Uchiha’s God of Muscle


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Traversing to the Naruto world, reincarnating as Itachi Uchiha’s uncle, and awakening Dio’s Stand, “The World,”

Have you ever seen a buff Uchiha?

Broad back, tire-like shoulders, and a face like Hirohiko Araki’s art.

Ripping apart Susano’o with my bare hands, stepping on Tailed Beasts, and engaging in close combat with Kaguya.

I heard that the Lightning Release Body Flicker Technique of Kumogakure is unparalleled in the Shinobi world. Well, I invented Uchiha’s Yin Release: Shadow Clone Technique.

I heard that Itachi wanted to annihilate his clan. I would just give him a slap and send my nephew searching for his teeth on the ground.

I heard that Madara Uchiha is invincible with Kamui. I punched through the void with a single blow.

I am Uchida Dan.

The World! Time, stop!!

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Dread-FatherSithis rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: c130
So I want to preface this by by saying before chapter 126 I would have rated this 3 or 4 stars. I liked the MC, his goals & The World so here's why I stopped here & this book massively fell off for me:

1) The only thing the author's consistent at is being inconsistent & what I mean by this is that he changes the mc's personality quite a lot.

In the beginning he just wanted to protect himself & his sister from the genocide even calling Itachi vicious.

He then started... more>> saying he wanted to stop the genocide & educate Itachi so he wouldn't exterminate the clan.

He then changed again saying he wanted civil war to break out so he could stand in the hokage tower looking down at them & laugh evilly. There is no motivation behind this other than it'd make him happy & by being happy he'd awaken MS.

2) This is the most crucial part for me. At around chapter 126 where Danzo & the MC makes a bet the book begins to read like a schiso with dementia that's on an aphrodisiac from a cn cultivation world. The text is disjointed & confusing & MC suddenly becomes interested in pursuing relationships & having children.

I could have dealt with point 1 fine but this personality change & sudden & massive drop in writing quality made it impossible to keep reading.

There may be more poison I haven't mentioned I can't really remember but these are the main points I wanted to say. In short; don't waste your time. <<less
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