Transmigrated into a Biological Mother of a Villains in 1970


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Ning Shu traveled back to the 1970s and is now facing two challenges:

First, she is married in this body. However, because of military marriage regulations, she cannot divorce. Should she accept this man?

Second, this body has three sons. With their father absent and their mother neglectful, they constantly demand to report the original owner to their father when he returns.

Later, when the man returned, he saw his eldest and second sons wearing tattered clothes while cleaning, and the youngest son sitting on the floor massaging Ning Shu’s legs.

Ning Shu, wearing new clothes, was eating melon seeds.

The man’s face darkened: “I send you my salary every month, and this is how you take care of the children?”

Before Ning Shu could spit out the melon seed shells, the three sons erupted.

Eldest son: “You haven’t been back for a year. What right do you have to talk about my mother?”

Second son: “Do you know how hard it has been for my mother to raise me this past year?”

Youngest son: “Bad person, hit…hit bad person…”

Man: “…” So the thirty yuan he sent each month went to the dogs?

Following the military, Ning Shu sat in the family compound cracking melon seeds while her sons washed vegetables and dishes beside her.

Some women couldn’t stand it and said Ning Shu was lazy and didn’t do housework.

The sons immediately retorted.

Eldest son: “I am my mother’s son. Can’t I feel sorry for my mother and want to be filial to her?”

Second son: “Just because you don’t have anyone to be filial to you doesn’t mean you can’t allow others to be filial.”

Youngest son: “Good son, filial to mother.”

The women went to complain to the man, saying that Ning Shu had spoiled their sons.

The man thought, as long as his sons’ sharp tongues weren’t aimed at him, he didn’t care about anyone else.

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New Cheeseduckcg rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: c29
I'm enjoying this very much! I love how MC has to put on a tsundere persona in front of her in-laws. She's not a very good mother, but she's doing her best. They just introduced the male lead, and I am so tempted to spend money on premium chapters, especially since I can't find an MTL.
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