didn't figure out the characters at all. It was getting messier by chapter. I can't keep up.
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MadCC rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c14
The story's a mess.

The plot is chaotic and while the translation is good, the story in it self is another matter.

The author doesn't really handle transitions well and so in one chapter you'll be having a dialogue, then you pass to the next and the conversation has disappeared to reveal some background info all that to go back to what they were originally saying.

And really the plot is just bad.

... more>>

The heroine has slept with all the guys.

The bad prince is, of course, an idiot.

And while the MC is being cleared of her crime we're suddenly discovering that she has a pure magic that protects the land, the dude that loves her is acutually the brother of the king, that she comes from an important country. Way too much deus ex machina for me.


It's like the author chose to stuff as many clichés into one story as he could. <<less
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Beccablue rated it
June 27, 2019
Status: c15
I am confused by this.

I don't know if the story itself was rushed, or while it was translated it was condensed. As you read, it feels like things are missing.

I stopped reading at ch.15.

It has potential, it's just so overwhelming.

It's like the story has ADHD.

I will not finish it. While I am mildly curious about how it ends. It is nowhere near enough to actually read it.
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Darkness7913 rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This was by far the most confusing novel I read, and no it's not because of the translator.. I actually gave this an made this two stars for the translator's effort...

The start was fine and bearable, but then it suddenly got confusing with an overload of information about certain matter, then it became more confusing with the flashbacks...

What annoyed me was not only the ending which was not like an ending but also the heroine (not the MC) when she was made as a person with zero IQ with no... more>> situational awareness at all which also includes her entourage of the characters she captured... there's also the...


2nd heroine which annoyed me as hell as she's delusional and has zero IQ... Especially when she starts spouting nonsense like the MC must act the way she did in the game (like who do you think you are!?)...


I understand the MC's problem at the end but!!! Author don't end it like that it feels like a cliffhanger! <<less
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Lalala45 rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: 22
I gave the stars for the translator because he/she did a good job in translating this novel. BuuuuuUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT... the story is...

The start of the story is quite good. It's about the MC who was a villain got a 'kind of HE' thing. The middle of the story talked about the FL and her harem nonsenses and secret identity of the MC (and I bear with it coz I still hope it's a decent story). And the ending is... f**k/sh** (Only know these word because I never write my cursing)

FYI,... more>> this is my first time ever writing a review about a story that I read because I cant stand the ending. It's just 'pudding' bad (dont wanna curse anymore). <<less
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Karumin rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c22
Not only is confusing between all that plot twist and sudden flashback, the MC is boring. The "harem" is an idiotic one, the 'heroines' are insufferable, and suddenly the MC try to justify her stepbrother... It's like the author wanted to use all the plots for an isekai, and then fails in the practice. Very disappointing

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