Unaware Genius Girl Is Oblivious — I Ran Away From Home And Became An Adventurer Because My Family Did Not Praise Me At All Despite My Efforts In All Areas!


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With parents who are experts in their fields and five older siblings, Liliane Aggett received the highest standard of education from her family from an early age, and at the age of 15 she’s now considered a prodigy in all fields.

However, because all her family members thought,「Since this child is so adorable and has such wonderful talents, she will grow up to be selfish if I don’t at least be hard-hearted and strict with her,」they had never once praised her.

One day, a girl, Nina, a distant relative, suddenly became her sister-in-law due to circumstances, and Liliane, in despair at seeing how all her family members, who had never accepted her no matter how hard she tried, lavished praise on Nina, left a note and disappeared.

Liliane has lied about her identity and changed her name in her new home, but she has incredibly low self-esteem because she grew up taking her family’s words,「It’s natural to be able to do this,」to heart.「I learned that this is the lowest level you should be able to do…,」she says, unknowingly breaking the hearts of those around her to bits.

The remaining family members finally realize that「the whole family, including themselves, had never once praised Liliane」…

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Mujikakuna Tensai Shoujo ha Kizukanai~ Arayuru Bunya de Doryoku shitemo Kazoku ga Mattaku Hometekurenai no de, Iede shite Boukensha ni narimashita~
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4 Reviews

Sep 02, 2023
Status: c139
Avoid this at all cost.

The author sets up a very invested regret scenario in the first 8 chapters and then discards the whole idea as soon as the girl runs away. You are then left with the most bland, generic, one-dimensional slow life fantasy imaginable. No regret, no character progression, no romance. Just slow life.

Even the very few POV switches (and I mean very few) to show family regret are so devoid of emotion that it's more comedic than anything.

If you are looking for regret then look elsewhere. The only... more>> regret is me wasting time to read this garbage. <<less
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Dec 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Novel is not great. MC's family is sh*t. They switch from telling themselves she just misunderstood them to blaming eachother, to blaming her for not understanding how much they loved her. The adopted sister is a sh*tty person but the only one with enough guts to understand she's sh*tty.

Her family eventually learns of her whereabouts. What do they do? Her brothers scold her when they meet and blame her departure on the situation with the sister. They need to be reminded by an outside party to let Lilia speak her... more>> mind and they're shocked when she does and it turns out they were the reason she ran away.

She did it to be happy.

This finally hits them like a brick and it makes them wallow in self-pity. Mother (singer) goes into seclusion sister (artist) is jealous MC is making it big as an artist (and alchemist, and adventurer, and mage), brother is reminded by his wife not to treat his own kids like he did MC. They also take their anger out on the adopted sister, despite the fact what she did was inconsequential compared to the 15 years of neglect MC suffered.

There's also the main plot where MC finds happiness in life, but honestly the tidbits about her family are more interesting. <<less
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Nov 01, 2023
Status: --
Hmm it's one of those; I ran away from my (emotionally) abusive family series, with the twist that the famliy actually loves the MC, and honestly that makes it so much worse in my eyes. Her family is disgusting, and the pay-off from her escaping them is near zero.

Translation is pretty rough as well, after chapter 8 I just started skimming through it because it was a pain to parse through the text and the content itself was incredibly frustrating.

definitely do not reccomend
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Jan 25, 2024
Status: Completed
One of those stories where author has a dumb, but sorta believable reason for MC to run away.

Only for the regret of MC's family to basically only exist in the first 30 chapters after which the white lotus leads them to blaming everyone, but her.

Worst part is ... more>>

The revenge on the family is weak and even worse the white lotus gets helped by MC just because she was the reason MC left her family. Like I get being thankful for that, but she almost got you killed and lied about it.


Gonna be honest though MC's story is not even good either there's only so many "oh look MC did something again" that you can read before you feel like Author doesn't get we know MC is a genius.

Mainly skimmed MC's parts in the middle and never felt I missed anything. <<less
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