Two Empires, The S*ave of the Empire


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The Crown Prince of Strass, Levnoad, signs a truce with the Crown Prince Giscard of El Pasher. Later, he was poisoned on his way home, and reincarnated as a s*ave in the countryside of his enemy country El Pasher. Although he had memories and experiences from his previous life, Ray lived contentedly as a s*ave. Then, one day, Ray is sacrificed as a s*ave to El Giscard Pasher, who he regarded still young…

“Did you expect me to be your subordinate? And a greenhorn kid you considered beneath you at that?”

Despite his disgust and embarrassment, Ray surprised everyone with his uns*ave-like behavior. Emperor Giscard, who was watching him closely, became suspicious of Ray’s identity and kept him in the palace. After a few days of spending the night in the emperor’s chamber, Ray was still ashamed to sleep with the Emperor. This was because he was a s*ave obliged to obey his master, but at the same time he was also Levnoad, the Crown Prince of Strass.

“It should be a great honor for you to have the emperor’s favor. How can you think I humiliated you? Who are you?”

Ray had nothing to say to Giscard, who was trying to turn a blind eye to the truth before him.

He just needed to reveal everything without hiding anything. He had to convince himself. Perhaps this is a gamble.

Associated Names
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Two Empires, The S*ave of the Empire
Two Empires: A Tale Of One S*ave
두 개의 제국, 제국의 노예
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tslng rated it
December 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I came straight to the novel after reading the Tappytoon release and this was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. First off, I give this series a 10/10 and I will say this novel has fully converted me to a Jiskar-apologist by the end. His character development and love for Ray by the end is so touching that I was literally moved to tears. The novel is mostly happy ending depending on the reader. I find it bittersweet tho and I'm still not over it.

The story is broken into two... more>> parts and each part is a reversal of one another. The character and plot development is sooooo good. There's a lot of heart-wrenching scenes too, especially part 2. This story has it all: action, romance, politics, humor, tear-worthy scenes...

The main couple is truly one of my favorites. They both acknowledge and address a lot of things in their relationship. If you've read the webtoon and know how their relationship started out, don't worry because they don't brush it under the rug and we get to understand both parties feelings. Everything is consensual in Part 2 and both parties do take accountability of their actions in the first part (Jiskar does acknowledge and apologize for his actions in the beg of their relationship). The pacing of their relationship is very good. Jiskar fully redeems himself in part 2 and Ray... is Ray (I love him so much). There's so much to say about this book but I don't want to spoil any further. If you want to read spoiler summaries, I have them posted on the NU forums.

I really can't wait to see the rest of the webtoon. All I wish is that the webtoon gives us extra side stories beyond the novels ending. <<less
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Levilevi rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: --
I was very interested in this novel after reading the webtoon. But after the arc of Ray being tortured without being properly able to justify himself, I can't no longer accept Giskar. But because I still interested in the story, so I keep reading it but always skip the smut part. It just unreasonable for me to accept Giskar as seme. Ray was independent, why would he stay willingly by Giskar side?? After the war Ray should have just left, why would he stay with him? Giskar already promised not... more>> to harm Ray's parents if he helped Giskar in war, there's no reason for him to stay. It's questionable. For certain at the time, Ray didn't feel affection to Giskar because it was never described that way in the novel. So what's the reasoning of his staying. There's no redemption arc for Giskar after hurting Ray, so I can't accept him as seme. He even got help from Ray. The politics and war resolve easily, even the execution was done behind the scene (no chapter about how it was going and who are sentenced but suddenly they are all sentenced after the war). Bit disappointing because no redemption arc. Giskar shouldn't blame Ray for what he did, he forced Ray to be his concubine with shackled and restrict his movement of course Ray grew hatred, and Giskar expected Ray to just stay still and loyal and to not attack him/runaway??? What I mean by redemption arc is Giskar should regret and ponder for what he did to Ray (force him as concubine) and then he was shocked Ray tried to runaway and then he tortured him. It's logic. He should be feel remorse. Ask forgiveness. <<less
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EchoAndromeda rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c15
For some reason I can't change the rating... this is definitely a 5/5 series.

I binged what's available in English of the manwha so far and man... this is going to be a glorious read. 🙌🏽

It's gems like this that keep me reading well past the point of exhaustion usually. I'm really hoping to get an English TS of the novel at some point. I'm a complete sucker for the details in novels that you just can't get out of any adaption (no matter how good).

Put it on a list &... more>> you won't regret this series. <<less
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