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Jin-ah dedicates her life to caring for her stepmother.

One day, a peculiar lawyer pays her a visit, revealing the unfortunate news of her grandmother’s passing and his intention to claim the inheritance as per her will.

The stipulation for the inheritance is that Jin-ah must ensure no one enters the mansion she is set to inherit.

Deeming it a manageable task, she agrees, securing the funds needed to make a fresh start.

Everything progresses smoothly—her business thrives, and her relationship with the once-strained stepmother deepens.

However, this harmony is short-lived when her stepmother embezzles funds and disappears.

In the midst of financial turmoil, Jin-ah is approached by strangers expressing a desire to film her grandmother’s mansion, seeking her permission.

She rejects their proposal, as it is the only way to continue receiving monthly payments from the trust.

Subsequently, an arrogant and shallow man waves money in front of her, making an audacious proposition.

“With your permission, I’ll give you a few more of these. One for every time we film the mansion, how about that?”

After refusing with profanity, Jin-Ah forgot about their existence.

That is until the police contact her, reporting an unauthorized entry into the mansion, resulting in a tragic accident— one dead and four injured.

Upon her arrival at the previously unvisited mansion, the rescuer makes an unsettling declaration.

“No! There’s one more down there! There were six of us!”


“I understand that you think I’m weird. Until last year, I would have been an as*hole who believed in the money and the power of the family and did whatever the f*ck I wanted.”

It was such a perfect description that Jin-ah didn’t need to add anything.

“I guess you could say that Kno-Dearg Manor gave me a new lease on life because I felt the need to change a lot since then.”

The man, now an uncannily different person, extended his hand to Jin-ah.

“Consider the old Lan Isford dead.”


“I want to eat.”

I want to eat that.

So, I approached and grabbed her.

My stomach churned at the sight of the person looking at me in surprise.

Regardless of whether there were people around or not, I wanted to swallow her whole, leaving not a single strand of hair behind.

I carefully smelled it.

Mine. Something for me to eat.

My tongue, which had been suppressing hunger, eagerly twisted in the mouth filled with something sweet.

But then I found out.

That she tastes better on the inside.

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트롤 (15+ revised version)
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