Transferred to Another World and Became a Teacher, but Being Feared as a Witch ~ Listen Seriously to the Lessons Because Royalty and Nobility Don’t Matter!


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Aoi Minato, who had been learning Kendo at her family’s dojo since childhood, had a dream of becoming the best in Japan in Kendo, as her father wished. However, that dream didn’t come true. Disheartened by the failure of her student dreams, Aoi became a high school teacher with a new dream – to make her own student the best in Japan in Kendo.

Facing numerous challenges and feeling pessimistic, Aoi lost consciousness on the spot and found herself transported to a different world. The one who helped the now younger Aoi was Owen Millers, an elven mage. Out of curiosity, Owen decided to impart his magical knowledge and research results to Aoi. Inheriting Owen’s skills and knowledge, Aoi became a mage and, under Owen’s guidance, became a teacher at the world-renowned magical academy.

However, the academy was filled with the entanglements of aristocratic society, discrimination based on magical power, and individuals exploiting noble students. Aoi found herself dealing with various situations as she navigated through these challenges. This is the story of Aoi Konomi, a female teacher later known as the strongest archmage and the witch of the academy.

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異世界転移して教師になったが、魔女と恐れられている件 〜王族も貴族も関係ないから真面目に授業を聞け〜
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