Kon’yaku Haki Sareta no wa Ojou-sama deshita!?


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Yulia Meride Rirossa, the princess of the kingdom of Rirossa. Yulia, who changed her name, hid her identity as a princess, and went to the school, is the fiancée of Duke Lucias’s heir, Abel Lucias, who also didn’t know her true identity.

⌈Yulia Rose,…… I annul my engagement with you!⌋

Before I know it, my engagement was annulled!?

Abel who doesn’t know her real social status absurdly annulled his engagement with the optimistic princess who doesn’t rely on her identity.

⌈Surely, something will happen.⌋

Yulia always straightens up with these words. The engagement annulment too, something IS going to happen….?

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The engagement I annulled is, with the princess!?
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10/10/17 Meira Eve Translation c6
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09/18/17 Meira Eve Translation c4
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Akemilly rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c6
Let me see...

The idea was interesting but the way it was wrote wasn't the best choice (?)

... more>>

The "Princess hiding her true identity and acting like a normal Duke's daughter" thing really catch my attention lol


Personally, I think that the chapters should have been longer because even if you read all the 6 chapters, you probably won't be interested in any character.

This story change the POV without notice too, making difficult to understand things.

Truly speaking I would rate this with a 2.5, because of the idea and the potential of sugar content but the stars don't work this way, so I went with the 3 stars rating.

Oh, I'm begging you forgiveness about my bad English... it's just that it isn't my former language 😅 <<less
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goregasms rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: v1c6
A decent quick read, if kind of dull and hard to keep steady with the way the pace is all over the place. Wish at this time at least the next chapter or two was translated to see what should be a glorious crackdown on the fiancee would be like!
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