Unrivaled Miracle Doctor and the God-Defying Demonic Consort


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She is the top double-system special agent with unusual powers. After she is reborn and travels back to the past, she suddenly becomes a good-for-nothing aristocratic Little Lord in a third-world country.

From then on, she turns from a good-for-nothing to a genius, making humongous progress in her cultivation and can very easily obtain medicine refinement enhancements. Even beasts and fiends bow down to her.

It’s fine that she is forced to disguise as a man, but why do evildoers still harass her, even though she publicly announces that she’s a male?

From that day onwards, the cold and mysterious Holy Master becomes a bitter wife-chasing s*ave! An evenly-matched cat and mouse chase begins between the two of them…

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Piyali2000 rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: c1300

This story is the best story I've ever read in this genre trust me. Even if it's started as a typical transmigration, most beautiful face, gender bender, tr*sh body, meeting a powerful ml, having face slap and going from lower interface to upper but it's different trust me it is. A BIG REVIEW BUT WITH POINTS AND HEADINGS SO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW OVERALL JUST READ IT IF YOU LIKE GOOD SMART POWERFUL FL NOT LESS THAN ML


  • It has a strong female lead (overpowered) but not always she has setbacks too
  • In this story there is a clear explanation of what happened to the soul of body that she possessed
  • she truly is a born leader unlike other FL who only say themselves she'll prove it to you through action {you'll know the way she treats subordinate and her friends she's good to everyone but there's a certain boundary. ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE a leader always demands it other than treating them good, this kind ability until now I've only seen in this one unlike other depend on ML army}
  • Spoiler

    she has her own army and you'll get surprises throughout the story while seeing her making the army grow stronger. She is caring towards them like a leader but still harsh SEE FOR YOURSELF

  • I like this FL lead because shes truly responsible she knows what path she has chosen and what she'll face so prepares and use her resourcefulness and talent of previous life to its fullness (unlike others story where the author just tells her identity of assassin in every other chapter but there's no depth)
  • i truly like how even though shes a god people told her that shes even more demon than demons but in a good way ofcourse
  • Spoiler

    This story really shows her hard work in alchemy and refiner (unlike other story where once one gets popular there's no improvement shown in that aspect just cultivation here she continues to grow and yes she fails to not every time she gets success)


  • Now, about ML this one is one of the most respectful ML I've ever seen TBH I like this ML he is like a guide to her and protects her but not always and he's not a DOG WITH WAGGING TAIL who always follows her when she's growing stronger {he protects her when there is really a need and I don't dislike it I mean we all have our weak moment the thing I like is he never overshadow her like other ML in other stories}
  • This ML is not forceful he didn't force his jealousy or insecurity on her we all have this traits he trusts her most importantly he respects her decision he never hides anything from her {they have a good communication} he never steals her limelight [even he had his weak moments where she protects him so its like both are equal even if it happens in middle story this is what I want in romance cultivation not one sided protection ]


  • I like this story so far it good and interesting because of some new factors and a little different from others. I like how this story shows hard work, reunion, parting, family love/forgiveness, failure, friendship, sacrifice, love. Loyalty, betrayal, heartbreak and action scenes too.
  • Even though the story is short is but everything is explained clearly no hustle bustle so I'm satisfied. The story shows cause and effect to of the actions of people like how they reach to top but fall because of things
  • I like the idea of author for making the gender bender situation realistic unlike just dressed up
  • Also this story shows the FL and ML in equal footing like their background and also the power no one overshadows the other both are compatible

  • There's one thing that I don't like is how she grows fast I know in these novels its normal but come on since their life span is already 40 or 50 thousand long than at least let the girl achieve her goal and heights when she turn 500 years at least why only in 30s too unreal but okay after all she uses the space time to reduce the real time so yeah not much unreal its okay
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