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A story about a genderswapped FPS addict getting caught up in a fantasy war in another world. Unfortunately, he, now she, didn’t receive any sort of cheats, so she’ll have to continue working hard as an ordinary soldier.

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The Rising of the TS Medic
TS Eiseihei-san no Nariagari
TS Eiseihei-san no Senjou Nikki
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4 Reviews

Sep 18, 2023
Status: c137
This..... this novel is masterpiece.... I'm not even exaggerating it's scary....

I was too immersed in the story... when something happy happened I smiled, When something bad happened I cried..., and when something upsetting happened I got angry...

Sometimes I wanna punch the author in the face with hatred because they keep making me depressed when something bad happens....

I don't even like war novels infact I don't like depressing story because it hurts me... but this novel is different... I can't stop reading it.... I've been reading it for 4 days straight...... more>> every chapter is interesting in its on way. I'm always engaged to the story... just... wow....

And you know what? I'm also reading it with google translation... imagine if I'm reading it with proper translation.. I might go crazy... it's scary...

Honestly give it a try... don't drop it when your emotion can't handle what's happening because I'm also the same at the beginning...

The story is just too... good... that it grabbed me to the throat without giving me a chance to escape...

Sorry if what I'm saying is hard to understand... I'm ESL myself and my english is not that far from great.

I wanna just say for the last time, please give it a try, well... the translated chapters is only few...

If you can handle MTL it's honestly readable... just adjust the things in your own... <<less
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Sep 29, 2023
Status: c143
Webnovel reader here, caught up to the latest chapter.

First off, do not be fooled by its setting and compare it to something like Youjo Senki. This is nothing at all like anything else currently floating around. It is a piece of WW1 media, with a light fantasy skin painted over the top of it to bait people into reading it because us weebs wouldn't read it otherwise.

And secondly, on that note, it is genuinely one of the best pieces of WW1 media ever made, up there with the greats like... more>> All Quiet on the Western Front, They Shall Not Grow Old, and 1917. It's certainly the best to come out of Japan and it's probably the best one to come in a long serialised form in general.

This is a story about being in Hell and struggling to have the desire to survive. It's about the instantaneous nature of tragedy and how it can come from nowhere and take everything in an instant. It's about the fleetingness of human connection. It's about how everyone, on every side, of every temperament and every background, lives the same, smiles the same, loves the same, cries the same and dies the same.

And despite being deeply miserable, it is also deeply touching and emotional. Even when you lose everything, you're not alone; everyone else is just like you. The common root of suffering turns strangers into people you understand and trust in an instant, fleeting connections power through the despair of tragedy and give you hope and the will to trudge through hell. Everyone, no matter where they come from, dies the same, yes, but they love the same, and they smile the same. Life is precious, so don't waste it on hating, don't waste it on fighting. <<less
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Nov 22, 2023
Status: c163
I've tried typing this up multiple times now, but ended up writing essays. There's a lot I really want to say, but I don't think this is the suitable place. As such, I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but please understand if I end up rambling too long. This story is good enough that it's hard to keep myself from doing so.

This story is good. Period. It's really good at keeping you engaged and tugging at your heartstrings. However, it should be noted that this is definitely... more>> a war story and is best termed as a tragedy. Bad things happen, and then they keep happening. Over and over. If you're not okay with getting emotionally gut punched relentlessly, this is not the story for you.

Touri is the main character. She's a former top ranked FPS player before she reincarnated as a orphan girl. She joined the army to try to repay her orphanage and because she thought maybe she could do well with her FPS skills. This was, however, a gross overestimation of her kills and those kinds of thoughts quickly died when she faced the reality of war.

As a character, Touri is a kind and very morale character. She keeps her word and repays her debts. She is also capable of casting magic, mainly the Heal and Shield spell. Because of the valuableness of Heal magic, she is assigned as a medic and somehow gets attached to an assault platoon where the story begins.

The story is very much NOT kind to Touri. Tragedies happen all around her and no one is safe from dying. Seriously, word of warning. Don't get too attached to anyone, no matter who they are. More than likely, they're going to die.

Example (major spoilers) :

Rodney is a soldier who joins Touri's squad early on. They bond and become buddies. They even go on a date together at one point, though they both claim it's platonic. Rodney quickly becomes an existence Touri depends on to a huge extent.

At one point, Rodney volunteers to be a decoy on a su*cide mission in order to keep everyone safe. Touri volunteers to join the decoy unit as a result. They're both mortally wounded and, in order to keep from sharing another tragic secret, Touri confessed to him as he lays dying against a tree. They have an impromptu marriage before he dies, her first kiss being one that tastes of blood. Touri then straps Rodney's body to her back, drags herself to a river, then throws herself into it so the enemy can't desecrate Rodney's corpse and can't have their way with her. Her body belongs to him now, after all. (F*cking beautiful scene btw, had me in tears)

She survives, of course. Fast forward a bunch and she meets Rodney's little sister, Linalee, who he had talked about a lot before. She's the sole survivor of her town after they got attacked by an enemy army. Touri wants to get to know her since she's technically family, but Linalee is prickly because she's in mourning. However, after some effort, Touri gets through to her and they become much closer. Linalee even starts calling her Onee-san. Then the enemy attacks and Linalee gets horribly killed. Cue Touri completely falling apart.


The world itself is also quite interesting. It's a pre-WW1 era world where guns are just starting to be widely used in militaries and countries still try sending knights on horses charging into trenches lined with gunmen. It's also a world of magic where exceptional soldiers are capable of actually charging into lines of soldiers with only swords and Shield spells, though that's generally only done by Ace class soldiers (super rare, you'd be lucky to find one in a thousand). This allows for a setting where mass combat is standard, but single soldiers can sometimes make all the difference.

Touri's skills (major spoilers) :

Touri herself starts off quite weak, not even capable of casting Heal despite being a medic. She quickly picks that up though alongside the Shield spell. She also trains to have the endurance to keep up with the assault platoon she's assigned to. Because she has excellent battlefield awareness, she also picks up some training as a scout. Eventually, she trains under a defense platoon and finally learns how to shoot and Shield properly.

From her past life, she also has some experience with leading squads and basic tactics, though it takes time before she can translate that to a real war. Quite frankly, her tactical capabilities as a battlefield commander are likely just as good, if not better than, the best two commanders in the story (both of whom view her as monstrously skilled and really want to recruit her for themselves), but her low self-esteem, modest nature, and general pacifistic personality means she doesn't think of herself as that skilled. It's also not a skill she really gets to show off until way later in the story.

Her best ability however is her danger sense. It's basically supernatural with how good it is. At the right times, she can know what actions she should or shouldn't take entirely based on her danger sense. It takes a while before she really starts showing it off, mostly because she spends most of the story in the field hospital healing, but when she pops off she can really pop off. This becomes especially useful later on when she finally stops being a medic and gets assigned her own company to lead.


One trick the story does is give you a preview of what happens from a future, historical perspective. It'll even outright tell you the outcome of the war or of a particular battle. However, it's also a case of unreliable narrator and a showing of how victors write the history books. The author definitely uses this really well as a tool to lead you in whatever direction they want you to go. It's incredibly well done and I'm genuinely impressed with some of the things they pull off with it.

If I had to give criticism, it'd have to be that the story perhaps gets too depressing and dark. Bad things just don't stop happening. Like seriously, they don't. Even when it feels like things might be getting better, it's just that you haven't noticed the knife already starting to twist. It never feels like Touri gets a real break and it definitely gets frustrating at times since you really start wanting her to get a real win. But since it's war, even her victories often feel more pyrrhic than anything else. It's still written really well though and it generally doesn't feel like the author is forcing things as much as it feels like a natural extension of what was already written.
Great story, highly recommended. 5/5, as long as you can stomach being depressed by the constant deaths and tragedies. <<less
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Mar 15, 2024
Status: c22
The story wise it's really good 10/10 but fighting and strategies are bad why I'd the artillery down graded where is air support the defenses are horrible and the attack statgy is use the platoon leader to destroy everyone and secure. Sylph Offensive, was the worst this statgy will never work because of defense and artillery but for some reason they don't exist so yeah story wise I recommend reading it if you want to read because you want to see combat close to youjo senki I advise to not... more>> read <<less
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