Villain Eaten By A Hero


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Meteor City, a city where heroes and villains run wild.

Belze, chief of an evil organization, succeeds in capturing the eye-catching hero Seo. Belze, who tried to film Seo, touching him in his private parts, to exploit as his weakness, ends up being counterattacked by Seo during the filming…

“You created this mess, so you take responsibility then back off.”

That approach was far from being heroic.

* * *

“Hey, are you really going to do this? And you call yourself a hero?!”

“You don’t understand. Violence used against bad guys is righteous violence.”

“Ugh, you… you’re worse than a scum.”

“If you don’t like it, why don’t you join the side of justice too?”

Belze was eaten by Seo, the prominent hero of Meteor City, who is notorious for his villainous acts and unmatched animosity.

*Please enjoy the story, setting aside contemporary ethics and indulge in it lightly.*

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히어로에게 먹힌 빌런
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1 Review

Nov 13, 2023
Status: c40
Okay there were a lot of things that made me want to read this novel even more:

1st: The characters are unique and not like the typical smut characters you see today. They're both strong minded in their own ways, but not to the point where it gets annoying. (You see, when I read novels, I sometimes encounter stubborn characters that always want it their way, characters who avoid communication and characters who just assume the worst of their significant other and just not talk with each other at all.... more>> A.k.a stubborn). HOWEVER, in this novel, I was refreshed because the misunderstandings were easily resolved, and although there are problems in their relationship, they still manage to deal with it together.

2nd: I love how they mix in new themes for a group of chapters. It's like a new adventure everytime they resolve an issue, there's always something happening. It reminds me of a mixture of different novels with different plots. Kinda Like, for example:

  • Theres a part where they meet each other in a dream and did snu snu, and they don't realize that it wasn't "just a dream", but they "MET" in the dream together and they were both aware
  • Then there was a scene where they were in a cruise and then had a secret rendezvous, and had like a gang-like theme
  • Then there was also a shoujo ish part where they were on holiday and watched a movie together
  • Also, another part (If you love Furry theme) where FL turns ML into a rabbit (because of course they're still enemies at the end of the day) and FL thinks it's cute and they have s*x like a million times
3rd: I think earlier in the chapters, you will feel like their snu snu scenes are not comfortable or kinda forced at first, because of course the way they first developed their relationship is through the "I'll get you back twice as much" motto the hero always uses.

HOWEVER, do not fret, their character development will gradually develop and it will be better. I'd love if you guys read it, if it is to your liking, then I'll be happy for you ~ <<less
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